Star Plus Dehleez serial abrupt ending

A unique and rare concept I loved it n I missed it. Not only myself a lot of people. All the shows in star plus airing now are in mostly similar track. If you use this serial effectively then you would got a lot of trp like ipkknd. Because the cast onscreen chemistry was awesome but due to terrorist track people stopped seeing emotional scenes why because they loved their characters who were comedian type characters. If both of them were missing at a time then how could people compensate n you guys know people can’t like death tracks. Please start new season n tell d young generation what are government jobs how would be an Ias officer works. It is just an inspiration. Reconsider my complaint until you change your decision. Waiting for your action


I’m writing this message to end the famous show Ishqbaaz. There is a lot of reasons to end the show . Everyone knows that
after breaking news of the female lead exit in Ishqbaaz ,Fans were started to protest in social media with the #NOSURBHIWITHOUTISHQBAAZ because the female lead surbhi chandna and male lead Nakuul mehta are the main reason for success of the show. Surbhi has given her 2.6 years of hardwork for this brand success of the show but suddenly the producer taking the show to generation leap. The reason the producer is saying low TRP because of shivaay and annika , but that is wrong they are the one reason for success and high TRP. Reason for low TRP : The last three months they are not giving promo , they reduced the slot of telecast and they didn’t give good track.How it is possible to blame the actor, meanwhile the two actors got many awards for Ishqbaaz recently they bagged many awards in SPA 2018 and lux golden rose felicitated for ‘HEFORSHE’ awards. Now they are doing injustice to surbhi chandna . The producer is not keen in surbhi chandna and she t!
old her to do mother track for son of adult male who is elder than her but the actress denied the mother role , so the producer ask her to quit the show suddenly. Everyone is working for women empowerment but here the happenings are against women empowerment. After the message of surbhi signing of news the fans started to protest end the show. All the fans demand is to end the show with nakuul and surbhi or else bring back surbhi for leap they don’t want generation leap.

Star Plus Serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

Why the channel not promoting serial pardes mein hai mera dil?The show now have a good story line and wonderful couple of Naina and Raghav.Evan there’s very less romantic scenes of Raghav and Naina,but their jodi is hit already.You have to make some good romantic scenes of RaIna. About 2 months,there’s no single promo of pardes.Channel promoting all other saas bahu stupid shows like YRKKH,YHM.So please promotion to pardes


In diya aur baati hum 2, they are promoting child marriage by making payal to marry a photo. Is this a marriage? The star plus tag line is soch nayi. Is this a nayi soch in supporting a child marriage. If nayi sich was there mean they must had taken some steps against child marriage.
And the worst part is making forced marriage. Uma forcefully married kanak and all are encouraging it. If this serial shows this type of marriage as right thing then rape is also the right thing. Because i don’t feel there is a difference between forced marriage and rape. Star plus nayi soch is promoting forced marriage and also girls should follow everything what her in laws says. Why everyone is treating that maanmaryada in clothes. It just her clothes not her character. By daughter in law should wear sari. Why star plus is showing such type of old customs. By the way the dress worn by kanak was decent one. But they made her to wear sari. And we are living in 2017. They are showing like its 80s.
Is this a message star plus is giving to youngsters. If a girl says its no. But here they are showing its right to marry forcefully a girl and later you can rule her life. She will follow you. Please star plus, change the story. Dont show such type of stories. Please make girls characters to be stronger. I liked everest serial. It was shown in a perfect way. The girls dream and her achievements.

Star Plus DABH 2

What in the world were the writers of star plus thinking when they wrote this storyline????
Firstly it’s 20years later from when sandhiya and suraj died but the new seems to have gone back 50 decades or so with backward mentality of some of the characters. So far they have portrayed 2 illegal things which the show seems to encourage with its upbeat music.
Child marriage and forced marriage is not something that needs to be encouraged or glorified in some parts of india. The writers are depicting these actions in a positive light which disgusts me. What the hell is the point of a tag line such as ‘Nahin soch’ when the writers produce rubbish like this. You had a character like sandhiya who went through every trial and tribulation to become a top ACP officer only to give birth to a daughter who is forced into a marriage and enslaved. And the girl needs to grow a back bone. She needs to cut Uma in his sleep and give that massisa two slaps. F-king fuming at this new show. Might as well give the go ahead for rape too then dance in the rain afterwards with upbeat romantic music. I was looking forward to park two of DABH but the writers have just confirmed my decision to stop any recording of star plus shows. The only way I can see this show being saved is if kanak puts Uma and his family through some severe punishment !
to make them realise what they’ve done is beyond WRONG or for sandhiya to have somehow survived the blast and has to come out of hiding to kick Uma and his family’s arse so she can save her daughter.
Star plus…after watching this show you officially sicken me and I’m speaking on behalf of a major star plus fan club here in the U.K. You have let us down with this storyline!!