tmt No Bus Number and destination mentioned on any bus

To whomever concerned,

Kindly note, no bus number and destination is mentioned on any of the Thane MunicipalvTransport buses.
This is very inconvenient for commuters getting in the middle stops. Especially senior citizens face many problems as bus leaves the stop before they understand which bus has gone.
Kindly look in the matter



I travel by bus no 56 Kasarvadvli to station via hari niwas circle moring 8.30 am. But since last 4/5 days this bus is not coming at the stop at all. Same while returning. Why this is happneing? Have you stopped this service? Frequency is the major problem of this bus 56 no wia hariniwas circle.
Can I get answer for this? My mail id is [email protected]
Kindly do needful.

Rajashree Jayawant