SRS Travels Charged luggage charges for bag

Abdul Kaviyyu

SRS Bus service was too bad. I was having 3 bags for that they had charged luggage fair as Rs. 150 and the cleaner kept in his pocket and didn’t give the recipe. I asked about the recipe, he was saying in next place I will give receipt such like that. And I don’t recived the receipt. What the hell is going on with SRS Bus service. The bag was also like shoulder bag and trolley for that they charged. It’s too bad journey for me in SRS Bus. Here after I sure I want be choosing this service in my life. It made very bad impression. Bangalore to Udumalaipettai
MMT Booking ID: NU711841007767116
Operator PNR: TS190731111442942410HDVS/30876811/Bangalore – Pollachi Seet no u4
BUS NO: KA. 1003

SRS Travels Complaint on Driver and service – SRS Travels

I travelled from Bangalore to Kundapur on 24th May and reached on 25th May.. The vehicle was a Multi Axel Volvo With Number KA 01 AC 9155

This complaint is about the second driver who took over after the bus stopped after Hassan. – Driver With a Moustache turned upwards (Sorry did not take his name)

Please note the first Driver was very present and professional.

I would like to highlight few things:

1. Bus was not properly maintained. – Unclean
2. The driver stopped at night in a very dirty place where there was no electricity and proper bathroom facilities. Women passengers were especially troubled. 4. The driver seemed very rash. – Second Driver
5. The second Driver did not wear his uniform

Where is turned to become wore:

1. My drop was in Kundapur with the drop point being Old Bus Stand (SRS office), also mentioned on my ticket, however, all passengers were asked to get off the bus at Shastri Park where the driver said it was the last stop. I informed that the last stop mentioned was Old Bus Stand, where the SRS office is. The driver refused to drop me and said he was getting late. When I said I will have to raise a complaint as it was inconvenient for me and it was incorrect of him to refuse, he said you do want you want and shut the door as I was speaking. This was rude.

2. I took an Autorickshaw from where I was dropped and the bus was right in front of me and stopped at the office (yes, the bus did go to the office). I stopped the autorickshaw and questioned the driver. I was given a rude answer that this is our office and I have a parcel to deliver. When I questioned again the driver became aggressive and stared abusing and tried to physically intimidate me. This is when I confronted him and said that you are arrogant. To which the driver stared saying that your father does not feed me. The Autorickshaw driver was shocked to see the behaviour of the driver as well.

I have a picture of the bus parked at the Old Bus Stand Kundapur Office. – Attached

I could not get the driver’s pictuer as he made a speedy retreat to the office when I got my phone out to click his picture.

Is this the kind of service SRS provides? Why should the driver have lied to me? I have been abused to asking the question that was my right.

I have been traveling by SRS for about 5 years and have been advocating for them and have been really happy with their service. This one incident has led me to think that the service and the quality of staff has really gone down.

I don’t think I will continue to be a customer with SRS.

On 25th May I have written to SRS on the email ID [email protected] So far no response. Hence I decided to use this forum.


Tciket: 29747463
Vehicle Type: Mutli Axel I-Shift Volvo
Vehicle Number: KA 01 AC 9155

SRS Travels Horribly managed bus SRS Travels

We travelled in SRS Volvo A/C sleeper on may 1st,it was a Goa to Bangalore bus. It was just a horrible experience.. Horrified by the way the buses are maintained. We had taken the last lower sleeper the bed covers we’re never cleant I mean washed. It was full of stains and when asked the bus attender to change he asked us to adjust.
Secondly below the bed there were some mat kept as if it was an unused seat, which made the seat slip every time we literary had to join it back every 30 minutes. Thirdly there were TV’s which were not working.
Fourth We asked the driver to give this feedback he said the are been warned for speaking for the customers. Fifth as the bed covers even the blanket given was also never washed.
Please this like just exploiting the customers. The money that we pay,we don’t get to experience. Photos have been taken and produce if required.

VRL buses are way better. At least hygenic neatly maintained.


SRS Travels Inconvenience of SRS bus

This bus is so ### up that the height of the seat at the level of the ground floor where we have to keep chappals beside it and sleep there only . They can’t even plan properly while making a bus ### it’s a multi axle Volvo bus and they are charging 1400rs from SHIRDI to Bangalore the TV’s don’t work or they won’t even play it .There is no sight of window for the people sitting in the lower beds what the #### who planned this bus no window sight also and tall people should bend and sit in the upper birth. This bus is so screwed up .


I’m extremely dissatisfied with your worst service. You guys seriously have problems if we come late and your bloody driver yelled at me to the core for coming early. Teach that illiterate man some basic manners before hiring such people who don’t know how to respect others. God damn you guys. Never ever gonna travel by this bus again. I used to always use this service when i used to travel to Mangalore. Well this was the last because of your bus Driver’s dirty scoundrel behaviour for yelling at me. The vehicle number is KA01AF0554 SCANIA BUS and timing was 11:30pm, 27th march 2019 and actual pickup was gandhinagar. I saw the bus on my way to gandhinagar which was just another 1km away but i stopped and thought of boarding the bus as i saw it there anyway and knocked on the door and the driver yelled at me and shouted at me in such a cheap way. SRS TEACH YOUR DRIVERS HOW TO BEHAVE PROPERLY TO CUSTOMERS. I PAID TO TRAVEL AND IT’S NOT YOU GUYS WHO PAID ME TO TRAVEL !

PNR 28719831
Date of journey : 27.03.2019

SRS Travels Travels service

This travels is providing really a very bad service to the customers, I have to board the bus at 5:10pm but the bus hasn’t arrived since two hours almost there is no intimation from the travels office regarding the delay in bus arrival.The travels office person from maratahalli is providing wrong contact numbers to the passengers to contact bus driver. Even the customer care team is not supportive. Till now none of the passengers got any info regarding when the bus will arrive at ITI Gate bus stop. The vehicle no: 5440. Please never book this travels for travelling, very bad service# not even responding to the queries. Feeling really irritated with the service.

SRS Travels No proper information

I am complaining about SRS travels, particularly about the bus from Hyderabad to Belgaum at 7.30 PM. They mention almost four contact numbers for boarding point contact. None of them will connect. By chance, if it connects, the agent himself doesn’t know the proper information. We cannot go alone by pick up van with lot of luggage. Better one is to catch the bus directly, so that, we can dump our luggage from cab to the bus. The agent himself/herself does not know exactly from where the main bus is connected. One of the agents does not have patience to give us information and is unable to hear our query. She(one of the agents) told the pick up van goes to Samshabad to board into the main bus. If it is really so, we cannot shift our huge luggage from pick up van to bus alone. And if it is so, it is far to book a cab till samshabad from secunderabad. Even if we call SRS Travels Customer Care also, no one picks the call. After so much time if we keep on call them, we may !
get them to hear us by luck . Information given by the customer care is different from the information given by boarding point contact person.

SRS Travels Poor service by SRS

I finished my trip from Pune to Bangalore on 03/08/2018 are PNR: 24633306, Seat No: 3,4, Reporting Time: 07:15 PM, Boarding: Katrej at 07:30 PM, Service No. Jodhpur-Bangalore New B11R Multi, Bus No: KA-01 AF-9221.
The bus got delayed by almost 3 hrs in Pune. A bus stopped for dinner for 1 hr and for breakfast for 45 mins. More ever clearness also not good. My luggage was not kept properly by your staff and asking me to the complaint. Rude behavior.
By this way treatment, no one will dare to go by SRS travels in future. I raised this concern on mail 5th August 2018 11:07 am and after that, I sent 2 reminder emails. But no one from SRS team dares to reply on it.
Very poor service by SRS Travels. I now not avail SRS travels since that last incident.

SRS Travels Inhuman and delay in travel time

Inhuman nd Horrible service. Pnr 17183638 Banglr to Mumbai 28/4/2017 10pm -1.10 PM. Had promised pickup from madiwala and i did book the ticket due to madiwala pickup. But like my previous exp they informed that pickup bus is cancelled due reason they always say ( pickup bus are not allowed inside the city). This reason is comman however these travels promise pick-up. Further I reached my Mumbai droppoint at 6.30pm they did not hault for lunch. Pathetic. At least should have curtousy to stop at some point for lunch if driver is expecting to have a delay … 4 hours delay from promised drop time with no hault…