vijaya bank Vmobile service blocked

After registering my mobile in ATM I logged in by using password and was asked to change mPIN but after changing repeatedly asked to change mPIN and finally it said your services deactivated or blocked. I tried your toll free number all the time no response by anyone. I think all are dead .
How to re activate vmobile app service ? How to unblock services? If I call toll free number it says for miss called solution register your mobile. Then what the bloody shit did I do in your bank’s ATM ? It said your mobile number is successfully registered .
My number is 9632482529. Now please update your 1947 service to 2018 service and tell me how to activate or unblock vmobile service.
Stop your worst customer treatment policy and inform how to reactivate or unblock vmobile service.

vijaya bank Undue delay & rejection of loan without reason

Subject: Undue delay & rejection of loan without reason

Sir/ Madam,
I am an account holder in your bank with my saving account number 753301011001239 . I had applied for Student loan in your esteemed bank (Muktsar Branch, Punjab) approximately 9 months ago (in the month of August 2017).
I had fulfilled all conditions as demanded by your bank staff esp. He asked me to provide several documents & also a guarantor who’s is a govt. employee, I did that too. But now when I approached him, he simply said that the loan cannot be approved & didn’t give any reason.
The reason I am writing this to you is if the bank is not able to grant the loan, they should let the applicant know. It should not take 9 long months to reject an application. I request you to look into this & take action accordingly.