Street Dogs Stray dog problem

I am Abhishek from narwana 494/6 house number located on 53 mile road near police station narwana yol cantt,Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh). In our street a female dog who habe gave birth 4 puppies some days ago. Now she is very dangerous to all people which cross this Street and go from that place. She bite that person and they seriously injured due to this. Many of children have injured because of that dog. So please catch this dog as soon as possible before getting any other person injured due to her. We have to walk with a stick to defend ourselves. Please help us and displace this dog to another place or forest. I hope you will solve our problem

Street Dogs Action against street dogs

There are 7-8 street dogs in D block, suncity vistaar(Bareilly) near triangle park who are too dangerous. Day before yesterday, they bite my small puppy while my mother took him out for walk. During that, my mother fell down and had a major injury in her leg and right now her treatment is going on. These incidents have happened in past as well that these dogs have attacked my puppy and my family too. Please capture these dogs as soon as possible.

Street Dogs Street dogs

We are facing problems of street dogs in our colony. They bark & bite to any of the passing by person. It has made very difficult to the childrens & people to go to near by places. Dogs are create more problems at night. we are facing so much difficulty. Kindly arrange to resolve the problem urgently. Thank you
Location : abhinandan nagar , shakha garden near m r 10 road indore m p

Street Dogs Street dogs making nuisance


I bring your attention on plenty of vagabond dogs roaming into our street and building cause a lot of risk like biting and making nuisance on each door.

Due to this we people have a lot of overhead and facing relentless problem.

So dear sir , please take a heavy note on this and catch these dogs from our street and building.

Address: House No:174
Street :2/1 sector 66 Noida Mamura
Near SBI bank 201301

Thank you..

Street Dogs Complaint about stray dogs

Hi sir I am here to complain about the stray dogs which threatens our kids life so I beg you to please catch the dogs and make a favour for us to get get our kids to be healthy the dogs are very violent under damage our vehicles .our hygiene is affected by this dogs. Please take the action as soon as possible it is very much helpful for kids to gain there health. They are biting the the people who is crossing them are who is taking charge of them please please asap

Street Dogs Aggressive Street Dogs


I am Debdatta, putting up in DDA Flat, Khirki Village, Malviya Nagar. In my area and near by area there too many stray dogs and they are very aggressive. They bite anyone anytime out of the blue. This is the second time I got a dog bite and second time I am complaining about this issue.

Kindly do something about it, it is becoming a nightmare for me now. I also have a small daughter in my place and I am very worried about this.

Please help us to live and stay safely.


Street Dogs Street dogs menace

This is to draw attention towards the daily terror of street dogs in our neighborhood.
These dogs have KILLED 3 kittens and destroyed personal property of the people living here. They have made the neighborhood unsafe for infants, kids and pet animals. I request to please take this complain with utmost seriousness. Thank you. Neighborhood details:
Address: 11th Cross, Mahadeshwara layout, vijayanagar 2nd stage, mysore