TD-DOPBNK Missuse of my mobile number


I am frequently receiving the messages of DEBIT and CREDIT from ID DOPBNK for below A/C.

Account No. XXXXXX3991 DEBIT with amount Rs.5500
Account No. XXXXXX3991 CREDIT with amount Rs.5625

Account No. XXXXXX0679 DEBIT with amount Rs.5500
Account No. XXXXXX0679 CREDIT with amount Rs.5625

I am not associated with such accounts. I do not have any account in this bank. Someone is misusing my mobile number. It looks like some fraud activity.
I will not be responsible for any activity with this bank or this banking transactions.

Kindly do the needful to remove my mobile number from this account.

Thanking you,
+91- 9559085559

TD-DOPBNK Payment done without my consent. HDFC BANK

I got a sms from my bank that i have spent 199 via credit card at Amazon without PIN/OTP. where there was no payment done by me or my Amazon account dosent show any purchase. I can see many people complaining about similar sms.

SMS says –

"ALERT:Rs.199 spent via CREDIT Card xx8121 at AMAZON1258399 on 2019-07-28:18:31:28 without PIN/OTP."

Please refund the amount asap.

TD-DOPBNK Misuse of my Mobile Number

I have repeatedly receiving messages from ID-DOPBNK that my account is credited by some amount last message received on 23.04.2019 that my account xxxxx3928 credited with amount Rs. 2100 on 22.04.2019 Balance Rs. 54600 it is totally wrong. I don’t have any account with Postal Payments Bank. It is misuse of my mobile number please stop this immediately.