TALENCE TECHNOLOGIES Recharge Unsucessfull

Recharge Unsucessfull
Dear sir,

I had recharge BSNL Nol Sim +91 8078931048 for Rs 306 vide 1275247941GAFUAUVK0, Rs 306 vide 1275247941GAFUATMS6 and Rs 357 vide 1275230391GAFUASK0 on dt 30/03/2019.Again and again the process was continued one by one due to unsucessful each time.Now total amount debited from my account is Rs 969/-
Due to the Recharge Not Done, but the amount was debited from my account XXX6312 SBI Bank.

Kindly refund the above said amount at my same bank or recharge the amount at BSNL number given above.

With Regards


You people such a frauds you took my money and when asking for refund you are asking my card details through phone as well as in your reply in the forum. Who will ask card details for refund? Only FRAUDS CHEATERS will ask for the details so that you can steal more. Stupid people you are not able to do refund either recharge. First shut your online service.

TALENCE TECHNOLOGIES Amount Not Credited to my airtel bill Post paid recharge

I had recharge my Airtel Post paid bill for my cell Number 8148652978 for Rs.361/- on 21.6.2018but it has not been credited and I got a SMS MESSAGE THE REFUND AMOUNT WILL BE credited within 5 to 7 days to my Bank account. But 12 days passed the said amount has not been credited, so kindly look into this matter and arrange the Refund amount of Rs.361 and oblige.