Chak Abhayram, Allahabad Remove teacher

Hello sir,
There is a teacher named RAJNI TRIPATHI who joined our school recently and she has started showing her colours. Firstly,she doesn’t teach the SC students because of their caste and cleanliness, Secondly she takes leaves more than the alloted leaves and is always late to school by an hour or so. Thirdly, she fights with the other teachers and me(principal) and the matter has reached to its hight i.e. in the hands of police. Lastly, she does these immoral activities quoteing " humare bahut sare pahchan Wale hai BRC me tum log mera kuch nahi kar paoge".
Sir please contact me on 8887596850 I have full proof of the incident and this incident needs to be heard. Thank you
Pammi Gupta principal CHAK ABHAYRAM, ALLAHABAD (211010).

AKTU Regarding Zonal Cultural Annual Fest 2018-19

Respected Sir/Madam
I am one of the participant of solo singing competition in the Zonal Cultural Annual fest 2018-19 held by our esteemed University in Radha Govind Engineering College (RGEC),Meerut and secured second position in the event.
As there were no representative from AKTU present at that time,the college arranged their own teachers in the judging panel and conducted partiality in announcing the winners of the event.Although we requested to conduct a face-off round in order to get the deserving winner,but the college denied.
Sir/Madam,As you know that only the first rank holder has the opportunity to show his/her talent at the State Level Competition. Therefore,I request you to please ask the RGEC for the videos of the declared winner and mine as this will be the evidence of my genuinity to you. Hoping for your kind concern.
Thanking You.

Yours Truly-
Name – Anadi Sharma
Father’s Name- Mr. Trilok Chand Sharma
Roll Number- 1706810045
From College- Meerut Institute Of Engineering And Technology


Dear Sir,

My Gas agency is SHREE BHAGWAT INDANE, it is in 25-26.KNN Canal Market. Behind Behind J K Mandir. Lajpat Nagar Kanpur & my consumer S-5158, I have booked my cylinder refill its connection no. S-5158 on 01.02.2019 and also payment through online mode on the same date, its Reference number is 904963 and Booking Order number is 2000117308 but I have not received my cylinder refill till today
every month, when I lodge a complaint for refill booking, the delivery schedule of the agency is very poor, they require at least 15 to 25 days to deliver the same, My Service Request ############of online complaint.
I fail to understand when we are the original consumer of Indian oil since very long period
Now, I request to please take a suitable action against the above agency and revert back to me

B N Pandey

Leela Homes Contravention of Ghaziabad Mater Plan 2030

The Ghaziabad Development Authority
Vikas Path, Near Old Bus Stand,
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – 201001


Respected Sir,

This is to bring to your attention the vexatious contravention of the applicable by laws as stipulated by the Ghaziabad Master plan 2030. In terms thereof, a chunk of land situated at Plot 23, Sector 4, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh was leased/allocated to one group housing project namely, Leela Homes. The said master plan has specific provisions for implementation of adequate measures for environmental protection and preservation, especially in light of the degrading quality of the environment in the state of U.P. Accordingly, the builders and consequently the community-associations such as the Residents Welfare associations are required to observe these specific measures to execute the goals as envisioned by the Ghaziabad master plan. It is to be noted that these environment specific measures are not unique to the state of UP but reflect the mandate imposed by master plans across the country, thereby demonstrating the standards and quality of the environment across t! he nation.
Sir, one such aspect as stipulated in the master plan is the provision of open spaces that are required to be left open for green covers within the land allotted for the construction of buildings within the contours of the city specific mater plans. The town planning standards for open spaces in cities vary according to the measure of local conditions. The ever increasing demands for buildings and the consequent paving in of the urban areas have impaired the physical environment to the extent that the spatial pattern are more fragmented. It light of the said gridlock of available spaces, the mandate of having ‘open spaces’ becomes ever more important, to ensure that such areas remain habitable. This is precisely the reason that the very provision of ‘open spaces’ emanates in master plans across the country.
However, the said housing project of “Leela Homes” was sanctioned by the concerned architect in accordance with the Ghaziabad master plan 2030 and consequently construction ensued, in light of the specific norms applicable to various tangents of the construction, including the FAR applicable to the said premises. Accordingly, the apartment complexes were built on the area so specified and certain area was also left open as green spaces in light of the mandate of the Ghaziabad master plan.
However, after the said construction and eventual allotment of the residential plots to various buyers, the area that was left vacant as ‘open spaces’ according to the mandate of the applicable by laws was converted into parking spaces which were illegally sold/allocated to certain individual home buyers without any mandate of the law, by the Residents Welfare Association.
This eventual development by the RWA has three immediate implications. Firstly, the buyers of the said plots who purchased the said premises with the expectation that their residential area will be encompassed at least, by the minimal area of open spaces as mandated by the master plan, were disentitled from what they legitimately expected and were entitled to in consonance of the said purchase. This aspect deserves special mention because the areas taken up by housing projects in all the adjacent blocks have observed the vacancy of open spaces as mandated by the Ghaziabad Master plan. Secondly, the conversion of the open space into parking spots in this specific complex of “Leela Homes” has lead to the over shadowing of the aggregate community interests by the vexatious interests of few individuals working for their personal gain. Thirdly, the very cost of purchasing homes in such residential complexes is comparatively higher than the projects that do not offer such are!
as. Therefore, the very cost of purchasing an apartment in residential complexes like “Leela Homes” includes the cost of the open space so allocated within the complex. Consequently, the conversion of such a space into a parking space disentitles the purchasers of what they were entitled to under the purchase agreement.
Sir, the very premise of the constitutionally imposed duty on the state to execute adequate measures for the protection and preservation of the environment are prevented from being executed and the same will only create a bad precedent for the future of city planning in the state of UP that might ripple into the rest of the nation.
It can therefore be concluded that the act of the RWA in the Leela Housing project has flouted a very important aspect of the by laws stipulated by the Ghaziabad Master plan since the aspect of having open spaces in housing complexes was put into force taking into account the extremely poor environmental standards, which are mostly owed to the lack of open spaces in the city. In light of the fact that the very availability of open spaces in the city is at its minimum, the observance of the statutorily imposed mandate of open spaces takes primacy. Sir, being from the filed of law, a concerned citizen and an inhabitant of Ghaziabad, I felt it was my duty to bring to your attention the illegalities being perpetrated by the conerned authorities.
Accordingly, it is humbly requested that you carry out an inspection of the said premises, investigate into the persons responsible for the said conversion and execute appropriate directions and measures to re-instate the manifestation of the provision of ‘open spaces’ to tackle with the outright violation and discrepancy arising out of executing the measure of protection of the environment as fostered and envisioned by the Ghaziabad Mater plan, 2030 as reflective of the master plans across the country. Furthermore, in light of the jurisprudence developed by the NGT and the UPPCB, it is imperative that necessary action is taken at the earliest to ensure that the precedents set in by statutory and quasi judicial bodies manifest into adequate implementation on the ground.

Ad. Akhil Shankhwar,
129/19, Satyam Khand,
Vasundra Enclave, Ghaziabad.

EPSON PRINTER terrible after service

To Priyanka Marwaha,
I have an epson printer L-455 serial number UEAKO14349
Epson Printer is one of the best Printers in the market BUT the after service is the worst and most insulting to the owners of an Epson Printer – its an upmarket product with downmarket services.
For the last two weeks I have been pleading for a technician to come to service my printer which I am ready to pay for I ring toll free who give me the number of a service station near me – contact Shweta 011-49710705
Now my troubles begin this phone rings and no one picks it up I ring toll free again and complain they try ringing this so called Sweta but they face the same problems she does not respond so why give me your customer this number when even toll free cannot contact her.
Three weeks ago when I was given the same number and by mistake she did pick up the phone and promised to send me a technician and promised to ring back both promises on behalf of Epson were still born. Is this the kind of service you are offering your customers? In my area which is the VIP area of Delhi where people living here need & are using printers all the time as they are amongst others Members of Parliament those who have HP printers are very lucky as the HP after service is
far far better than Epson. And the HP technicians come with their own laptops not like the Epson technicans who ask to use the customers laptop which I find unacceptable

Will I get service for my printer or not please let me know accordingly I will change it for another ? Awaiting your response
best wishes
Aruna Jhala