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Avni Cinemax pvt ltd Nandhini serial

Dear Mr. Sundar .C sir, Apart from hindi serial Nandini tamil sun tv serial was gone good at a time.. But nowadays when that bloody seetha character bull shit entered in to Ganga life, Arun was doing such stupid things.. Y do he always creates problems by his own.. Close that blackmailer topic and shut seetha’s bloody character.. She s spoiling Ganga Arun’s life. Let them start their life being so many villain in this serial disturbing them. Plz close Seetha character. Execute Nandhini the Ichadhari snake plan and nandhini has to get that kala chakram. Ganga must start her married life. Once we wanna see Romance in this serial. Y we r notifying seetha character wrong because she always feel smile and happy if she see Arun as she thinks him as her husband. Thats totally ridiculous atrocious she s cheating Ganga. Stop all nonsense. Fights between bairavi nandhini and rajasekar group only. Release that Nandhini snake soon. Wind up seetha character. Plz think abt Gang!
a she sacrificed so many things in fact she went to prison to save rajasekar family. Y such big issues with Ganga. Let her start life. Thanku as u have taken Aranmanai and Aranmanai 2 , the same we require in nandhini serial Already janaki was killed but plz never kill ganga dnt spoil her life. Enough 2 wives for Arun. Seetha must go to her orphanage.. Bairavi should never encourage seetha. Wanna see good scenes in upcoming episodes as we need. As because nothing happens what we desire in our real life. Its just a serial at least in that case we need some happiness to see nandhini serial.

home loan Rate of interest

Just 15days before I have submitted my complaint through this site regarding to reduce interest rate from 9.80. but no action taken to reduce my home loan interest rate.but today I received the message from RACPC my loan rate of interest is increased 9.80 to 11.35. I can’t understand what is going on. Instead of reduce my interest rate is increased. Please take necessary action to reduce home loan interest.my loan number67329890899.

Kendriya Vidyalaya CLRI, Chennai Extremely Long Working Hours for students and teachers

I am a student at KV CLRI, Chennai. I would like to inform you about the happenings in my school.
Our school asks us to report at 8:00 AM, when the actual reporting time is 8:20 AM.
The students of 12th standard do not attend assembly because our so called ‘efficient’ teachers the take so called ‘special’ classes during that time. The students sit and listen to the lectures while the national anthem goes on. This makes me feel extremely guilty. But I don’t have a say.
The school ends at 2:40 PM (in papers). But actually, the teachers force the students to stay back and work till 4:00. On 08/11/2017 they made a verbal announcement that 09/11/2017 onwards that the students and the teachers would be working till 5:00 PM. I don’t think a 12th standard student needs to work beyond the recommended 6 hours a day at school. But students are actually at school for straight 8 to 9 hours.
Also students are deprived of our Physical Training and sports periods quite often.
The school had special classes during the summer vacation and also during the autumn break. And we look forward to special classes in the winter break too. The more ridiculous thing is that at some point for about one month or more, during this academic session, even 3rd standard students had to attend these absurd classes.
Also, my school conducted ‘SPECIAL’ classes on 2nd October, 2017. Yes! Gandhi Jayanti. But that doesn’t bother our school which id so devoted to work. I know that the teachers working on the national holiday are supposed to conduct classes with a signed permission from their boss and also get twice their wages. But what about the students?
Year after year, during the months of November and December, Chennai gets flooded. So to compensate the loss schools conduct special classes. That’s acceptable. But my school has acquired special classes as a perennial culture!
And the more amusing thing is that in spite of the preposterous suggestion and execution of special classes, the teachers are lagging behind with the syllabus.
Repeated verbal complaints to the principal and the teachers about the insanely long extra classes (special classes/remedial classes/ improvement lectures) have yielded no results. In fact, they say that the special classes are conducted because of an order from the Kendriya Vidyalaya Regional office in Chennai.
Also, the school authorities claim that the other Kendriya Vidyalaya schools in the Chennai region are performing better (in terms of marks and results) because of such atrocity in the name of extra classes. Both the student community and the teachers have been tolerating the atrocity till today.
I am quiet sure that I would be required to face consequences for an open complaint on a public forum, if my school gets to know this. Even my parents suggested me to go through the system as I just have 3 more months of classes. But now things have gone beyond my tolerance level. And now I have gathered courage to bring the issue to the notice of the authorities concerned.
I am sure you can understand how this affects the work productivity of both the teachers as well as the students. I request you to kindly look into the problem immediately and take suitable action. If there exists a provision for special classes, in the conduct of KVS, please ammend them appropriately for the benefit of the students and ensure its execution properly.
I have attached screenshots of the messages from my school informing about the special classes.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

[email protected] Pension Error

I am a pensioner retired from Army. I received my pension slip for October month 2017. In that, the total pension paid is printed as 19,973. But I got credited only 19, 295/, which means I am not paid Rs 678, which is mentioned as OTHERS column in the payment slip.
Kindly go through with this and I request you to do the needful.

Thanking you.

My details:

Name: D. Sivakumar
Account Number: 10504906280
Email id: [email protected]
PPO: S/013176/2014