Tata Sky Refund

Subscriber ID: 1218452892
Card ID: ############

Mobile Number: 9899776383
Account Holder: Harish Singh Kandari

TataSky is fraud company looted customer money.
Customer executive is careless and unprofessional.

I talked about give refund to customer care executive on Sunday (10 Nov 2019). He ensure me amount credit in my account.

Now(12 Nov 2019) another Tata sky customer executive call me and said that he never talk about refund.

I registered complaint on 3 Nov 2019 (Sunday). I registered my complaint every single day. But Tata sky employees are very careless and giving me worst service.

Customer Care Executive said that we don’t registered complaint because you cancelled technicians or refuse to give technicians charges.

But I complaint every single day. So, it’s your company issue not registered my complaint.

Even I registered Complaint on 9 Nov 2019 in the morning time. Customer Care Executive give me technicians and I ready to Pay charges. But no one is coming for solve this issue on 9 Nov 2019 in given time..I again call in the evening 6PM, another customer care executive told me your complaint is not registered till now.

So, how your employees is working and unprofessional. She registered my complaint on Saturday 9 Nov 2019 at 6PM.

The technicians is solved the setupbox issue on Sunday at 6PM. I call Tata sky customer care number again for giving me new setup box receipt. Technicians told me add 600 rupees in your Tata sky account because Tata sky automatically deducted charge from there.

I add 600 rupee to tata sky account. And call Tata sky customer care number for refund and new set-up box receipt.

He told me your complaint is registered on 9 Nov 2019. Not in 3rd Nov 2019. He said we give you 57 rupees. He ensure me to credit 57 rupees in my Tata sky account. He said that he transfer good will.

Today 12th Nov 2019 12 PM he refused and told me that we dont give any refund or good will.

Take proper action

Tata Sky Refund payment (paid through ptm)

I have paid Rs.2,100/- to Tata Sky New Connection on 02.11.19. Through House Representative Mr. A Sudharshan Reddy, His ID No. HYTD 043-01636, Date of Issue on 19/07/19 – Expairity on 18/07/19. He is not lift my phone. Still We have not given any connection also. Kindly refund my money through My ICICI Bank Account No. ############ – Punjagutta Branch – Hyderabad – 500082. If he not given I am going to Consumers cort. I am enclosed the receipt copy also

Tata Sky Set Top Box

Tata sky has replaced the defective Set Top Box and it’s adopter and taken back the Old One. Now they have deducted Rs. 700/- from my Deposit. I assume this is wrong. They should refund the amount. Or they should send me back my old Set Top Box and Adopter and refund my Amount and Close my Connection.

I had chat with their Team Members but they are not helping me. I am getting lot of Strain due to it.

Please help me in this regard. I don’t want such services from Tatasky.

Best regards

Anil Jamuar
Tatasky Subscription ID : 1043916814
My regd Cell No. with them 07406955133

Tata Sky Overcharge inspite of purchasing package for one year

My subscriber id for Tata sky is 1283398103. I had purchased Tata sky subscription last year sometime in August 2018 . I had bought the subscription for an entire year. This was for approximately 8000 Rs.
They changed and increased this amount this year sometime in March citing govt rules. But govt rules had changed much before that incident. Why did the change in amount did not happen at that time.
I have an extra connection for a second tv which is at a subsidised rate. Then in June 2019 without any intimations they started charging me for the second set top box for the entire amount of the first box. When I complained they again mentioned it’s a govt mandate. I don’t recall govt having this mandate. Now I am paying 23000 rs for the entire year. This is almost 3 times the amount I had paid at the start when I bought the connection for one year and which was promised will last for the year. I feel badly cheated by Tata sky and when I try and escalate this to their senior management, I am not connected to anyone. This to me is a gross violation of my consumer rights and I would like to have this addressed.

Tata Sky Tata Sky has changed my account's mobile number without any further information

My Tata Sky account was recharged at 5:00 pm Rupees 1200.00 on 17/08/2019, reduced to Rupess 1200.00 at night 10.00. Dated 18/08/2019 While I do not know anything, I have registry mobile no. 9604145709 Twice changing to mo. No.986-080-9809,885-606-5098 My transaction and other information has been changed. And the complaint number was reported by Tata Sky. Information not provided

Tata Sky Un-contactable and illegal Trespass

I cannot seem to find a way to request TATA Sky to relocate the recent dish’s they have installed on the premises of my apartment without consulting me. Everywhere I call I am asked to give various customer references or phone numbers and of course I don’t have anything to enter as I am not a Tata customer. The technicians who came into my Penthouse area did not make contact with me to consult as to where would be the best place to install the various dishes ( and for some reason lately there have been a large number of them installed lately – which is fine, except there is no reason for them to install it so carelessly. They have installed it all around my premises in full view of my vision. If they had asked me I could have shown them some other locations on the roof that would be a much tidier way to set up the dishes. Instead, they have installed a number of dishes in the most lazy and thoughtless manner. I don’t have to allow for any installations if I wa!
nt but I am willing to be reasonable and allow the dishes to be installed provided they are installed in a location that does not cause such ugliness on my premises. I can assure you that there is a lot of space where they can be installed to keep things a lot tidier – but no one asked me. So could I know who it is I am to talk to and be given a phone number that does not request a customer number or customer phone number?

Thank you

Yasmin Ahmed