Videocon D2H Continuous problem persist again and again

I purchase videocon d2h few years ago. And I put a trust on videocon d2h but since last 2 year at every 2 to 3 month some kind of problem persist and engineer was visited and every time product changed so in last 2 year I pay 2000-3000 Rs. For this.. So at every 2-3 month I face it.. And I pay extra every time… So please give a satisfy product or if you requied more money then tell me.. I pay it double at one time but don’t use worst product… Videocon setup box is become defective t every 2-3 month.. So solve it properly.. And give us a satisfy product


I want to file complain against my DTH Provider Videocon D2h for not providing me new satellite remote untill now from 7 days
i register complain on their customer care portal regarding ordering new satellite remote and they tell me that my remote will available in 3 days but their engineer did not provide me remote and my d2h not open from 30 august because of remote my whole recharge is finish and they dont attend my calls please provide me some solution

Videocon D2H non reversal of funds, delayed customer service of more than 2 months


Iam a D2H subscriber of Videocon with customer id 83038849 which iam using since the past 7 years. I am facing the issues with the set top box since 2 months and no one is resolving it. I have complaint id’s received from calling on customer care since july 26th but none of them were solved. Everytime i call to the customer care, their executives just keep my call hold for some minutes to check my complaint status and only thing they do is to say sorry for the delay, lodge a new complaint and saying that the issue will be solved within the next 8 working hours. This thing is happening and repeating since the last 2 months. I have some 15 to 20 complaint numbers in my inbox. I have recharged my set top box for 2months which is of no use. I could not able to watch the tv since the last 2 months due to the delay caused in sending the technician to solve the issue and also the worst service from the customer care guys.

Also my money has been deducted from my d2h account 2 months back which is not even refunded till date. Iam really fed up with the service from videocon d2h. Dont want to use their service anymore but i have wasted my money purchasing such worst product and really want my money back and request you to compensate for all these mental agony faced during this 2months calling the customer care again and again and waiting for the services to improve.

Please resolve the issue urgently.

Thanks & regards,

Hemanth Dudi
email: [email protected]

Videocon D2H Recharge of Rs. 250/- was not successful

I had a made an online transaction from my ICICI Imobile app on 2nd August of RS. 250/- amount to recharge the Videocon D2H Account – 84396921.

The money was deducted from my bank account and ICICI bank had confirmed successful transaction, but D2H account was not recharged neither the money was rolled back to my account.

Till today, I have raised around 5-6 complaints to Videoncon D2H to check at their end where the money went. I didn’t receive a single reply with any kind of resolution. However, on chekcing with ICICI customer care, they had asked to send confirmation mail from Videocon related to that specific transaction that they didn’t receive the amount.

Below are the details that bank is asking for –

Hence, we request you to co-ordinate with the merchant and send us a confirmation mail from the merchant (which is dated beyond 7 days from the date of transaction i.e., August 09, 2019) with the below mentioned details to assist you further:

Transaction Amount : Rs. 250.00

Transaction Date : August 02, 2019

Payment ID : 1767146620

Consumer Code : BBPVIDDTH_############

Bill Reference Information : QBPREFID-bb9ccc99-5202-4e43-8cfe-e5b7100ec90d

Note : Merchant confirmation mail should contain from email ID, to email ID, amount, date and time for further assistance.

The merchant communication should confirm the non-receipt of funds at their end. This will help us to raise a dispute against the transaction.

I need the above information as soon as possible to reply back to bank customer care. I have raise another fresh complaint on this, docket no – 4869943.

Please do the needful. Thanks.

Videocon D2H Recharged but not able to view channels

I recharged but still getting the message "From DSS BBCL account is running out of balance". Customer care refreshed account twice and still the same situation. Now they want to send a technician to whom i am supposed to pay service charge fornjo fault of mine. Pathetic customer experience and real nonsense software and firmware. The end of subscription date in my account is showing an year old event though the recharge was done 2 days back.

Videocon D2H No signal available

Dear team my Videocon d2h customer id is 175658817 my rtn is 9467020800. In Mt setop box some free chennel are only working my paid chennel are not working. I call customer care executive they said I have to pay 200 RS service charge. Why I pay charge if this is fault of videocon d2h. Please look into this matter. This is not working since last week.