Torrent Power Ltd. Agra aggressive behaviour

behaviour of gaurav sharma ( assessment officer) ( in front of ram raghu hospital ) and naresh singh ( officer above gaurav sharma ) ( in shankar square office, jeevni mandi agra) are very harsh in nature and decide the assessment proceedings on personal grounds. theses two officers like the person convicted to cry and join hands in front of them, to relieve them of penalties..
Torrent power is a big concern and also values the behaviour towards customer. i would request the company to audit the behaviour of the people in torrent power ltd.

uttar pradesh roadways Ticket print machine tampered- half ribbion not print

I am traveling from budhana to baraut while i took my ticket half ticket has been print in which shows destination station only, but from which place individual has boarding has not reflect in village area people not have sufficient knowledge about ticket details.
The conductor charges extra money from people and participate in illegal activities. Kindely look in this matter, they create new type of fraud scheme. I requested you to check all ticket machine and there ribbion, while inspection team check ticket they also should note all things in proper manner.. Thank you.

Carnival cinema rave moti kanpur Bad behaviour of gaurd

The gaurd in the rave moti mall checking ticket for movie is behaving bad with customers and very rude in checking not allowing people to board for movie untill the people protest to go in .
Immediately remove the gaurd from cinema hall other wise reporting against at higher authorities.

Muthoot Finance Ltd Sir in the regard of CCTV footage and not helping the customer at all manager tarun sharma not helping and supporting

Sir this is hemraj singh taken a loan in hastily i dropped my 25k420 while putting in the pocket I made a call to manager tarun sharma to show me the cctv footage and replied will show you cctvfootage but he could show me any footage during incident so plz help ur customer Sir i m sending my bill and police station application in the regard Aligarh branch manager tarun Sharma not helping me at all he had promised me to give the compensation settlement but no t giving :so take some action to help the customer i have been your last 10 year customer with the believe of faith and trust kindly take action in this regard manager has been kept me in misguide Ness to not showing me and police any CCTV footage during incident thanks muthoot finance LTD my consumer complain number 967742

caste certificate BC-C certificate denied


I have applied for a BC-C certificate for my daughter with the above noted reference number. I have received the following response on my mobile phone.
" Your Appli NoCND############Txn NoTTCND############was rejected by Dept forAPPLICANT BELONGS TO OC VELAMA HENCE REJECTED."
It says, because I belong to VELAMA caste, my application is rejected. Along with the application, I have submitted my BC-C certificate that was issued a couple of decades ago. I visited the Thasildar office to enquire if the documents were sent from Eseva to their office. They have located my application and asked me to provide something that supports my affiliation of any church and also Baptism certificate of my Daughter.
I have provided them copies of my marriage certificate and also baptism certificates of my daughter.
After, a few days, I have received the above message that I belong to VELAMA caste.
They have not even cared for reading the names of our parents, on the marriage certificate, my caste certificate or the baptism certificate. All the documentary evidence points towards we belonging to BC-C.
More documentary evidence to support my case could have been called for if they were not satisfied by the documents attached. They could have asked for an Affidavit atleast.
I dont understand how they have written this irresponsible reason and rejected the application.
I request you to kindly look into the matter and do justice.
Thanks and regards.

T. Prabhat Kumar (S/o. T. Jemmy John Venkataratnam)
Father of Ms. Gold