Unauthorised Car Parking unauthorised parking

I want to register a comolainy for unauthorised parking in north zone of delhi I.e. cheellu saini wali gali Bhorgarh, narela north delhi vendors are damaging our cars if we park in front of there shops, as in front of our homes other people are parking cars. So I kindly request you to do the needful and ask the vendors to either allow the residents to park the car or make it a no parking zone for other peiple also so that residentials can live accordingly.

Unauthorised Car Parking illegal parking on streets

I am residing at Indrapark ext. Palam colony.
In my street people who have not constructed any parking area for thier vehichle just keep it in the street on either side even aftet having the option to avail parking privately.
This is causing so much trouble as you will not be able to cross this 50 metre street without calling everyone out and get these vehichles out of the way.
Not sure why mcd is keeping a blind eye on this even after multiplrle complaints.
Need your urgent support to get this sorted.

Unauthorised Car Parking Fed of ola and Uber parking

Hi we are resident of Kurla nehru nagar east. Earlier the area was heaven. Beautiful ground , ample parking space for resident near ground. Currently we been harrased by ola and Uber drivers unauthorized parking. They get Free parking over here thus they comes in group of 4-5 in order to avoid protest. They often had quarrel with resident. By saying they are also paying road tax they merely park their vehicle & move away. This is not correct if they are not the resident of this area then how can they utilize this space. This how our India works in case of creating employment we have forgotten vthe balance in society , consequences on environment due to rapid rise in taxi vehicles. ‘chalta he to chalne do’ . Please can someone guide how can we stop this? Resident of nehru nagar Kurla.

Unauthorised Car Parking Car is parked both the sides of street so no car can pass away

I reside in Asha Park. I have lot of arguement with my neighbour in regard to car park. He parks his car on his own way and don’t listen to other. We daily faced challenge to bring our car from the street. His residential address is A/26A Asha Park, Jail Road, New Delhi-110018
Could you please help us to sort out this.

(M) 9811189082

Unauthorised Car Parking illegal Car Parking in front of my Vacant Shop

dear sir,

i am Manish Kumar Mishra and i live in WZ 68 G-1 Block, Canara Bank Road, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi 110059. I have my vacant shop in same address. A wagon R car has been parking in front of my vacant shop for 3.5 years. And now i want to give shop on rent so regarding to this, i said to the car’s owner that you should not park your car in front of my shop then he gave me threat and he said me that no one cannot move my car from here. You are requested to kindly stop unauthorized car parking in front of my vacant shop.
i have attached the pic of the car, and the car number is that DL9C AL 4524 and Colour = Still Gray.
my contact no= 9210145829

i hope that you will take action on my application.


Manish Kumar Mishra
Uttam Nagar, New Delhi

Unauthorised Car Parking Unauthorised Parking In Kalka ji Extension

Dear Concerned,

I want to register a complaint against the unauthorized parking near our resident in Kalka Ji extension (Near Pockets A8, A10, A9, A3, A14, A13, A12, A11 & A8).
The slum residents park their commercial and private vehicles on road and block the way for the residents. They even dump their domestic waste on road leading to great trouble for the residents around. The survival has become tough due to the mess created by slums throughout the day. The day is not far when they will start dumping their waste and vehicles at the nearby apartments. No authority is taking any action to solve this issue as its the source of major vote bank. Would request an immediate action for our survival. Regards
Residents In Pain

Unauthorised Car Parking Illegal car parking at street

I m resident of mandoli extn shahdra delhi-110093,street no-10,here we are suffering a lots of difficulties due to illegal car parking of stubborn people’s,i m here mentioning the car no-DL 3CCL 4111.whenever someone knock the door of the car owner to aside the car they always came out vt anger and start fighting with the people’s.so plz help me out how to tackle with this problem.