Union Bank of India money not credited in account

Aadarniya shrimaan,
2 novmber 2017 ko mujhe ek amount bheja gya UPI ke threw via TEZ app.. jiski google transaction ID (CICAglDy1cyWbQ) or UPI transaction id (############) hai or Amount 501 rs ka hai, ye amount SBI se bheja gya hai jo ki waha debit hai.. or TEZ app pr b payment succeeded hai.. pr wo mere UBI acc me credited nhi hua hai.. 2 baar bank jane pr b yahi jawab milta hai ki isme hm kuch nhi kr skte… aaj 14 din tk wo payment nhi aaya.. kripya sahayata kre… contact no. 9125101970
email- [email protected]

Union Bank of India Pathetic service from Union Bank of India

Dear sir/madam,

My current account name of Mahima Infotech in Union Bank of India, Nallasopara east Thane branch.
I have deposit a cheque today(21/12/2017) around 1:00pm at Nallasopara east branch for transfer from Ubi to Ubi through chek, also requested him, please do on urgent basis as our last experience.
That time he told me don’t worry drop your cheque in drop box which is out side of bank and it will be transferred within half an hrs.
Know 5:35pm still I have not received? why not transferred, and how much time need to bank staff for transfer? Who is responsible for my loss whichever for unable to transfer on time?
Prem jha

Union Bank Of India , Gangeo Branch ,Rewa Nominee name not updated due to bank fault

Hi Team,

My father has already filled up the nomination details for his account as well as for his FD…
But now the nominee details are showing only for FD …Not for his saving account.
Which altogether fault of bank if it was not updated after filling up the nomination form . Now ,due to bank fault why should our family suffer for making lots of documents which is includes cost as well,time and travelling as well which is not possible for my mother as she is also an aged person of 63 years..(As my father expired last month so we are asking to transfer the amount of my fathers account to my mother ).
Hope the bank should understand this thing and instead of harassing there customer they should help out . My father has earned hard money so that her wife can survive in absence of him after the death but these things not only making my mother to suffer but also harassing her mentally. She is already not so well with the health after the sudden demise of my father and instead of helping out bank is making more harass on her mental health and this is all due to bank mistake.
We are simply asking to transfer the money of my father to my mother account same as it was done for FD as nominee was there..No one else is claiming for it and we are ready to give you in written or ready to fill up the formal forms which are required by bank in case when nominee name are updated .

Union Bank of India Not paying the amount to nominee post deceased

Hi Team,
My father is having account in Gangeo branch,dist rewa,MP. But few weeks before he get expired and now we wanted to get the amount transferred of my father account to my mother account (Approx Rs 30000). And my father has already filled the nomination forms few years back for his FD and saving account (Nominee was my mother) but now the nominee is only showing for FD and for saving account it is not showing updated which is altogether banks fault.
When we ask to show us the form of nomination which he filled up during the FD and saving account they are saying it is not with them or may be misplaced somewhere . Also they are not having records of my father saving account open . Now , i don’t whether bank can be so ir-religious to work that they are not maintaining the customer records.

Now they are harassing my mother(for amount rs 30000) for making other documents (like indemnity,disclaimer ,affidavit etc) which is required when nomination is not there. My mother lives alone overthere post my father demished and she is also of the age 64 years . Kindly help in getting this sorted out as bank Manager is not helping us.

Father A/c no. 417202010003178

Mother A/c no. 417202010008208

I had raised this issue from last 2 months with all the concerns of UBI gangeo branch but no one is helping,escalated the issue to next level and also to the grievance team but from there also not getting any help. Done multiple mails, follow-ups from each of the team including grievance team but it is not sorted out.
Hence, i came to you for help.

Amit Sengar
S/o Surya Narayan Singh Sengar

Union Bank of India Invalid ATM card

Inspite of repeated requests,
there is no response from the customer care @ Union Bank .Com for my complaint that the ATM card issued to me by Palayampatti branch of Union Bank of India, near Aruppukottai, Virudhunagar district, Tamilnadu. My address is:
16/61, A.V.House,
Ponnagaram street.,
Aruppukottai. 626101
Tamil Nadu.

Union Bank of India Digipurse product


I am Gopal using your digipurse wallet and loaded the amount on 18th of January, but I was unable to transfer it to my bank account or to any other wallets.
So I had called to call center and they advised me to register with verified by visa, so while doing this getting an error as invalid card number. Even I tried to make any payments and recharges even that is also not working.
From last three days I am calling to call center but they are not giving proper resolution and when I asked them to transfer it to manager they are not transferring the call and saying that no manager is available and disconnecting the calls.
Even today I spoke with Ms. Gayatri (supervisor) not giving proper resolution and disconnected the call.
I had sent an email twice to [email protected] and [email protected] more than 25 days but still now I haven’t received any reply.
Request you to kindly look into this and return back the funds to my card from were the amount was deposited.
Please find the below details and refund the amount.

Name: Brij Gopal Kabra
Email ID: [email protected]
Ph: 8008445020
Credit card no: ################
Alternate ph no: 8099809493

Union Bank of India Abuse of authority by Manager and staff

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect this is to inform that my name is ‘Rakshit Jain’ and I am assigned to write this letter to your good self by one Shri ‘Ganpat Singh Jain’ who is Assistant mantri (Sahmantri) of ‘Shri Swetambar Stanakwasi Nanak Jain Shravak Sangh(registered)’ hereby referred to as the ‘sangh’. The said sangh also have one account in the said union bank of India , Naya Bazar Branch, Ajmer. Also the sangh elected it’s new committee members via elections conducted on 21.05.2017 and the registrar of sangh -‘Sahayak Ayukt Dev Sthan’ also granted the certificate to the said new committee. (The copy of register of changes is attached)
This change of committee is also required to be communicated with the different bank accounts of the sangh so that the signing authorities for the various accounts are changed.
The said sangh has one account in State Bank of India, Dargah Bazar Branch Ajmer, and one account in Union Bank of India, Naya Bazar, Ajmer(as above mentioned).
Also the previous committee of the sangh fradulently transfered a total of 65 lakh rupees from the state bank of India account after the appointment of current committee in there personal accounts and the accounts of there relatives. An FIR has also been launched on the orders of the district court against the previous committee and the investigation is currently running on. A notice in this regards has also been given to the said State bank in this regards as the said State bank acted negligently throughout since the beginning. (After been informed by the current committee members.)
The current ‘mantri’ of the sangh Shri ‘Sanjay Saklecha’ visited twice with the letter and the copies of the registration certificate with the union bank Naya branch office for the transfer of signing authorities of the account in the Branch to the new committee and request to not allow any transfer of funds if authorized by any previous committee members the said miss Neha Nagar and Mr. Prakash Chand Jain (staff members of the Branch) and the Manager Mr. Ravi Prakash Meena refused to accept it.
Moreover they also insulted him in front of many other general public present in the Branch, and ignored him completely.
Again on 28.03.2018 Shri Ganpat Singh Jain (Sahmantri) visited bank with the same letter and other documents then also they refused to accept the same. On asking a reason for the same they asked for various documents such as meeting’s register of the sangh and written letter and authority from the previous committee which does not have any relevance to this matter since the certificate of the Ayukt devstan is in itself a full and complete evidence of the validity of the current committee members.
This careless nature could gave rise to another fraud via union bank since the said previous committee is still the signing authority in the union bank, Naya Bazar Branch, ajmer.
Moreover the manager of the Branch also told the mantri and Sahmantri to close the account but refused to here there query.
The committee members are planning to file a law suit against the said branch and the above mentioned branch members as this is only option left now with the new committee.
The manager and the above named staff members abused there authority and if any fraud came to notice here after then they will be solely responsible for the same.
This ignorant and arrogant behaviour is highly unprofessional and highly unethical.
It can also be presumed that the above mentioned branch members could be doing this in influence of the previous committee members and a personal benefits could have attached to the same since the account of the sangh have a big amount deposited in it.
Also on being asked to give in writing the non acceptance of the letter, the same is refused by all of them.
The members of the Branch also did not pay any heed to how serious this issue is.
A kind request is placed hereby to look into the matter on an early basis since currently the previous committee who is accused in one fruad case of state bank of india, is still the signing authority of the union bank account.
Following attachments are there for your reference-

1.letter of the sangh to the union bank.

2.authorization letter of the sangh to nominate new signing authority.
3.certificate of register of changes of registrar – Ayukt devstan.
For any further inquiry and clarification please call the undermentioned person-
Shri Ganpat Singh Jain – 9251400475/9414004475.

Awaiting your reply.

Thanks and regards-

Rakshit Jain.