mobile phone Missing mobile phone

Dear Sir/Mam,

Today i have lost my mobile bearing IMEI no: 869003034646699 when travelling from Mugalivakkam to Guindy in MTC Bus : 88 (Kundrathur to Broadway) around 10 AM on 1st march 2019. After i get down down bus @ Guindy bus stop, didn’t notice that whether my mobile is there in pocket or not. When heading towards railway station (with in 5 mins of get down bus) noticed that lost mobile.

I went back to search in bus immediately & the bus passes away & not able to catch by auto.

Please do help me to identify the mobile & will reward for that.

Place : Chennai
Area : Mugalivakkam

Mobile phone details are as below.

IMEI : 869003034646699
manufacturer : OPPO
Model : Realme
Colour – Diamond Black

RealMe 1 (Diamond Black, 6+128 GB)

If found please get contact me on alternate no: 9962532666

Email id: [email protected]

Times Of India satellites can map 87% land area of Pakistan, in HD

How can you publish such sensitive information…

Isro satellites can map 87% land area of Pakistan, in HD in times of india on 28th Feb 2019.

We are in a hour where tensions between India and Pakistan have been escalated in past 24 hours and we need to make sure we do not slip any such info.

please delete the post right away or i will complain to Indian broadcasting foundation….

Indian oil corporation Wrong fuel fill

I ask 500rs diesel but that person fill 500 petrol and and tell ater I fill petrol in your car
After workers called car mechanic . Than car mechanic came after 30 min and clean my car diesel tank it down 10ltr mixing diesel and ask 500rs for service charge And petrol station person doing very bad words with talk me That’s very bad experience my life
Good bye IOC

Ganapathyvel Indane Gas Agencies No Customer Service – Rude Response

I booked a Cylinder on Feb 20 2019 and paid the amount Online. They delivered the cylinder on March 1st and demanded Rs.50 extra after the Cylinder prices are increased on the Delivery Date.

It is their responsibility to take the Bill on the date of booking but instead they hold the Cylinders pretending Demand to the Customers and deliver it to them when the prices increase.

Customers aren’t responsible if the rate is increased on the date of Delivery. When they strictly follow rules (to steal money), they should deliver the Cylinder on time without delay.

But these people give False Commitments while booking a new connection and they’re Rude and don’t give proper answers once money is paid.


Sun Pharma Mismatch of 2 Batch codes

Dear Sun Pharma Mktg / Quality Team,
Following are the observations on the purchase of PROLOMET XL 25 tablets with 2 different Batch Codes. i) Batch No. EST 0943
Mfg Dt : 10/2018, Exp Dt : 09/2020 – With 2 Yrs Life
Observation : No Sun Pharma Logo and Address not printed on backside of Strip ii) Batch No. BST 2026
ML : M/512/09
Mfg Dt : 12/2018, Exp Dt : 05/2021 – With 2.5 Yrs Life
Observation : Sun Logo found and Complete Mfg address is Printed on Strip Also, the Life is 2.5 Yrs than the earlier batch Lot.
Why these differences found in this Tablets ?
Any Duplicate is found between these 2 Batch Codes ?
Need Quick Reply from You, since it is related to human life. I’ve tried over Phone 022 – 4324 4324, BUT NO RESPONSE from your side. Regards,
94421 67946

Chennai Traffic Police Parking in No Parking Area

There is haphazard & indiscriminate parking of two wheelers by the staff of the newly opened Peeyesem Hyundai Showroom at the TTK Road – Luz Church Road crossing under the TTK Road Flyover. The employees of this company have started parking their two wheelers on this portion of TTK Road in a most haphazard and indiscriminate manner. As it is, the entire service road below the flyover is very narrow with absolutely no pedestrian space and on top of it the traffic police also turns a blind eye to this development although they are mostly almost always standing at the traffic signal and yet are unable to or do not take any initiative to stop this unauthorised parking and obstruction of free flow of movement of other vehicles and pedestrians. Why should other legitimate road users suffer. It is not fair on the many ladies, children, senior citizens and physically challenged persons who have absolutely no space to even walk on that narrow stretch. Why should pedestrians be su!
bjected to this hardship & endangering their lives due to commercial benefit of a private company allowing unauthorised parking for their own good & not the welfare of the other legitimate road users. Please take immediate steps to stop this parking and allow free flow & space for the pedestrians. Thank you

2258 grand box cot damaged in thecot at leg postion

I had purchased grand box cot 61/4*6 from the legend new saravana store padi chennai-50. i already logged complaint on 09/02/2019 a portion of leg side of the cot damaged on 27th feb2019 a portion was changed with unmatched color so i refuse to change the damage portion. i one again to take immediate action to replace the cot with newone.

HDFC One assist cancellation Deactivate oneassist account

Respected Sir,

I am a HDFC bank credit card holder . The bank has auto debited Rs. 1899/- from my credit card number ending with 9110 without my concern on date:28/02/2019. I am not interested about this service and don’t want this membership any more. So cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs.1899/- My Relationship No : 3867891, Plan Name : Enhanced WA Privilege Single Plan.