Access 2 health care insurance company Access 2 health care insurance company

I too just got the call from the same company. Said, for Rs.9980/year, it covers medical bill to hosiptilation charge of upto 15 laks per person and it covers overall 6 person at any age and not compulsory if they are not blood relation and also, it covers 50% insurance for max of four vehicles under this single premium.

If we pay Rs.15000/year it covers for 5 years and also we can pay by EMI option also.

Said, It is not Medical Insurance, but it comes under the norms of Indian Medical Association(IMA).

If it is not a medical insurance then how it will cover Tax benefit under 80D.

They contact me through phone and ask to cross check the Site : Started explaining about the plan.

Meanwhile I cross checked the and , found many are affected by losing their money to this company.

I will not believe if the company calls through the phone call and advertise their product. But this call is very attractive and it will attract all the people since it covers medical expenses which looks very profitable for the Middle class people who spend their major part of the expenses on medical expenses.

If it is really a fraudulent company then our Government needs to take immediate action against this type of companies and bring awareness to our people what medical insurance are available and what it will cover and how to get safegaurd by ourself from this type of phone calls.

Special thanks to the people whoever bring this to picture through and

Titan Eye+ very worst experience

Dear sir / madam,

Being a fan of titan products moved from local shop to titan eye+ for my day to day eye glasses and it turns out to be worst decision i have ever taken .

Did eye check up in your titan eye plus branch from sembakkam branch and went on too change my glasses according to the power prescribed by your doctor. i suffered a severe eye pain in recent times and went to check my eye from shankara nethralaya and to my surprise my power have not changed from previous prescribed power from shankara nethralaya . I expected a qualified doctor to be treating my eye from family of titan but to my shock i came to understanding i went through a sub par treatment from titan. This experience has led to both emotional and monitory loss from side, i paid rs 21235 for my glasses which is deemed to be unusable by my doctor. i kindly request you organization to sort out this issue by refunding me or replacing my lenses with the latest prescribed power .

I have attached the scanned supporting document (bill,titan prescribed power, shankara nethralaya power )

regards ,
Sumathi ( a disappointed customer )

VOdafone tamil nadu Regarding the activation of a sim with the same number(lost)

Dear sir/madam,
I had lost my vodafone sim(7845857710)
one month ago and is trying to get the same number back with a new sim, due to the carelessness of your team, the sim that was lost has a name that is a mix of mine and my dad’s. Now since the name is mis matched my sim actiation is getting rejected continuously. I want the number back immediately, Do the needful as soon as possible and clear the issue for me.

Rapido taxi Poor service and irresponsible

I have booked in rapido bike for ride, the driver picked me.on the way, the driver said sir I can’t drop u to the destination. Asked why, he said it seems petrol gonna drain at that time we was crossing bunk. I said to fill the tank then he giving another reason that"im not feeling like".i got angry and said OK u drop me then go. He dropped me on road. I was urge to go ,again I booked and the driver called me then asked where u wanna go. I said I gave my details and destination then y u asking. He said its okay sir u say again, I also said. Driver replied I can’t drop u to that destination. I got angry and shouted on him later they terminated my account in rapido.received call from customer care then also no response they said will call u back. Till now no solution.



M/S Sterling Tree Magnum (India) Ltd. ,
New No:2,
1st street,
Chennai-600 024.

Respected Sir/Madam

We have purchased 15 trees.The details of the tree are as follows: Holder Name: Mahesh M
No. of Tree:15 (fifteen)
Date of Joining :18/01/1995

ITS DATE OF MATURITY IS ON 17/01/2015. The Company had promised to release the Interim. But, so far nothing has been released.

We have not been getting letters from your end. We have been send reminder but it says "ADDRESS NIT FOUND". We request your Immediate action and clear our dues.

please clarify the following Questions:

1.Suppose we are closing this scheme now.How much amount we are going to get?

2.Suppose we are continuing this up to life time,then How is the plan going to continue?

Kindly, message/mail/post the required documents needed for this-without any further delay.

Thanks & Regards

Mahesh M



M.R.Rajaram kumar,
No:36, Arumugam nagar,
Moblie No:9443323246


I have generate CIBIL report through online official CIBIL website, the CIBIL score is 842 but recently I applied for the gold loan from axis bank ltd., they are generate CIBIL, in that report CIBIL score is 686. Which one is real.
And in that CIBIL report is showing a Used Auto Loan (account no:UCR############) which I didn’t take from my PAN card number.
I obey and follow the rules and regulation. And also properly repaid all loans, But in that case we are facing very worst feeling with the bank. here i attached the scan copy of CIBIL REPORT for your reference. Kindly check and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Thank you,

KPN Travels World's Worst Operator KPN

Route: Tirunelveli to Bengaluru
Bus No: TN 30 -BK1999

I travelled from tirunelveli to bengaluru on 03/03/2019. I did not travel in the bus number which was mentioned in SMS. Arrival time was mentioned 6 in the morning but the bus was late by 3 hours and they stopped the bus before hosur and asked us to change the bus which was mentioned in the SMS. Ticket price was so high and the bus quality is pathetic as if it was half burnt in karnataka fire accident.This happened to me when i had travelled from chennai to bengaluru a year back.
KPN Travels are literally cheating customers and suggestion to all the passengers not to choose KPN travels.

@K. Ponmalai Goundar Natarajan: All the customers can donate you Re.1, if you are in need of money to run your business but don’t cheat customers.

Such a pathetic experience on this travel.