Pure Discount Store Material not Delivered

Hi Guys,

There is a fraudlent guy making sale add posts in websites like quikr, olx,etc….
I saw the add on quikr saying New Roland Juno-G Keyboard for sale, rate was just 20K, actual rate must be more than 80K
i sent message on quikr, he also replied & pinged me from his US number, saying his name is Angella walker (Female).
She is from Pure Discount Store and the address is #296 E Base St, Madison, FL 32340, USA,
His number is +1 321 222 0953.

She asked me to pay 10K as advance remaining payment can be done during deivery, she very much kindly replied like a trusted seller, at one point i started trusting her and transfered 10K from my personnal account, once she recieved the money in to her account, she blocked me in whatsapp. i was unable to contact her. then i realized that we have been cheated and then i blocked her from watsapp.
2 days later, another guy pinged me named Adam Tucker ( Another Fraud – guess the same guy) saying "did u spoke to my sales person Angela", and asked me "y did u blocked her". I suspected that this s the same guy, trying to cheat again.
I continued the discussion saying ill ping him again, when i pinged him he replied and said Y did u blocked me?, i recieved your money, but the issue is you need to transfer 5K further, as the shipment will be done if we pay 15K to the courier, so we need 5K now(already i paid 10K).
I said some fake reasons, and avoided transfering 5K, instead i asked him to transfer me the 10K back to my account , am in some critical financial position, please help me like tat.
But he said, thats not possible, if u transfer the remaining 5K, we will complete the shipment tats it.
Then i clearly told him that i know u r a fraud, But He dint accepted that and he continued to ask me for the remaining 5K.
I called him on whatsapp, but he dint picked up my call, instead he said he was chatting from desktop, i cant connect to his number on video call.
i asked his details aswell, but he said "U first transfer the remaining 5K then i will share the details" like that.

His Bank details – IDBI bank Greater Noida Branch,

Account number – ################.

#########################Guys be careful with peoples doing a fradulent activities like this.#####################

Cppc sbi Chennai Non Payment of Revised Pension & arrears as per 7 CPC

Sir/ Madam,
I am a Retired Army Officer. My Old PPO No is M/03321/2016. My New PPO No is ############ PPO Suffix 0202 dated 13 Feb 2018. However, I am still being paid pension as per old PPO only. It is requested to release my revised pension along with arrears immediately.
Yours faithfully

R Ravi

Indusind Bank unnecessary chargers last fees interest, pre & post processing charges, no proper guideline and communication

Hello all,

This is Loganathan from Chennai .. Last one year i am using Indusind Credit Card. I’m Facing lot of issue from the bank, Unnecessary charges from bank [Last payment & Interest, Pre & Post closer Charges and interest Etc.,]. there is no proper communication, Guidelines from the customer Care support. Today am loosing the confident also very disappointed with them. because they charged around 20000..i dont know why ?
After i discussed with my friends in my organization..here many people are facing simillar problems like 1. Last Payment charges received after submitted the Creadit card 2. No proper communication from customer support
3. Double payment without swiping
4. Process charges too high.
5. Taking more time for any request. Etc.,

Dear friends, This is my humble request to all. Try to avoding having relationship with indusind bank. In my life i never faced this kind of problem from any other bank.

Thanks for understanding

ICICI Bank RE:'ICICICARE=037-370-329' level3complaint/ Credit Card

redit Card no. 5xxxxxx017
A/C no, 61xxxxx360
A/C name cinniah Renganathan Kandiar.

As per our communication with them during that time some of the mails are forded to you along with this mail.

A settlement for Rs 38,600/- was agreed upon to pay in 6 installments and the same was settled as the first installment is Mar 2010 was Rs 6600/- and five equal installments of Rs 6400/- each and the same was completely settled and a settlement letter received for the same.

The same was collected by a collection agency and the employee ID of the person is 1254366 and his telephone o was 9171011637.

the person from ICICI who coordinated all these was Mr. Juglesh Pandey, Customer Service Officer , ICICI bank and whose tele phone no is 022 67101879.

You have put a lien in our account which has caused a lot of distress and anguish when this amount was settled by August 2010 itself.
We kindly request you to remove the lien immediately and take action on personnel who was responsible for this wrong information causing us undue stress and pain and keep us posted of the developments.

we look forward to your prompt and immediate action on the same and kindly remove the lien immediately on the same

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you


Cinniah Renganathan Kandiar

FAMILY CREDIT LIMITED TWO WHEELER LOAN Hypothication not given after closing of Vehicle loan


I have purchased a two wheeler utilizing loan facility from Family Credit. Loan details are as below: 2 wheeler Loan no: 798217
Loan closed on : Dec-2012
Name of Vehicle owner: Prasad Rama Thutta.
Vehicle no: MH12HE 2367

I have requested to provide the NOC and Form 35 from Pune branch where I have taken loan from. But I did not receive it.
Now that we have relocated to Hyderabad and I need to get my vehicle transferred to the local registration. I have all other required documents from Pune. NOC and Form 35 are the only document pending to get it transferred to Hyderabad. Can you please provide the same. Also let me know if I can collect these documents from Hyderabad office or will they be sent by postal to my current address. As per your response, I can provide further details.