Adhar card, voter I'd card and debit card and some rupees Lost of adhar card and voter I'd card and some rupees

I Ravi kumar student of central University gaya. I lost my adhar card, voter I’d card and my debit card and some rupees during traveling from train (gaya howrah) by pick pocketing on 15/4/19.i document were very important to me because my exam is coming soon and I have given as identity proof of these document. I have to carry this document on the day of exams on the Centre.
I went to Lodge Fir against my lost documents and items in police station gaya but they haven’t Lodge my fir against them. They told me that I wouldn’t Lodge your fir only write SANHA.
THEY also say so many ulta sidha word to me. This was accident with me that any one pick pocketing my items. It doesn’t mean I m careless and anyone can say anything to me. This incident can happen with any one.
If there will be any misuse of my document in future I wouldn’t be responsible for them. I went for lodging fir but they (police) didn’t.
Please take any action against this incident so that no any police can take the law in his hand. So that any people use their right without any fear. Yours
Ravi kumar