Street Dogs Stray dogs Bitting

Stray dogs nuisance
I am resident of house number 1200 sector 37B chandigarh behind Batra CINEMA. I want to bring in the notice of cHANDIGARH M.C that in our street there are 3 stray dogs. It is very difficult to move out on two wheeler and by walking as there are chances of being bitten by the stray dogs. Last 2 days they are bitting on daily basis.The kids are not able to play outside because of the presence of the stray dogs particularly those near the house number 1205 and 1209. They destroy the gardens of the residents also by digging.So Itz my humble request to you to bring that thing in your notice and take early steps to get us rid from these stray dogs as soon as possible…
Gurdev Singh
House number 1200
Mb no: 9417051184


Catching of Street Dogs
This is to bring in your notice that streets dog in the OMAXE CITY attacked a girl of 7 year to death and she was not able to cope up with this situation. why the dog was not there with any care taker. Also in the OMAXE city there must be a guard where there is parking area and kids play here. The whole face of the girl was bleeding heavily. Can you please ensure that these type of things can not happen again. Request you to please send street dog pickers in the area asap.
There is also video uploaded on Facebook with this issue. please co-operate and give your support.
Faridabad OMAXE Society

Street Dogs Street Dogs problems

Dear Sir,

I am resident of NMDC Colony street No-1, East Anandbagh, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, We are facing lot of problems with street dogs unable to open our main gates as it entries and do nonsence, since quit long time we are facing such problems, as per my knowledge only in Anandbagh we have more than one lakh of dogs, during nights and early morning we are unable to go out for walking, i request GHMC should take appropriate action immediately.
Please send the dog catchers in the early morning hours or night times so that it wont effect to our public.