Sony ten 2 La Liga/Barcelona F.C. games

This isn’t fair that you people are showing Serie A games more than La Liga games, I mean whenever Barcelona F.C. is playing you guys seem not to telecast it on your channels but instead you telecast Serie A games. Tonight at 1:15 Barcelona F.C. is playing and you people are not telecasting the game, but y’all are showing us a bloody AS Roma vs some team which we’ve never heard of, why the ### are y’all doing this, like which league is more popular, Serie A or La Liga. Just because this shit hole “Ronaldo” joined Juventus which is playing for the league Serie A that doesn’t mean you should not telecast Barcelona F.C. games, you guys have so many “Sony” channels telecast it on either one. You better fix this or you’ll be in a huge trouble, I can assure it

Sony ten 2 Not telecasting the 2018 International Champions Cup Football

Why the hell do you not have rights to the international champions cup we have to see it on illegal international links so much unprofessionalism.Before ten 2 it was just sony espn or sony six I think and the past 2 editions were shown on Indian Television. You want to promote football and don’t even show it to the Indian audience.The best quality of football is being played in the world and our country’s shit channels don’t even broadcast it. A sincere request to please buy the television rights for the tournament and telecast it . A VERY BIG THANK YOU