Dell Inpiron hardware and software issues from starting

I had purchased a laptop in 24th April, 2018 and its mother board got burnt in July, 2018 and then it got replaced and then it got some storage issues and they were not properly resolved and then it also got its hard drive damaged and we are constantly contacting the service centers and the customer care executives but they are unable to solve the queries and they asked to format the system and then also it doesn’t got resolved so we are bound to ask them to replace the system as it was not working properly from the date of purchase but they are taking not necessary actions’.

Harsh Bansal

Sai girls pg Not returning the security money

My owner whose house number is 25 sector 41 j block his name is Ekant is not returning the security amount he is a very pathetic man I am a student and it is harming my studies I don’t want to live under this man I have given notice 1 month before. He gives pg to other person without our knowledge and consent and after asking he says it is his right to do whatever he wants because this is his building I really want to get out this situation he is very abusive and i really don’t want to talk to him kindly help!

SP office ,Varanasi Police verification is pending at sp office

The Officer,
SP Office, Varanasi, UP.

My name is shweta agrawal and have applied for the Passport on 15th january , 2019 and File Number is LK4063272361219
My police verification was done on 29th january 2019 and police of ramnagar thana is saying that they have submitted my report but today is 25th january , 2019 and i got message from passport office that my police verification is pending at sp office, district varanasi.
Kindly submit my police verification report to passport office it has been almost one month.
Shweta agrawal
Ramnagar varanasi.
File no. LK4063272361219


IT IS Regarding fraudulent activity going on in your IOC petrol pump greater noida which is situated near Eldeco Towers.
since last one year i am observing thet whenever we asked them to fill the diesel of particular amount . suppose in morning i asked them to fill the diesel of 1000/- very clearly but the filling person stopped on 200 and said he misunderstood the amount and then i asked him to stop on 200 amount only and when i checked the meter it was same only . that means only figures are moving on maching there was no diesel filling in my car which clearly indicates that fuctioning of machines have been compromised . and it happened 6-7 tmes in last 1 year whenever i asked them to fill the diesel of particular amount they always stopped on initial 200-300 amount on meter and later after confrontation they will fill the diesel of rest amount . i dont know how they are managing but somehow they are stealing the diesel of 200-300 from the whole amount .
wld request you to inquire and investigate the same why they are doing or stealing the diesel at that particular petrol pump .
also appreaciate the progess in that otherwise i have to involve media in doing sting operation on that petrol pump.