Star Plus Repeated show

Star plus repeated their previous show with some changes only… Star plus wasted my 1 hour…
गुरुवार को जो महाभारत में हुआ था…. वो ही उन्होंने थोड़े से परिवर्तन के साथ शुक्रवार को भी प्रसारित किया… जिसकी वजह से मेरा 1 घंटा व्यर्थ हो गया…

Star Plus Sudden stopage of DIYA AND BAATI HUM

Kindly restart the serial as it was very popular even today as well as when started 1 are showing other serials for more than 1 hour and started Ramayan at our favourite serial time. Every body has already seen Ramayan with a keen interest in DD National and now it’s demand decreases so kindly start that serial again from the upcoming episode at the same time so that we can renjoy it

Star Plus Limited episodes casted of Devon ke Dev Mahadev

When in lockdown, we are reliving some memories through your channel…you are taking away that little happiness from us by fast forwarding the story of our beloved show Devon ke Dev Mahadev…it’s heartbreaking to a lot of us here…and more of us all who are your viewers and fan of one of the most amazing shows on TV. Kindly don’t cut down episodes and storyline like this…when it’s coming on TV. It’s a request. A lot of us like the seniors have a got a chance to get it on TV and not watching it on Hotstar only. Kindly don’t be so unfair with us and this great show.

Star Plus Regarding an upcoming TV show Maharaj ki Jai ho

Kindly stop the telecast of your upcoming TV series Maharaj ki Jai ho. You’ve been telecasting a wonderful Mahabharata series few years back but how can you get so insensible to telecast a series that’s kind of made to make fun of the Mahakavya Mahabharata. It’s totally unacceptable for all of us. Please rethink about it before the telecast. I hope you will understand the feelings of your regular audience. ईश्वर आपको सद्बुद्धि दें।

Star Plus Kaha hum kaha tum extension

Hey I am from UAE but i have been following star plus serials since 2004 carefully.In my 16 years of following after a long time did we group of societies started a loving show call "Kaha Hum kaha tum" because of a new content, new story , new classic beings in form of independent lovers. Come on you people can extend show like yeah rishta kya … , Kasauti and many stupid stories for 3-20 years just because of same story which we get in all channel .. OK fine if you are soo thinking to end up this kind of drama we will also think to boycott your channel and instead choose Zee TV serial which at least stays for 4-5 years with strong story content.
Shame on you star plus .. Right now out of all serial KHKT is always loved and have different visual but yeah you support same story line. great go on but yes you are loosing lots of viewers because of same mistake. Hope for extension!!!!

Star Plus Boring Serial

Please stop showing the serial "Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai"…..Nothing is there to watch in this serial…upto Hina Khan it was Ok…Now the boring star cast of serial making it irritating….at least keep changing star cast on yearly basis …Specially the current Naira…Very very boring actress… Aur kisi ko serial me age ke hisaab se maar bhi diya karo…..First part se jo chale aa rahe hai wohi ab tak bhi ji rahe hai…jab ki 3 pidhia dikha chuke hai serial me….very very much irritating.