Catching of Street Dogs
This is to bring in your notice that streets dog in the OMAXE CITY attacked a girl of 7 year to death and she was not able to cope up with this situation. why the dog was not there with any care taker. Also in the OMAXE city there must be a guard where there is parking area and kids play here. The whole face of the girl was bleeding heavily. Can you please ensure that these type of things can not happen again. Request you to please send street dog pickers in the area asap.
There is also video uploaded on Facebook with this issue. please co-operate and give your support.
Faridabad OMAXE Society

Street Dogs Street Dogs problems

Dear Sir,

I am resident of NMDC Colony street No-1, East Anandbagh, Malkajgiri, Hyderabad, We are facing lot of problems with street dogs unable to open our main gates as it entries and do nonsence, since quit long time we are facing such problems, as per my knowledge only in Anandbagh we have more than one lakh of dogs, during nights and early morning we are unable to go out for walking, i request GHMC should take appropriate action immediately.
Please send the dog catchers in the early morning hours or night times so that it wont effect to our public.

Street Dogs street dogs

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of H.No 516, ff, sector 9 PKL. There are many street dogs near our house and have started attacking small children going alone.
If u r carrying some plastic bags then also they attack.They even assemble in groups and start attacking people.
Children of our locality are very scared of them. My daughter has stopped going to park because of fear.
Its my humble request to you please take immediate action ASAP.Please send a dog catcher immediately and help!! Neha Rastogi

Street Dogs Street dog's

Street dog’s

Dear sir,
I am resident of Madhavaram nagar colony,Yoghitha towers “B” block, vevekananda nagar,kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072. we have a couple of street dogs residing in our premises from few months , many kids are playing in corridors at evening times which may seems to be unsafe, Its becoming very hard for us to take the children out for a walk, children’s fear to go to school and tuition due to street dogs, more than 5 – 8 dogs group following while going out. school kids and senior citizens facing lot of problem. Dogs coming inside homes also some times. During nights, they all get together and shout like anything leaving us to spend irritated sleepless nights.
This is a humble request to please take immediate action, it will be highly appreciated. Thanking you


Yoghitha towers, ‘B’ Block
Mdhavaram nagar colony,
Cell :9182396137

Street Dogs Street Dogs

The Commissioner,
GHMC Hyderabad.

I am staying in Asbestos Colony, Kukatpally. in my street many dogs have reached more than 25. They chase people riding in two wheeler and its very dangerous and life threatening. some new passengers pass by are very much scared and they tend to drive even faster which would lead to fatal accidents.
Also these stray dogs tear our scooter seats and they byte them to pieces. Not only that its also not good for children as these dogs may spread diseases.
During nights, they all get together and shout like anything leaving us to spend irritated sleepless nights.
We kindly request you to take appropriate action to trap these dogs immediately and remove them from our locality.
Thank you sir,

Thirumal yara
H-No : 4-42-198, Asbestos Colony,
Cell: 8978570829.