Respected Madam,

My account number is 11290581319. I wonât received my revision of service pension money as per 7th CPC from your bank, but my pension money already sent by our office(Record Office Lucknow & PCDA Allahabad . Already inform my home bank (SBI Chemmanvilai) Letter No Pers/05/2018 dt 23 oct 2018 attach this letter. So please check my account pay my pension money(7th CPC) early as possible. Attach New PPO Copy And Record office Letter.
Details Below:-

Name M Siva Kumar
Service No 13998694P
Old PPO No S/36407/2017
New PPO No ############
Pension Account No 11290581319,Chemmanvilai, Branch Code :9589

Thanking You.

Residents of Aryan Illam Threat to our lives – Barking dogs

Dear Sir,
On behalf of the residents of Aryan illam – asokapuram (7th day Adventist school road) near mullamparappu,Poondurai road. we register complaint regarding barking dogs in neighborhood. Everyday we are facing lot of problems due to barking dogs even though we repeatedly requested the owners of the dog but no positive response from their side. The dog owners are not even listening our words. The dogs are disturbing lot at night time. No one could tolerate the dogs and travel alone because of this problem. Ladies are threatened by the dogs both day and evening time. It’s a serious threat to our lives since we couldn’t face the dogs everyday with fear.We seek your help and immediate action in this regard. Waiting for your positive reply. Thank you.
With regards,
Residents of Aryan illam.
[email protected]

MERCURTY INSURANCE BROKERS PVT LTD Personal loan against insurance cheating

This is Dhivya, Physcially Challanged Person. On Dec 19th 2017, I got a call from Mr.Karthik, ICICI Bank Personal Loan Department, Nungambakkam Branch, Mob No: 9551080460. He told me that âyou got the offer for Personal Loan against Insuranceâ. He explained me about the plan that âif you will take HDFC Life Super Income Plan with a premium of 1Lakh per year for 8 Years Premium need to paid and you will get total amount of Rs.20L in 16 years plan, Based on that Security, We will sanction a loan amount of Rs.20Lakhs. For that you need to pay interest amount of Rs.6100 per month for 2 years and after that you will get NOC letter from ICICI Bank and we will deduct the loan amount in insurance returnsâ. I heard about the plan and ask him to call after 1 week. After 10 days I got a call from Ms.Anitha and she told me that karthik was in leave, she is his senior, so she will guide me for processing. And also I got the confirm call from her senior Ms.Gowri, Mob: 9710258964, before processing insurance and got the checklist of the necessary docs. As per Ms. Anithaâs Commitment, Once we got the Insurance Bond, we will process the loan in 10 working days. Based on her words, I applied HDFC Life Super Income Plan with a premium amount of 1L(in cheque) per year and submitted all the necessary documents to Mr.Gokul, Executive from HDFC Life Insurance at Coimbatore (Mob no : 9629646150) on 6.1.2018. I received a bond on 20.1.2018 and send a policy no : 19970298 to Ms. Anitha. After 1 week, she informed that the amount will be credited on 19.2.2018, before 3 days you will receive call from customer care and executive will collect the necessary documents. But as said commitment, nothing is happened and not at all response from her on that period.
When I reach her after 2 days, she told me that sorry for the delay, due to some issues, it is delaying. We will clear this issues and it will be definitely credited on March 8th 2018. For that I asked her to send me mail confirmation from Bank. She told me we will send you. For the past 1 week, am trying to reach her, but no one is responding. Instead of her, Ms.Kavitha and Ms.Saranya attending the call and when I asked Landline no, they told that Landline no is always busy. So you should call on this mobile number and told me that Ms. Anitha was hospitalized and in leave. She will come and guide you. There is not at all response from those team. I was so depressed and scared about this issues.
When I tried with customer care, they told there is no records found..Then only I came to know that I was cheated by those network team.. For the past 3 months, they wasted my time and efforts and make false commitments. When I tried to trace that team, I came to know that the agent name is Mr.Rajesh and he accepted all their cheatings and he also accept that this like we use trick for promoting Insurance Product and also he told me that his superior Company is Mercury Insurance Brokers Pvt lLd… and we are a sub vendor of this promotion..
I have taken the Policy in HDFC Life Insurance Co.Ltd in the month of Janâ18 for the Value of 1Lakh and the person who spoke to me through telephone has Misguided me by saying that I will get the Loan as if I take this Policy From HDFC and I canât afford to pay this much amount of premium every Year, This is white collared cheating. I know how many persons are suffered due to this… Because of 40% Commission, that team do like this… As per their team commitment, I want to cancel my policy and return my Money with immediate effect. I sent mail but not response..
I have Audio Conversations by that team to prove it… People should aware about this… There is no humanity at all.. Hereafter nobody should affect on this.. I need Justice…

Partner I Tech, Yoogan I Technologies, in1989, Pandiyas Infotech Fraud Consultancies (Group of Thieves)


R. Vinothkumar is the owner of these Fraud Consultancies. He had posted an advertisement on Indeed Website for Software Developer Job. After seeing that, I went to his office to attend the interview. When I met him, he said that he would give training to candidates, and place them in MNC companies.
Also, he said that I had to pay Rs. 15, 000 as an initial amount for giving training, and I had to pay Rs. 25, 000 after the placement (Totally Rs. 45, 000).
Also, he said that he had already placed 100+ people in IT companies, and "Job is 100% confirmed."
After that, I paid Rs. 15, 000 and joined there to get PHP Developer Job in some company. After I joined there, I came to know that there is no proper trainer to give training. Already, there were several candidates who were asking for training and placement. After that, I kept asking for training for some months, he kept saying that he would arrange a trainer named Bala, but he didn’t arrange any trainer in the eight months of time.
After that, he went to his home town Dindigul for his marriage. After that, he didn’t come back, and he vacated his office silently after some days. He didn’t arrange any training for me, didn’t arrange any placement, and didn’t refund my money. Because of him, I have wasted 8 months of time, and money without getting any benefits.
I kept asking him for refund for some months. He said, "I will transfer the refund." After that, he has blocked my mobile numbers. There is no response from him.

Similarly, he has cheated some lakhs of rupees from more than 30 people. Some candidates have paid like this Rs. 45, 000, Rs. 40, 000, Rs. 35, 000, Rs. 30, 000, Rs. 25, 000, Rs. 15, 000 and Rs. 10, 000.
He will always use good words to cheat the candidates. Finally, all the candidates have been cheated by Vinothkumar.
These fraud people were running the fraud consultancies. Several complaints have been filed against these people in Ambattur Police Station, and Dindigul Police Station.
1. R. Vinothkumar (Mobile: 9087961156) – Fraud #1
2. K. Vigneshkumar (Mobile: 8754965959) – Fraud #2
3. R. Shankar (Mobile: 9500700613) – Fraud #3

These are their fraud consultancy companies.

1. Partner I Tech (Chennai)
2. Yoogan I Technologies (Chennai)
3. in1989 (Chennai)
4. Pandiyas Infotech (Dindigul)

Chennai Address of his company
Address: G1, Ground Floor, Metro Flats, Door No 5, Pallam Street, Secretariat Colony, Ambattur 600053, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600053 Phone: 9500700613

Dindigul Address of his company
Address: 97, Anna Nagar, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 624001
Phone: 088700 00534

R. Vinothkumar gave assurance to place the candidates in one of these following companies, but he didn’t place any candidates in these companies. Without placing the candidates, he has escaped with all of our money.
1. Mindtree
2. Tringapps Research Labs
3. Solverminds Solutions And Technologies Pvt Ltd
4. 3i Infotech Ltd
5. CGI
6. MRO TEK (Bangalore)
7. HCL
8. Syntel
9. 4i Apps Solutions Private Limited
10. [24] India (Bangalore)
11. CTS
12. Ebix Software India Private Limited

Please take some action to get my refund (Rs. 15, 000) soon, and take some action on these fraud consultancies to prevent the graduates from being affected by these consultancies in the future.
Thanks for your help.

E. Vasanthakumar (Mobile: 8122190184)

mohan Act internet poor servcie

Hi I am from Ambattur, I am writing this so that someone who sees should think twice before selecting some poor internet service vendor. I have been using ACT internet service for a year now, for the first 6 months it was really good, after that i have been facing disconnection twice in a month. Now it is very frequently, almost like every once in a week. From Dec 1st my internet was down for 6 days, and after lot of calls to Nodal officer it was rectified on Dec 7th, again within 2 days my internet is down. And the worst part is your customer care executive comes up with the same reason "cable at in our area". Customer care executives not trained properly to handle customer. Government should step in and ensure that whoever in the market are unable to provide proper service should be fined or blocked from giving service.
Even I had similar 1 week of internet disconnection in month of October.