Tata Sky Overcharge inspite of purchasing package for one year

My subscriber id for Tata sky is 1283398103. I had purchased Tata sky subscription last year sometime in August 2018 . I had bought the subscription for an entire year. This was for approximately 8000 Rs.
They changed and increased this amount this year sometime in March citing govt rules. But govt rules had changed much before that incident. Why did the change in amount did not happen at that time.
I have an extra connection for a second tv which is at a subsidised rate. Then in June 2019 without any intimations they started charging me for the second set top box for the entire amount of the first box. When I complained they again mentioned it’s a govt mandate. I don’t recall govt having this mandate. Now I am paying 23000 rs for the entire year. This is almost 3 times the amount I had paid at the start when I bought the connection for one year and which was promised will last for the year. I feel badly cheated by Tata sky and when I try and escalate this to their senior management, I am not connected to anyone. This to me is a gross violation of my consumer rights and I would like to have this addressed.

Tata Sky Tata Sky has changed my account's mobile number without any further information

My Tata Sky account was recharged at 5:00 pm Rupees 1200.00 on 17/08/2019, reduced to Rupess 1200.00 at night 10.00. Dated 18/08/2019 While I do not know anything, I have registry mobile no. 9604145709 Twice changing to mo. No.986-080-9809,885-606-5098 My transaction and other information has been changed. And the complaint number was reported by Tata Sky. Information not provided

Tata Sky Un-contactable and illegal Trespass

I cannot seem to find a way to request TATA Sky to relocate the recent dish’s they have installed on the premises of my apartment without consulting me. Everywhere I call I am asked to give various customer references or phone numbers and of course I don’t have anything to enter as I am not a Tata customer. The technicians who came into my Penthouse area did not make contact with me to consult as to where would be the best place to install the various dishes ( and for some reason lately there have been a large number of them installed lately – which is fine, except there is no reason for them to install it so carelessly. They have installed it all around my premises in full view of my vision. If they had asked me I could have shown them some other locations on the roof that would be a much tidier way to set up the dishes. Instead, they have installed a number of dishes in the most lazy and thoughtless manner. I don’t have to allow for any installations if I wa!
nt but I am willing to be reasonable and allow the dishes to be installed provided they are installed in a location that does not cause such ugliness on my premises. I can assure you that there is a lot of space where they can be installed to keep things a lot tidier – but no one asked me. So could I know who it is I am to talk to and be given a phone number that does not request a customer number or customer phone number?

Thank you

Yasmin Ahmed

Tata Sky Non installation

Dear Sir,

I have been harassed by your different representatives by misleading information presented and at last when I talked to your senior executive on 04.08.19, 6.40 p.m.,I astonished for your company that such senior representative answer with callous attitude with non-cooperation.

Brief details of the matter is

I have booked TATA SKY DTH with no.WO#1L3U2P37,

First executive called me on 29th july for installation, he communicated with Co-operation and scheduled visit on 31st july,
I appreciated your service in this regard. In the midst, i had to visit outstation, so i then requested to reschedule visit on SUNDAY(Today) as I had to again visit outstation after sunday, . I had also received message in this regard. Astonishingly, today morning a call from number 7004758602 telling that my area has been changed for installation and told me to call toll free number for reschedule. I again called toll free number in this regard and another call i received from number 8048131010 confirming today visit after 4 p.m. Shortly, i received message for reschedule today at 5.18 to 6.18 pm. In the midst, i called three times tbat none has come to install and every executive assure that befire 6.18 pm(misleading information) , installation will be done. After 6.18 pm, when i called toll free number and talked your senior executive, he only gives apologies for such mishappenings and again tell to reschedule for Monday Tommorow (when i am not present at home) , not tri! ed to reschedule visit
today or i request him for morning installation as i have to visit outstation at 9 am Monday.

You are requested help in installing the connection from today to upto 05.08.19 before 8.30 am with taking appropriate action to concerned senior executive.


Navin kumar

Tata Sky Dth services

Dear Tata sky executive. It’s only two month passed and my set top box was found erroneous and today again the error reads" The digicard may not be inserted properly. Take out the digicard gently and reinsert it.kindly hold the digicard with the arrow side up, pointing towards the set top box & insert into the slot". I had performed the above mentioned action but still the problem persists.


TATASKYID:1052811101 (SHANTILAL D JAIN ) MOBILE:9322242663

I have been to suffer for 7 days without any response from TATA SKY to rectify my signal issue. Even after several calls throughout

the 6 days no person has bothered to visit my premises. I had to reschedule my work for 3 days as I was hoping the technician will

visit my place. The call center is full of bunch of liars who keep giving you assurances and waste your time. I am frustrate and has

made up my mind to switch to other options if my problem is not resolved immediately. I have spoken to Seniors in

Customer Care — they also gave hope that they will see into the matter. Pls do not spoil the image of TATA on which general public has faith

Anticipating a positive response by today

Tata Sky TATA SKY CHEATING:Subscription ID : 1218689550

Tata sky
Subscription ID : 1218689550
I have got tata sky connection more that 2 yrs back. When they installed first time ,it was without dish and kit since my building had common dish with routed cable to each flats.I have already payed the amount for setup box ,new dish and 10 mtr cable (which they charge during first installation) in the beginning.Since the dish is not installed they promised me that while i shift my address they will provide new dish with cable free of cost.The same i have confirmed with there team before i put forward relocation request 1 week back.There call center team has agreed this through chat and they informed me to pay only 300 rs as relocation cost. i have done the relocation with new dish and connection. Watched tv for 2 days and the connection got disconnected suddenly.i got surprised when i found a negative balance of -1000+ amount(i have already recharged my account for 1mnth before relocation) .They have charged me with new dish kit and cable amount which was against the comm! itment they gave).
I I have raised the complain noting this cheating but they denying now and they closed my complain by stating that""The charges debited from your account are correct, hence we will not be reversing the same."" .Our chats might be recorded @ there end where all the truth hides.
This is a clear case of cheating can you please help me how to handle this .I cannot view world cup matches since it is disconnected.
I have told them to remove the dish and connection from by flat.They denied that too because of -ve balance..

Please help..