KPN Travels World's Worst Operator KPN

Route: Tirunelveli to Bengaluru
Bus No: TN30-BK1999

I travelled from Tirunelveli to Bengaluru on 03/03/2019. we did not travel in the bus number mentioned in the sms. Instead we travelled in another bus. The bus was late by 3 hours and they stopped the bus before hosur and asked to change the bus.
This has happened to me before when I travelled from chennai to bengaluru. Don’t prefer KPN travels. They literally cheat people and there is no point in complaining to the travels head office. Instead of earning money by cheating people better all the customers will donate Rs 1 to KPN travels owner(K. Ponmalai Goundar Natarajan). I will never travel in KPN travels in my life time again.

Such a pathetic experience on this travel.


videocond2h Worst customer care

The customer support services of videocon d2h is worst service ever .The customer care number is always unreachable or all the service executives are busy. Neither the websites nor E-mails are responsive. My customer id 188638725
I recharged on 03/03/2019. I wanted to change my plan.
I am trying all the possible ways to reach the customer support but nothing is working. Please help and look into the matter. Please improve your customer care service.

Access 2 health care insurance company Access 2 health care company

I too just got the call from the same company. Said, for Rs.9980/year, it covers medical bill to hosiptilation charge of upto 15 laks per person and it covers overall 6 person at any age and not compulsory if they are not blood relation and also, it covers 50% insurance for max of four vehicles under this single premium.

If we pay Rs.15000/year it covers for 5 years and also we can pay by EMI option also.

Said, It is not Medical Insurance, but it comes under the norms of Indian Medical Association(IMA).

If it is not a medical insurance then how it will cover Tax benefit under 80D.

They contact me through phone and ask to cross check the Site : Started explaining about the plan.

Meanwhile I cross checked the and , found many are affected by losing their money to this company.

I will not believe if the company calls through the phone call and advertise their product. But this call is very attractive and it will attract all the people since it covers medical expenses which looks very profitable for the Middle class people who spend their major part of the expenses on medical expenses.

If it is really a fraudulent company then our Government needs to take immediate action against this type of companies and bring awareness to our people what medical insurance are available and what it will cover and how to get safegaurd by ourself from this type of phone calls.

Special thanks to the people whoever bring this to picture through and


I purchased LED tv 32 inch on dated 26/06/2017 through payment with debit card,at the end of DEC 2018 TV stop working,no any display
I called customer care centre,two technicians came after two days ie 1st week of Jan 2019,said that one component not working,it will replaced becoz till date TV under warranty period.

But till today ie March 03,2019 there is no response
My name :Anusuya Prasad
Contact no. +919416565072,+917082500107
TV purchased from:Paras electronics,Red light chowk Panipat Haryana Service manager no.:+919813072804
LED detail:Model no.:32T7250MHD
Serial no.:00068BA5418752C
Hope my trust will continue after registered this complaints,If response will come.

Vijay TV Connection, Kalakka Povathu Yaaru VIJAY TV KYP

Now a days KPY show used more and more double meaning words. We are not able to watch such a nice programme with family ( When people are laugh, my kids asking why they are laughing). I am very disappointed how Vijay TV allow this kinds. Judges must warm them who doing this kind of activities. And Balaji doing the same. I believe that this a family show not a 18+ show. If their is a double meaning words used, it must be edited or atleast muted. If I see more like this I’ll UNSUBSCRIBE VIJAY TV. Waste of money and my family time.

Thanks and Regards,

Byjus / capital float cancelled still asking for EMI

This is to inform you that my son is getting sick frequently so he not able attend classes regularly .

His name is Isaac Theodore George 8th stander-ed .

He started attending classes from 30/6/18 till Dec / 2018

He was attending classes at Chennai Anna nagar Branch.

The person how came for demo & to enrol my son

in Byjus name is V. Ashwin Employee I.D. 201803128

An amount of 3 lacks for all the years for which 30,000

Was paid by credit card , rest 270000 was on EMI

We have paid 30,000 at time of demo & intro class on 10/6/18

You have been taking money from my bank account in following dates

02/08/18 you taken money from my account 22500.00

03/09/18 you taken money from my account 22500.00

02/10/18 you taken money from my account 22500.00

02/11/18 you taken money from my account 22500.00

03/12/18 you taken money from my account 22500.00

02/01/19 you taken money from my account 22500.00

20/02/19 cheque no. 260224 given for capfloat 22500.00

The total sum of money you have taken is 2,10,000

I have already sent you a mail regarding the cancellation on 14 Feb 2019

After which also the Capfloat had taken money from me by simply Harassing me on 20/2/19,

And quite surprisingly calling me Harassing repeatedly in March asking for money.

You have neither bothered to address the issues. Even with repeated follow up.

So kindly refund the money given immediately and stop asking for more .


Hdfc marthandam Making fool

My dad were applied for home loan in Hdfc online application ;so that on next day some one called from Hdfc he ask about all details and said we are eligible for loan so submit all documents and will process immediately; so I trust them and submit my all documents;after that they ask about my salary slip that also I gave to them ;after submitting my salary slip they told I am not eligible for loan;if that so means they can tell us already ;I took one month leave for my job;but now it’s waste of time and my job was gone;My salary is about 30000 ;any one tell me is it eligible salary or not