Voltas AC Relocate of Ac

Hi Team I requested for relocate of Voltas ac from Voltas ..Dear Customer Your SR No 18102804060 proposed for Cancellation, Reason: Customer Reschedule. Call on 18605994555 to Stop Cancellation I doubt guys came for removing AC are not from Voltas they don’t have ID cards I asked them same.they mention iID cards are yet to print ..after removing AC ..he was suggesting wrong location of outlet in newlocation.i asked him to check further he was unable to guide
He told me that he will send another guy who can do..after that few days I received this below messageDear Customer Your SR No 18102804042 proposed for Cancellation, Reason: Customer Reschedule. Call on 18605994555 to Stop Cancellation I don’t know why I see these message.today one guy called me and told coming for installation..I asked him do you have ID card.he told no I told him with out ID CARD don’t come..

Voltas AC Manufacture defect not given to new ac

I purchased March month just 20 days working after not cooling then complaint raised ..Ur service people come after 20 days put new gas again after 2 months using again not cooling please change the ac I think this manufacturing defect in 6 months 3 times this type of proublem your service agency says check ones clear check ones clear but no change again and again proublem…….plz replacement my ac.other wise give consumer court as soon as….

Voltas AC 17032926561 – Unsatisfactory response from the service team

I don’t know how this is going to help me but I am still writing it. I have registered a complaint (17032926561) regarding the fault in my voltas desert cooler on 29 March. The pump of my cooler is faulty. The problem, after 4-5 calls to customer care no. and 2 site visits is yet to be rectified.

After registering the complaint for the subjected fault, a technician visited from Ginny Aircon on 01 April. He checked the pump and reported that the pump is faulty (report attached). That’s what my complaint is all about. When asked to replace the pump, he gave me a shocking reply that someone else will come on Monday to replace it (may be special skill or talent required to replace a pump). Isn’t that technician supposed to carry the pump as I had already told that pump is faulty? So after whole drama of site visit the situation remained as it was.
Came the day, Monday. Another site visit, I don’t know the dealer’s name as I don’t have it’s service report. This guy behaved as he is not doing his job but some undue favour to me. I have requested for evening visit in my complaint itself. This guy called in morning, I told him to come around 6 in the evening. He said ‘ bahut late ho jayega’. Am living in some country side jungle or what? Ok, finally he came at around 8. Now the pump this guy was carrying isn’t compatible with my cooler. Oh dear. Is this the way you guys as an system function? The serial no. of my cooler is mentioned in previous site visit report, still it happened. Anyways, he told me that he will come tomorrow (Tuesday) with the desired pump and replace the same. I called the same guy yeaterday around 4, to remind him, but he didn’t answer. I tried after half an hour again, this time the no was switched off.
Here I am asking team Voltas, is this the way a customerĂ¢ is supposed to be treated? Or I have been given some special treatment?
Or is it warranty of my cooler which is causing the problem?
If I had any idea of facing such trauma, I would better have paid for the pump.
I registered the complaint on 29 March, at that point of time my product was under warranty. Now after the lethargic response from Voltas service team, which played some street smart tricks that warranty period is over. Now what the delay is all about?
I had a voltas window AC previously. Last year I bought this voltas air cooler. But the last few days changed my view completely, as I had it all. I am not at all hopeful about any swift action from you end. I wrote this to vent out my frustration. Or it might be required as a documented evidence.
Neeraj Sahrawat.

Voltas AC Support not provided

On friday i have purchased the ac it was installed on saturday and then i found it is not cooling at all then i lodged a complaint firstly the assured the visit will be made with in 24 hrs i waited the whole sunday then they not arrived i again called the customer care they told me it will take 3 days for the visit of the service engineer that means i have to take leave for the ac to be attended
Voltas team it is the worse service i have ever seen i have 3 acs in my house but the worse support is of voltas
I request all the user not to purchase voltas ac