sun direct Sun direct unprofessionalism


This is to inform you that i am extremely disappointed with the service that i have received in the past few months.
I wanted to get a new set top box for my hd tv which took you guys almost two weeks And now when i have installed the new set top box i cant see any hd channels although i have recharged for Rs 529 for HD channels.
When i called the customer care with the concern they are asking me to change the set top box and pay another Rs 150 which i find completely illogical as this is a new set top box and not even a month old.
The customer care agent was extremely rude and disrespectful. I don’t understand how you guys allow these kind of people to attend the calls. When i asked the agents name he replied with my name instead. He said there is no supervisor or manager with them and they are the ones running the business. They are so confident with what they say as if there calls are not even bieng recorded.

sun direct HD Channel not working since one month

Hi Team,

This is to inform you that Sun Direct HD channel are not working since more than one month. Myself raised complaint, below are the complaint number for the reference.

More than twice given the reminder call to customer care number, but no one is serious to replace the DTH box.
Our one month HD amount are getting waste, who is going to take the ownership of the amount. Need extension of days since the day where HD Channel are not working.
SUN Direct is one of the leading brand in PAN India, I never expected such a bad experience on customer service on today’s date.
Request some to take the ownership and replace the DTH box on immediate basis.
Rajesh M
+91-7045340674 / 9987040949