Street Dogs Street dogs nuisance

Respected Person-in-charge,
Currently I am staying in R.R Nagar, Thoppampatti pirivu(East), 641017. Here there are group of six to seven dogs roaming and fighting with each together. Also they chase and bark at people who are walking in streets or riding vehicles. Its creating big nuisance especially at night by chasing and biting people, also getting inside houses via gaps of gate and fences making trouble to people who’re staying. Number of dogs also seems to be keep on increasing. Kindly take necessary action to solve these stray dog nuisance asap. Thanks in advance..

Street Dogs Street Dogs

Help required – Dogs in Indra colony
In Indra colony, Banipark(Jaipur), the dogs count is increasing excessively. The dogs have now become an issue to the natives. Especially the ladies and children aren’t feeling safe, as the main street and all lanes of Indra colony are occupied by them only. They are even attacking to people walking on street and in the night they create noise by barking and howling which is too much. Please take action to clean all of them off this colony.


Street Dogs Street Dogs Issue

My residence is 1st street Ganesh Nagar, G,N. Mills. Here around 4 street dogs are present. People cannot walk or ride two wheeler. Before two days, those dogs chased me when riding my two wheeler and i fell down. I suffered lot of injuries. I have inquired the nearby residents and no body owns that dog.

Request you to take immediate action on these dogs.

Street Dogs Street Dogs Menance

Respected Sir,

We the residents of Regimental Bazar, Secunderabad are facing problems with Street Dogs,

Especially children are not able to step out, and the Two-wheeler riders are not able to drive they are following them barking

They even bite 2 Children, where we have to take them to hospital

Dogs are fighting in between which is leading to injuries and Blood on street, nearly 25 dogs are there

Name: Nagesha


Address: 9-2-260,Regimental Bazar, Secunderabad

Kindly address the problem, It will be of great help.



I am a resident of # 5617 sector 56 Chandigarh, and we are facing dog bite menace in our locality. Number of dogs roam the streets and have started attacking small children going alone and adults from outside. The situation is quite alarming, therefore kindly depute a dog catching squad which can deport these stray dogs to some other place and let our children go out play without any fear. I am hopeful of a quick response to our request

Warm regards