sridhar ANDHRA persons been cheated by Delhi persons

sir, my name is SRIDHAR from vijayawada and my mobile number is 970340360. sir, i wanted to bring to your kind notice so that you will publish this with an idea that no others like me will be cheated. sir, as am in a look out for a job i have been trying in many manners, recently i received a message from a company called TIRUPATHI ENTERPRISES from DELHI saying that they provide a job with buy back agreement for making LED BULBS and paper plates buy providing all the required raw material. My involvement is purely only labour contract. So basing on this message received to my mobile i contacted them for which they sent all the required data through whats app and asked me to pay Rs 40,000/ security deposit for providing the work to make LED bulbs and they have given me an savings account number of ICICI bank with Delhi branch. When i asked them the same why did they have given me a savings bank account instead of a current account number for the payment of the amount, th!
ey said due to certain taxing problems and other issues, they have given a savings account number. So beeing carried away by what they said i paid them the amount and they have sent me the first consignment. This particular work i have compleated in one week of time and returned them back to delhi from vijayawda. So now from here the actual problem have started,, the company persons started forwarding my number to many others as refference saying that i have been working with them and i replied to every one who ever have called me on,, but here the actual problem started is they stopped answering my phone call as i have been pressing them for the second load which is not sent. But they are answering the calls if we call from any other number. Then when i questioned them the same why they are not answering my calls,, each and every time they started saying so thing or the other,, now after i getting a doubt on them i called back to each and every person who were calling me a! nd then i came to know that these persons have cheated each an! d every one in the same manner,,,
sir, please kindly bring this into light so that atleast new persons will not get cheated like this,,
if you can call me am ready will all the required proof of this perticular activity,,,, thanking you,