This is with regards to Request No 19060203353 registered on 02/06/2019 per the communication from Voltas Customer Care. My Voltas AC of make HWAC 1.5 TON 18V DY INVERTER (H/C) has been nonfunctional, which was later found out to be due to PCB gone haywire. And despite a functional AMC which is in operation till 04.08.2019 (pl. see the attachment), there has been no end to my woes due to an inept and inefficient service staff employed to maintain the brand value and customer trust of an iconic brand like Voltas!
Despite repeated complaints and reminders the problem was not solved over a span of nearly a month till out of exasperation I wished to escalate my problem to the next level of resolution. I was was asked to talk to Area Service Manager of North Delhi Mr. Jitender Kumar (Mobile No.8527221182) who told me that the PCB of my AC was not being manufactured and there was management decision to offer discount/depreciation on buying a new AC that too of brand Voltas only!!
I reminded him of the AMC in operation and with great reluctance he agreed to collect the faulty PCB from my AC. Exactly fifteen days later the team tested the so called corrected PCB at my home, however the AC remained non-functional. This exercise has been repeated twice over a period of one and half months and yet the AC remains non-functional despite a valid AMC and Mr. Jitender Kumar Area Service Manager of North Delhiâs repeated and persistent demands that I go for a new Voltas AC with discount offer continue!!!!
I would like to know whether Mr. Jitender Kumar and his management can arm-twist bona fide customer with valid AMC to go for a new AC unit that too of Voltas only without rectifying the problems in the existing unit.
Isnât this a case for MRTP purview or a consumer court? How can a valid AMC be ignored and a customer be taken for a ride by a reputed brand like Voltas that has been known for customer satisfaction and brand integrity. I would like your intervention for the resolution of my problem. Garima Gupta
212 Vaishali
9810518391 & 9873703384

VOLTAS technician damage my room ceiling karkat

I Vidyanand Mishra have a purchase a vol ac modeled 183 zzy with stabilizer on date 22/05/2019 through Poddar Digital Dhanbad,
installation was done through local voltas technician which has been provide Poddar Digital
surprisely your technician damage my room ceiling karkat due to this total rain water seepage on wall & fan. Plz look into this otherwise further step to be taken

VOLTAS Complaint# 19061203082 – Not Yet Fixed

Complaint# 19061203082, raised on 12th Jun for AC remote which is not working, and due to this we are not able to use the AC, AC is hardly 5 months old and your remote is already dead, site engineer visited twice but it is still not fixed look like inexperience service team who doesn’t know what to do, and they still not able to provide any resolution from past 1 month. Your local person Sajith doesn’t know how to interact with the customer and he doesn’t respond to our follow-up calls, look like you people are here only to sell the product, not to provide any service. This really frustrating with your customer service, I will be escalating this further if the issue doesn’t resolve in the next 2 working days.