I am staying in an unauthorized JAYASHREE LADIES HOSTEL, 11th street, Ranganathan Garden,G BLOCK, ANNA NAGAR, CHENNAI 600040. The owner family is staying in ground floor. They are not giving importance to food, tap water, sanitation and housekeeping. They are not hearing about the compliants giving by us. They are not providing us receipts for rent and electricity bill(charging 10Rs per unit). They are intriguing in our personal affairs and respecting dignity of hostel mates.Personally they forced me and my sister to eat egg, but we are vegetarian. The hostel owner YUVARAJ, his wife and daughter are staying in ground floor. WE ARE EXPECTING POSITIVE RESPONSE FROM YOU, SIR/MADAM.

tnurbanpay,SEMBAKKAM MUNICIPAL CORPORATION,CHENNAI Excess Property taxation by Sembakkam Munucipal Corporation

house tax demand notice no.001/007/03103 issued by Sembakkam Municipality, Chennai-600073 is reflecting tax charged from 2011 whereas the property was built in 2017 only. Due tax for the existing vacant land has been duly paid from 2011 to 2017.. ALL THE RECEIPTS ARE AVAILABLE.So requesting to cancel the house tax demand notice no.001/007/03103 & issue a new tax demand with tax from 2017 only.

SETC Irresponsibility of bus conductor

am a girl from DINDIGUL. I used to prefer SETC bus over other bus transportation. since it was festivel time, I had to book 8.30 p.m setc bus last row seat yesterday due to other seats were already occupied. I thought of asking bus conductor whether he’ll be able to change my seat to other seat. but when bus conductor came and he started scolding me. He said ‘only girls have to book seat 11,12. Or else don’t book ticket ‘. And he didn’t even ask others whether they are willing to change their seats to mine or not. I was sitting at last row unsafely. He was very irresponsible and sitting in his seat in front. Here onwards I won’t prefer SETC bus. I know SETC won’t suffer with loss if I am not booking tickets. But it shows irresponsibility of the bus conductor. He would have helped, if I was his daughter or niece 🙁