Stray Dogs Stray dogs

Street dogs in Hebbal 2nd stage 20th CROSS Mysore
This is to inform you that the street dogs creating mess in and around. Most big dogs are creating havoc full day. Children are afraid to go to school, to bicycle, to play and also walk in the street as they try to attack. Who will take responsibility if it attacks children and anything major happens.
There are heavy breeding with 12 puppies and and hence increase in number of dogs. Request to kindly do the needful

Thank you

Stray Dogs Rid of stray dogs

In the area old model town hisar,
There are a lot of stray dogs here but not all are a problem but some of them(the brown colored) are problem for the people residing as well as to pet animals. These dogs not only disturbs the people here but they are a huge problem for the pet animals as they indulge into fights with the pet animals and also cause injuries also also plays an prominent role in prasite transfer to the pet animals. I hereby request the municipal cooperation of hisar to have a look over this matter and do what needs to be done.

Stray Dogs Stray dogs


I am resident of Gulmohar Complex, Sector 125, Kharar (Landmark Manoj Di Hatti)

We are highly afraid of Stray Dogs, They are extremely fierce, and Run after Children and Adults. I personally faced this problem and saved my self with difficulties , Children won’t be able to protect them selves.

I request you to take immediate action about this! else any tragedy will happen sooner or later.

Please… Do it as soon as possible …


Stray Dogs Stray dogs biting and littering.

There are many stray dogs in D-Block, H. No. 444, Near shani Mandir, Lajpat Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. Terror of these dogs is increasing day by day. Now a days, these dogs are biting many people at anytime (be it kids playing in / around the park, or young ones or old aged people). Many people have injured in the past couple of days. Also, They litter or do potty in front of the houses and in stairs. We are requesting you to take immediate action so that they donot harm any other person.

I am writing here with a hope that an immediate action shall be taken by your team to save public at large from these dangerous dogs.


Stray Dogs Stray dogs in the colony

The street dogs or the stray dogs in our locality Gali no. 1 Azad Nagar Hisar have been causing ruckus . They bark on the bikers and sometimes even on walking people , they do not stop even after you are walking or driving slowly as soon as you look towards them they start . Some even start running after you , I have been bitten by one . Is this the society we need to live in people say they are also creatures but there is a difference between same and insane – these dogs come in the category of insane they bark at you without provocation . If you walk without lowering your face and just look at them they start . They are ferocious , uncultured , uncivilized , and aggressive beasts . I as a resident of this place request to transport them or train them . I suppose first option is better as government have no time on training dogs , so better take them away . They caused a very grave danger by biting me they have shown there real face . I hope the dogs will be taken away . I !
need my right of living freely which I will lose in the presence of these ferocious beasts . Please help . Thanking you