Street Dogs Street dogs

Dear sir/ madam,
There are plenty of street dogs in my area which is really troublesome for all the residents in the area. They keep on barking and running behind the vehicles. This causes distraction as a result of which accident may happen at any time. Also women and children are very terrified of walking on the Streets as a large number of dogs gather around and start barking and try to bite as well. So, I request you to take action as soon as possible to avoid any mishappening. Thank you Address- devanchal vihar (upper Sarathi vihar) block C, jogiwala, Dehradun Contact number- 8005228115

Street Dogs Nandgram -Problem regarding street dog

Sir/ Madam
There are too many dangerous street dog in our Block A-194 Pocket 2 Nandgram,Ghaziabad
It is unsafe for anybody to walk on the street.the dog runs after everybody who walks on the street and has bitten many people. please help us as soon as possible.
I request the concerned authorities to take urgent actions and catch the dog to prevent any harm and damage.

Manorma Singh
A-194 Nandgram

Street Dogs increasing street dogs in my locality

Dear sir/mam,

This is with regard to the increasing street dogs in my area which has caused problem for the kids playing around and the peddlers. They also bark a lot during night creating noise pollution, affecting our sleep specially for elders. Kindly help us in catching them and making it a safe area to live in. Hope you will take this on priority.
Thank you.

Affected area:
Sri Sai venkata Enclave
VN Reddy Nagar,Kushaiguda
Secunderabad – 500 062

Street Dogs increasing population of stray dogs

Sir i am resident of sector 23 A chandigarh about a month ago dog gave birth to 5-6 puppies now they have created problem for the residents they start barking who ever is passing by it has become really difficult for us to step out of home.
All nite they create trouble and in day they start barking who ever step out of house.there are almost 15-20 dogs near bal bhavan and they eat in garbage heaps and sleep in children traffic park KINDLY SAVE ANIMALS BUT NOT AT THE COST OF OURSELVES, AT LEAST OUR CHILDREN. Thank You

Street Dogs Street dogs in my locality

There are a lot of street dogs in my locality. They are creating a lot of problems. They start chasing every scooty , bike and even cycle. Now we’re afraid to go out of the house without cars. They have already bitten a lot of kids. Please help us get rid of them.
I live in E-2286 , E block , pocket E , Palam vihar , Gurgaon Contact no.-9312630392
– Rakesh Dubey

Street Dogs Dogs

Respected Sir
with due respect i want to attract your atention towards the issue of Street Dogs in Our area( guru Arjun Dev Nagar, samrala chonk Ludhiana). They bark whole day and night and are causing disturbance to our locality. Also they are becoming threat to our locality children. Kindly arrange someone to pick these dogs up from here and transfer them to some other safe place for these dogs. Our Street Adress Street No. 5 1/2,guru Arjun Dev Nagar samrala chonk Ludhiana Mohit

Street Dogs Street dogs biting people & make living scary

I am a resident of c-block brij vihar vihar Ghaziabad 201011. It is difficult for us to move out as dogs have been roaming everywhere in the group (minimum 3-4 dogs). Many people have been bitten by them. It is scary all the time to move out.
Please make c-block, brij vihar free from these street dogs as they are doing nothing except biting people and making them scary with their presence.
Thanks and regards
Vipin chaudhary
C-453 brij vihar ghaziabad