Vishal Mega Mart मनेजर अनुज द्वारा बुरा व्यवहार

श्रीमान जी,
मै कल दिनांक 14 दिसंबर को विशाल मेगा मार्ट राम घाट रोड अलीगढ़
मे गर्म इनरवियर बदली कराने गया था।एक्सचेन्ज काऊन्टर पर महिला कर्मचारी से मिला उन्होंने बोला आप बडी साईट ले आओ।वहां के इन्चार्ज ने कोई सहायता नहीं की।बोले खोज लो यही मिल जाएगी।मै 85 cm के बदले 90 cm बहुत देर मे खोज कर ले आया।90cm साईज 85 cm से छोटी मिली।महिला कर्मचारी को दिखाया।उन्होंने कहा बिल यही छोड़ दो मैं ये रद्द करती हु।जब तक इतने ही रूपये का दुसरा समान ले आओ।मैं दुसरा समान ले कर आया
ब एक्सचेंज काऊंटर पर महिला कर्मचारी नहीं थी।मैंने काफी देर इन्तजार करने के बाद गार्ड से पूछा सर यहां काफी देर से कोई नहीं है।गार्ड ने बिलिंग काऊन्टर पर एक सर को बताया उस सर ने अनुज को बताया अनुज ने फिर उसी सर को बताया फिर वो आया मैंने उसको बताया मैंने यहां बिल रद्द करने के लिए दिया था।वो दे दो उसने कहा छोडी देर इन्तज़ार करो मैडम आयेगी कहीं देगी।काफी देर इन्तज़ार किया।फिर एक ओर कर मचारी आया उसे पूछा बोला!
थोड़ी देर इन्तज़ार करो आयेगी।काफी देर इन्तज़ार करने के बाद मै खुद ही महिला कर्मचारी को खोजने के लिए निकल पडा पुरे माल मे नहीं मिली।फिर मे वापसी एक्सचेंज काऊंटर पर आया मैंने आपके कर्मचारी अनुज से पुछा यहां कोई आयेगा।उन्होंने एक कर्मचारी कि तरफ इसारा करते हुए कहा ये आयेगा।फिर मैंने कहा आप बोल रहे हो ये आयेगा इसे तो मैंने काफी देर पहले पुछा था उसने कहा मैडम आयेगी वो देगी।अनुज से मै
ने पुछा आपका मनेजर कहा पर है मै फोन करता हू।उसनें कहा मे ही मनेजर हू कर फोन मेरे पास ही आयेगा।मेरे साथ मनेजर अनुज ने बुरा व्यवहार किया गाली दी। ओर कहा जहां रिपोर्ट करना है कर दे।फिर मै स्टोर मनेजर को फोन किया तब उसनें कहा तब जा कर मेरे को रद्द किया हु बिल दिया।स्टोर मनेजर को शिकायत करने के बाद फिर दोबारा मनेजर अनुज ने बुरा व्यवहार किया ।फिर मैंने माल के कम्पलेन रजिस्टर मे शिकायत ! दर्ज करके आया था।फोन नम्बर !
भी लिख कर आया था। अभी तक मेरे पास विशाल मेगा मार्ट से कोई फोन नहीं आया है। टेबल के दराज से बिल निकाल कर देने के लिए आपके इतने कर्मचारियों के पिछे चक्कर काटता रहा।इसी से आप अनुमान लगा सकते हो। आप के कर्मचारी कितना अच्छा काम करते है।
प्रमोद कुमार।
अलीगढ़।उत्तर प्रदेश।


I had applied for new CDC on 17th Nov 2018, and I had committed few errors and my application was rejected
(Your Application SMO(M)/2018/72362 has been rejected due to following reason : Passport Authentication Page And Appendix Iv Not Uploaded)

1) Wanted to know how should I work out the Passport Authentication page.issue as I believe I had loaded the passport details as requested.
2) Wanted to know If i have to re apply and pay new fees of Rs. 700 or can I get the new CDC on the same previous payment.
Thanking you,

Indos number 13ZL4389

Contact No. 9727477192

[email protected]

Kindly advise

flipkart Discrepancy in order

I ordered dish tv from flipkart on 18th of November and made the payment online installation was done on 20th but there was no recorder available in set up box though it was mentioned recorder enabled box when I ordered the same I asked flipkart for an exchange first they cancelled my request then again I called and complained this time refund was accepted and pick was scheduled before 12th of Dec but no one came to pick it up then again I called them on 13th Dec then they changed pick up date to 18th when I contacted flipkart they said complaint is already registered will get a call back ASAP but I have not got any calls and whenever I call them they say it will get resolved ASAP.
Order I’d – OD113957703156973000

Return id-12201412784148974417

TRACKON COURIER Consignment has not delivered yet Awb No. 1365406455

My Consignment AWB N. 1365406455 which has been booked on 6th December 2018 from Farrukhabad U.P, to Delhi has not delivered to me yet. I have been following with trackon customer care team for delivery of this shipment since 8 Dec. but thet did not take any initiative and giving me every day false commitments. I think it is worse courier in India .

Noida Authority Encroachments in Sector 29

Two days back for some personal reason, I visited Bramhaputra Apartments, Sector 29, Noida. I was really shocked when I saw that the owner of Flat No. 1753 was renovating his flat and they encroached upon common land (public land) atleast 5 feet on front side and 8-10 feet on back side. They have raised a boundary walls on both sides, creating more problems for parking. This is an illegal act that being a responsible citizen I thought of bringing to the notice of Noida Authority so that some timely action may be taken by your office before it turns to be a permanent structure.
Due to no action by the Authority, it has become a routine practice of people to encroach upon public land and causing inconvenience to other citizens. Already a lot of common area of the apartment has been encroached by may flat owners staying on Ground floor causing a big problem for parking, despite having ample open space. I am sure that some of the neighbours staying there must be facing problems with these illegal encroachments but just to avoid conflict with their neighbours they are not be in a position to complain about the same.
I therefore, being a responsible citizen, request Noida Authority to look into this particular case and take some immediate action to stop this illegal encroachment well in time.
Y.K. Kalra

complaint against private school running in private residential area Complaint regarding primary school in residential area

We live in a small township Sawaimadhopur in Rajasthan.The neighbour just next to our house has opened primary school,we have been requesting the owner to provide a solution because we are having all day nuisances and kids are throwing all trash in our house. My parents are senior citizen and this type of nuisance is unbearable for them.As we all siblings don’t stay with parent’s due to job and studies. I’d request you to investigate the things and take a strong action against it.