Vulcan Express Courier / Snapdeal False information and delay delivery from vulcan

Dear Vulcan Express Courier / Snapdeal ,

i had bought a product from Snapdeal, which was about to be delivered on 23rd Dec’17. The assigned courier boy called me and asked me to reschedule stating reason "holiday" (Since they are open on 23rd dec’17). Considering his request i accept his request for deferred delivery. On 25th Dec’17 (They are also open 25th, as i had received SMS stating the delivery boy’s name & phone number) the delivery boy simply deferred the delivery stating reason "Customer can not be contacted".
I had received NO phone call, NO attempt of delivery at address at all. My question is that is it a game for them? They are deferring the delivery one after another, as they are not able to deliver?
Third Class Courier service ever found, with no proper reason of delaying.