WBTC Bus not stop

It is miserable to write this complaint.Each and everyday I am try to pick E54(DIGHA TO SERAMPORE)down bus from salap, towards serampore,but unfortunately after watching passenger/passengers bus speed and passed as quick as a driver can.is it our fault to wait and trying to 1able your service.It is my ernest request to stop while for allotted stoppage for a while,otherwise please arrange helicopter service to provide job those sharp drivers.when state govt. Fight to earn revenue through transport but silly staffs are making fun of it.
Please look after the matter..watching forward to your actions for ease passengers to pick buses and reach their destination.

WBTC It's not a complaint….. Its a review

Hello…. I just want to share my personal experiences…. It is not a complaint at all its only a general review for all….. I don’t know what exactly the other buses do but regarding c8(joka-barasat) i want to share something
Being a regular passenger of c8 for the last 4 years i could tell it is not at all irregular.. It maintains a particular time table…. During office hours you will get it at an interval of 20 or 30 mins… With the passage of time(12:30 pm onwards) you will get it at an interval of 45 mins but again after 5:30 pm you will get it at an interval of 30 mins only
Now if i come to the point it doesn’t stop at all the stops….. Yes its true sometimes…. But it does that only when due to heavy traffic or any other delays takes place during the office hours…. It does that for the sake of the passengers only…. It does that when only one or two passengers are there that also not in the main stops…. Many a times passengers doesn’t stand in the appropriate stops and asks the buses to stop when they don’t passengers uses abusive languages whuch is not correct…. As they are the government employees and not the passengers servant
Finally i want to say that the wbtc bus service of joka depot is very good ( not only c8 but also c37,m16a,e45,ac4b….etc)….. The behavior of the staff’s (drivers and conductors) are very polite and cooperative….. "Exceptions are there every where" But most of them are very nice to the passengers and the joka depot has also changed incredibly thanks to the WB Transportation Department for that……. That’s all i want to share with all the passengers and the respective authority Thanks to all of you ☺

WBTC Time table not maintaining

C8 bus route (Joka=Barasat) doesn’t maintaining any time table… Before some week they didn’t have any time table for show.. but now there are a time table for show purpose ony which is not for maintaining.. we are suffering to reach our destination in time… Their casual attitude to maintain time table is a big question mark for their responsibility regarding their duty… And we are suffering

WBTC AC Not working

Dear sir/Madam,

Today I boarded on bus no WB051949 (Ticket attached) but the air conditioning system is not working at all. Although we paid for the AC price why would we suffer?

Please check the fitness of buses before allowing them to run on road.

Earlier I mentioned about the cleanliness of buses. Please provide proper service to all the passengers. If any passenger gets sick will WBTC take the responsibility for your negligency?

Udit Nandy

WBTC Less ST10 Bus santrachi to Newtown

With due respect, I wish to inform there has very irregular and less bus service at Santragachi to Newtown by WBTC.
ST 10 bus are rarely visible as respect to huge passenger at Santragachi. In morning 8.00 am and 8.30am only from Santragachi. Evening 5.00pm and 5.30pm from unitech. Few ac 41 bus runs on these route.
Due to unavailability of WBTC bus local buses run as their wish.
Please have a look, for daily passenger. Local buses used to take 2hr 30min for 35 km route. Please make availability more st10 buses.


WBTC Reg: wbstc bus service between Santragachi to Ecospace

Every weekdays i am travelling from Santragachi to Ecospace for my work. There is no such of govt bus between these two major stop. There is only private bus. I dont know what is the problem with WBSTC. Why there is so much partiality. There are large number of ac bus between some major location in kolkata like jadavpur, kudghat, Tollygunge even from howrah station also. From Santragachi to Ecospace there is only one govt bus its AC41 which is not available all time specially in the peak time like 9am-7pm. There is only one running bus which departs at 8.15 am after that there is no bus . Simple question why just why? We are paying tax every year to get this distaster type of services? There are large number of AC12 and AC9B why there is only one bus for AC41. Someday even one bus is also not available . Day by day its very difficult for us to travel.

WBTC Unauthorized Standing allowed at the Executive bus E- WB11C 5234 from barrackpore.

At around 12.30 pm i board at a WBTC Executive Bus from Dr. B.N.Bose Hospital Barrackpore. As purchased a tkt from there to chiriamore bt rd stopage , the conductor asked me to pay Rs. 19/- for the route, i asked him why it is so much high price from other govt. Bus? He told me it is executive bus so the price is high & here also no bus passes is also not applicable. I paid as per his demand. But after some time all sits are filledup and many extra persons get up the bus & standing in front of each sits. So I asked the conductors that if it is executive bus with a huge fare so no standing is also applicable for this bus.
But the conductor roughly reply me do whatever you can. I will pick up extra person. You can complain against me!
What a attitude !! This is not expected from a public servent. I have all the snaps & ticket for proof myself.
With regards

Anirban Naha

WBTC WB04F3260 – AC not functioning

Please note a notorious service of MW7 is going since last 1 year bound to Bantala Cognizant building.
Bus condition is very poor , ac is not functioning properly . but we are continuing to pay exact amount which is not fair. We are really being cheated everyday by your notorious service.
Today I have faced same ac not functioning condition on WB04F3260 bus of MW7 but I have paid exact fare again.
Please take an immediate action or stop your notorious service to Bantala as we are being affected everyday with this type of notorious service.
Please provide your higher authority number if possible, so that we can draw an immediate urgent attention of higher management.
Arup Sarkar
Cognizant Bantala