Sony Service is very Bad

I purchase Sony LCD KLV 32R302D model on 22 Jan 2017 @ cost of Rs. 24000/- and in the beginning of Jun 2017, when i switch on the TV, I got multiple lines in the screen from the bottom of the screen, after few minutes all the lines will vanish, complained to SONY customer service, who had sent the technician who inspected the TV and told display board had gone that need to be changed and cost INR. 9600 + Service charges.
We decided not to proceed to change the display board which is 40 % cost of the TV, now the entire screen have multiple colour lines and which goes for after few minutes, where as a discoloration started to takes place from 7th Jun 2017, now all the pictures looks in Eastman colour (Black).
From my childhood onwards its dream to have SONY BRAND TV because of its QUALITY, but now i felt bad on myself on selecting the SONY BRAND.
How can a brand like SONY have the display issue within 4 months and discoloration with in four months?
Also the service centre in Thane doesn’t care about the Customers.

Sony disappearance of animax channel from hathway cable provider

I am overwhelmed by seeing the support team of animax channel theirs views their feelings towards anime and all . And my complaint is same as them Sony team you provided us with that fantastic channel now when we got acidicted to it used to it you are taking it away . Please don’t do things like this you are not villains right I know I’m being dramatic and way too spirited uh… animax taught me that and it had taught me a very fluent English too. Thank you animax and it’s providers for that. I want to request you please Please please please please please please please please please please eđvbring back animax it’s like now I can’t live without it

Sony LED Display Panel Issue

I purchase SONY KDL-43W800D in Nov’16. I believed Sony makes Quality Products, but honestly belief is shattered. after 12 months – post 1 year warranty 🙂 there was display issue on screen and same as others are facing , technician suggested panel issue and replacement. And as it was out of warranty, it was at Cost. but thankfully, i had purchased Ext. Warranty from Bajaj Allianz.
As per Bajaj Service Partner, Panel was replaced at the costs from Sony and TV delivered to me in Jan-18. Seems to be fine.
But just 5 months into running, same display problem again and then i had to report back to Bajaj for the Issue in less than 6 months. Now, another big TWIST. As per Bajaj Service Partner, as part was not available, its TOTAL LOSS Claim and they suggested to take some refund post depreciation. Sony LED just in market for 18 months with several Issues of Display (maybe cheap quality of SONY) and customers have to bear the loss. Twist not ends here, I aksed for the details of queries on the part of Sony from Service partner but they were not able to provide anything. Then i contacted Sony Service Center directly, they said Part would be available but has to be ordered and would be available in 15 days. When i confronted Bajaj Allianz, they allowed me to get the repair done at Sony and take the reimbursement. Immediately I agreed and asked for the delivery of LED. To my surprise & shock, Service Partner called and confirmed within 1 day that they are in touch with Sony Se!
rvice Center and would get it repaired soon. Don’t really know, what happend? But still my LED is not repaired since 50 days of followup at multiple stakeholders. Really frustrated with the SONY product and Service Issues from Sony and Bajaj allianz. Would not recommend Sony to anyone as it is highly costly than other brands and even if they might have similar issues still they come at lower costs.

Sony Delayed Installement-Dont Buy Sony products for peaceful life


We bought a Sony IV 300 home theatre system from Bajaj Electronics ECIL, Hyderabad branch on 29/06/18,which got delivered to us on Sunday 01/07/18.We were informed that the installation would happen positively by the very next day Monday 02/07/18.
Now, guess what the product installation didn’t even happen until today that is Wednesday 04/0718.Now let me tell you about all that happened all this while. On the committed installation day we get a call from someone named Bhanu (9704910050)stating the concerned person in on leave and cannot come for the installation, if that can be rescheduled. For that we agreed considering it as one time arrangement and asked him to carry on with the installation next day. Both me and my wife work night shifts. Hence we requested him to carry the installation during the morning hours as we will be going to office during the evening. For that they mentioned that their service hours starts from 2.00 pm everyday, could you believe that not sure which time zone they are working.
I knew there is only one time zone in India unlike US. Anyways on Tuesday 03/07/18 when we call Bhanu for installation, his reply was equally surprising and frustrating for us as he says he is not in charge for that area and not sure when the installation will happen by the concerned guy. Moreover when asked about the phone number of the technician he says he cannot give me that, and if I do not have time I can got to office as they cannot come during my off hours. Which was really very rude.
After getting such kind of reply from Bhanu, we tried calling the Sony Customer care to complain ,however they asked us to hold the complain with an assurance to take care of the issue asap. Now(Tuesday 03/07/18) we get a call from someone by the name Tirupathy (7799387381) and we schedule the installation to happen on Wednesday 04/07/2018) at around 12.30 pm.
Now here comes the example of unethical behaviour too its core extreme ,when we did not hear back from anyone until 1.00pm ,we tried calling Tirupathy for his no show, he replies casually he got late from somewhere and hence someone else will come and will get back to us with the other technicians name and number which never happened until we called back again.
After taking the contact details for the next technician when we call him, with a very authoritative tone he says he can only do it later in the evening. Both of us are working ,how can we stay back at home leaving our office for just a installation. Do you think is that an acceptable reason for not going to work leave apart the loss of pay we get.
Now I regret buying such brand which happens to be 0/10 in customer service after paying such premium price. My installation has not been done yet and I have called Bajaj electronics to return the product as I am getting frustration by seeing the dummy box lying on my couch day after day.
I request you to kindly consider this as an eye opener and let Sony know about the importance of customer care and what they are lagging in.
Lastly all the excitement of buying a new product has all gone down and has been replaced with frustrating moments.
All this while one thing was very common among all the representatives of Sony I spoke too, they weren’t afraid of the word complaint as if they are rest assured that no action of any sort would be taken against him.
I request you to kind consider the importance of our hard money that we spend in such equipment, just to get a bit of entertainment in our stressful life. But unfortunately these company just bank on our wallet and play with our emotions.
I really dishearten now and would like you to kindly help me getting the product returned to Bajaj Electronics ECIL branch Hyderabad as soon as possible.
Invoice # 1242/18/s-7671 purchase date 29/06/18
Bajaj Electronics –ECIL Branch
Product SONY –HT IV300 home theatre

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