VOLTAS Voltas Air conditioner issue within 2 months of purchase

I purchased Voltas AC (1.5 ton, 3 star split) on 22nd Aug. Within 2 months the AC has stopped functioning. Have registered a complaint and for last one month i am awaiting and following up with them for changing the part but till date they have not been able to arrange. It’s very disappointing. Please help to get a resolution. My contact number is 9810498348

VOLTAS Voltas is charging fee for service Even i have extended warranty WTA

I buy a Ac of voltas split and also buy in an offer in which i have 4 year extended warranty.I also have certificate of that WTA from voltas .just after one year of purchase AC is not cooling .I complain about that so technician visit after hassaling of 3 days and when he come he says ac needs gas filling I was like shocked how could a ac gas can get empty in a year in which it just operate for 8 months . I told him to okkk fill up he told me he will visit next day.after some hour he called and told me i have to pay fee forthat i told him i have WTA which ensure everything will be done by your side. But they totally deny ot now they are just doing call here and there .I am totally fed up of service of voltas .Guys dont buy these products.

VOLTAS WTA certificate not received even after 15 months

I had purchased window 1.5 ton A.C. from Voltas on 28.04.18 and as per Company’s scheme the product had 5 year comprehensive warrantee.

But even after more than 15 months passed, I had not received the certificate for additional comprehensive 4 year warrantee (WTA certificate) from the Company even after lots of requests posted. Every time it was assured that WTA certificate will be send within 24 hours, but still waiting to receive the same.

My registered number is 9837530964.

Please help.


VOLTAS delay in installation and non attending the non functioning of the AC unit

purchased the subject AC on 10/04/2019 from M/S Vijay Digital , Inner Ring Road , Guntur . After repeated request calls sent technician on 18/04/2019 collected an amount of Rs. 3500/- towards installation charges and installed the subject AC on 19/04/2019 and functioning

Being a customer of Tata product I was happy to enjoy the summer season even after installation of unit after purchase of 9 days it was painful to me and understood the post sale service of your service agents not satisfactory to me.

Suddenly on 27/06/2019 night noticed that the subject AC was not working and on 28/06//2019 registered the complanit to the Toll free no and I received the message stating that "your request no . is 19062905037. After 2 days the technician came and verified for replacement of parts and ordered from my home.

On 25/07/2019 , the technical persons came and fixed the board and again noticed not working But we received text message from MM – Voltas Your Request no. 19062905037 is resolved. To my surprize till date the replacement is not done l. Till date nothing was done to the unit and not functioning.
The very purpose of purchasing the AC unit in summer season was defeated by delay in installation of the AC and delay in service provided to me in functioning of the unit with unreasonable delay.

SplitnType Inverter Air Conditiner Voltas EU 183V JZJ (R32) 4552407A19BA00228 KATTA SEETHA RAMAIAH