Government hospital Careless medicine department

Hi All ,

I must be dreaming that government hospitals still work worse . They have enough staff to handle all the work however they made management like that where no one come for work it seems after spending my precise one day. No one is there to tell them their work and inspect whether they are working properly or not. I am lost at words when I went to hospital with my mom and she asked me to bring medicine from queue . When I enter to that place I saw there are 4 medicine counter in which only two are open and they are on tea break for last 20 min and it was 10am (wow). I didn’t understand which kind of job they are doing there (oh ..I forgot government job ) . All the patient are in queue but no one is there to distribute the medicine, I was very angry at management in Deen Dayal upaday hospital Hari nagar even you won’t find the way to register your complain against them . This is how the govt hospitals are in India . Worse worse worse their services are like speed! of turtle , they will provide you services no doubt but after your death .
Kindly advise where we can register the complain against such kind of stuff and doctor if they are not giving proper response .
Note : Deen Dayal upaday hospital , Hari nagar . New Delhi .
Contact no

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MADRAS UNIVERSITY Result not published only for me even paid exam fees

Hi Sir /madam,
I am Ramu doing my MCA Degree in distance education. I wrote my mca 1 year exam during June 2018 and results came on sept 29th . However, it is showing exam fee due. I have already paid my exam fees.Even in contacted madras university they are not take as priority So, kindly advise on the proceedings. Details:
Reference number: E0000022018030029730
Paid date : 21/04/2018
Register number : A17101PCA6040
Phone number:7871811903

MANICKAM M / SALATHMARY M Amount Debitted but cash not dispensed

Sub :Money not received but deducted from account No 11272389367
Sir, On 06.08.2018 at around 07.00pm at INDIAN BANK ATM NEAR RAILWAY ROAD I tried to withdraw 10000/-. however due to sudden power cut ATM unable to dispense money.
Please return my amount as early as possible. I am copying the transaction massage also


Honda Unicorn customer complaint

Dear Honda we get a bike in 30/06/2018 CB Unicorn .with in that day itself we are not satisfied with your service and your dealers .we are getting so much of troubles in running .we are getting service in 6/10/2018 with the payment of 501.50 rupees
repeatedly same issue is continued .now our two wheeler is not started we called dealers for many times but your dealers is not response properly.and here after we are move on to media and consumer court .i have attached all those bills .with in the day we are waiting for your response.

thanks & regards

BLUE STAR AC Blue star split inverter ac poor service and quality

Hi team,

I am very trusted and fed up from the working of the bluestar split ac which i bought just 5 months ago.
Every 15 day some other the problem occurs with the ac for which i also paid a huge amount on it but still i could not get rid of it.
Sometimes issue comes with gas leakage, sometime it’s water leakage and now the ice is coming out of it and technician also doesn’t what’s the problem is which is a very horrible situation and they advise e to change the whole window of the ac
I really don’t know how much still i have to suffer..
My name is Vijay gadhavi

STERLING TREE MAGNUM (INDIA) LTD Status of my investment

I J.Lakhsmana Rao, bearing application no:10360 and certificate no:T44754, has invested an amount of 975/- towards Teak Tree (1) Plantation. Now i would like to know the grown up teak tree / payment for the teak tree issued to me. So I hereby request you to inform about the returns.
Name :J.Lakhsmana Rao
No.of tress: 1
certificate no: T44754
application no:10360
amount invested: 975/-
Date of joining: 16/03/1993
Date of maturity: 15/03/2013
Thanking you

Liv Pure Product Quality is very Worst

i have bought the Liv Pure Glitz water purifier on 5thJune2018, after 2 months i am faced some problem water is not coming like that, requested a complaint and Service man reached my place after 4 days and he told me to change Sediment and Carbon Filter which Cost Rs 900. After 20 Days i have faced the same Problem and Raised same service Request on Oct142018, where they reached my place on 22Oct2018. SLA is very perfect in Liv Pure. Now also they are telling same problem ,telling me change the Sediment and Carbon Filter which Cost Rs 900. What do you think about the customer. Defect in Product need to be addressed very soon.
Dinesh Babu T

Request No :JS18101401063

DTDC Courier Material not delivered

Material not delivered since week and returned back
D46731819 – Important Consignment not delivered and no notification as well. Tracking history shows not delivery. This was my important material sent from Tamilnadu to Bangalore. White field this is the nearest branch to my area and no one bothered to call me too. Now they are saying no service zone. I would have picked up the material if they intimate. Also why did they accept the courier if its not servicable pin? No point in paying so high for DTDC. Worst experience ever.