Amco Batteries charging failed

Dear Gentle Reader;
on 17th March attempted start the vehicle failed ;on investigation it is found the problem is with battery ;Please find the battery details are attached for your ready reference/response.AMCO AB9B 04/05 1ZE7 361246
I have bought Bajaj Aventure TN10 AK3094 from Mr.Balaji on 11th Dec 2017 who is now in UAE.
As per my knowledge and battery manufacturing standard the meaning of E -Month May and 7- year 2017

Though the battery is under warranty and the seller is at UAE I do not have warranty card with me ;
AMCO being the reputed organization and concern for quality/their product I expect a positive advise from you.
Hope to hear positive response from you

L S Mohanakrishnan

Reliance Fresh Illegal behavior of employee

Employee Name : Surya Prakash
I would like to bring to your attention that this employee has stolen bank details and made unauthorized transactions for RS.12,000. My mother had made a purchase for RS. 2777 at 12:22 pm on 15th April in Reliance Fresh Royapuram. While completing my payment he asked for her PIN number. Since the machine was out of reach I gave it unassumingly. The next morning I noticed that 6 paytm transactions have been made for RS.2000 each. We found that the money had been loaded to Surya Prakash’s paytm wallet last night when we enquired at the paytm office. I am highly disappointed and did not expect this sort of behavior from a staff of a reputed company. Kindly look into your hiring process and also make the payments more safe for customers. I hope this incident does not happen again. PFA proof of transactions and paytm documents.

mediassist India Medi assist is fraud and cheap

Below are the review words for Medi assist from :-
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complete fraud., all the loot stuff, Never prescribe anybody to protection from medi help. medi help is extortion and shoddy .
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Mediassist is one of the worst Insurance company, Fraud Insurance company, Mediassist is a totally fraud company Medi Assist are BIG FRAUDS.

N R Hospital, Chennai Poor Service and no receipts given for patients

Doctors earning more than the Prime Minister as no receipts given – I had an operation for Varicose Vein in my left leg some 27 years ago with family Dr.N.Radhakrishnan who did it well and issues till now. Last month at the bottom tip of the operation part opened a bit which became painful. I decided to see the same Dr.N.Radhakrishnan. He is running in the name of N.R.Hospital at Jawahar Nagar, Agaram in Chennai, near Perambur. On 0nd April 2018 when I visited the hospital I was told that this Dr is not seeing patients for the past 8 months. I explained my condition and the Receptionist said I can consult his son Dr.Sunil Kumar. Dr.Sunil is an Ortho Specialist but still wanted to see my case for which the Receptionist collected Rs.300 before I saw him. There was no queue no. given and I saw other patients fighting on this queue. Dr.Sunil DID NOT look closely into my leg but simply asked whether I have Diabetes, etc, for which I replied only 3 months ago I had thorough health!
check up and no issues with me. But he still asked me to go for blood tests and an X-ray on my leg inside his own hospital for which Rs.850 for blood test + 350 for X ray was collected well before. After blood test when I waited for X-ray my wife who was with me kept standing at the entrance of room as no queue no.given again. One lady cut the queue and fought with my wife. At this stage we got fed up and left the hospital informing the Receptionist that I will lodge a complaint – she did not bother and did not refund even when I told not to send my blood for the test outsorrced to TECHMED HEALTH CENTRE & DIAGNOSTIC (P) LTD (NR HOSPITAL). For the X ray that was not done also not refunded and no receipt was given (even to all other patients that I noticed in the total one hour I was there). Upon leaving the Receptionist called and I told my case again and not to send blood for the test as I am not returning to see the doctor again. I also asked why no receipt was given ! for which she said she will give only whoever asked for it. Pl!
s take action. I am not interested in the total Rs.1500 spent for this (and spent only Rs.300 with another doctor that I saw!!!)

Tata Photon Plus Discontinuation of Photon Plus


I paid all my outstanding dues for Tata Photon Plus (Internet) and changed to Airtel 4G last month.
Informed their customer service (1800266121) twice about the same. Told them my Tata Dongle was gone and to deactivate 9246458351.
Nobody has bothered to take any action and today, they send me a bill for INR 914!!
When I spoke to customer service just now, the guy tells me that my account is still active!!
Why should I be punished for lazy customer support people, who do not do their jobs properly?? How can there be any bill when there is no usage at all?

Videocon D2H Fake ID issue

I have my mobile number registered with Videocon d2h. When I login with this number 9677215151 with OTP password option it showed a customer ID as
157203287. So we recharged to this number for Rs 8400 using net-banking through Videocon site.

But when we checked with customer care after the recharge, they asked the card number. For the mentioned card number they said the customer ID is 158940223.

I am not sure how this fake ID is linked to my mobile number. Kindly transfer my amount to the activated ID 158940223.
I have attached the screenshot of the transaction ID.

Bank account number – 08801050012575.

Kindly resolve it ASAP