Hijra Harassment Hijra Harassment in Child Birth

Respected sir,

I would like to inform you that today 14.01.2019 some hijras are coming to my house and demanding rs.30,000.00 on my child birth. I am working in an private office. I am not financially sound. It is not possible to give them this amount. We try to reduce the amount. But they are not adjustable.
They threatened us that they will come on 25.01.2019 with full force and any how they will take the money from us.
Please help me sir.

kerosene oil Kerosene oil not getting

Respected Sir,

We are not getting kerosene oil since more than 1 year, the dealer supply black marketing to shop on high rate and kerosene is giving to only few people and very less quantity. As per verification only 20 percent consumers are getting kerosene remaining Dealer are supplying on high rate as black marketing, since last year we are suffering of kerosene, please this is kindly request to take necessary action in this regard. Dealer Name: Hasmi Kerosene oil shop( Wajid )
Address: 40A, Darga Road, Kolkata: 700017
CKS: 872

State Bank of India Unknown bank a/c transaction registered on my mobile number

I am receiving a message continuously from ID-DOPBNK as stated below,
"Account No. XXXXXX3083 CREDIT with amount Rs. 703.00 on 27-12-2018. Balance: Rs.56728.00. [ S8243952]"
I don’t have any account no ending with 3038. But I am receiving such messages. While I updated my new mobile this message got transferred to my new mobile number also. Please fix this problem. My mobile number ends with ######4958.
Hope for a positive outcome.

West Bengal State Transport (AC12) Bribery of the tickets

Hi ,

This is to inform you that the conductor in the bus AC12 was taking bribe from the passengers this bus runs from howrah to shapoorji , it was on 13th January 2019 the bus number was WB 09 1955 which reached at 6:45 PM (that trip) we caught red handed the conductor , he then accepted that he takes bribes and told in front of everyone boost fully. The bus have a CCTV camera I am sure if we check we will get the culprits. The issue started in New Town stoppage and continued till shapoorji.

motilal oswal TGS

I am from Kolkata and My client ID is RETK0472.
I was promised a lot and persuaded to take motilal oswal TGS service.
They said 85% of their calls are accurate but now having worked with it I realized the accuracy is far from that.
While taking the service they said I can discontinue the service after sometime if I don’t like it. They literally said this ! But now when I call them they are saying it’s not possible. I want this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.

WOW MOMO Not accepting the gift coupon given by wow momo

I received 13 wow momo gift coupons from Kolkata quiz festival on 11th of January, 2019. I tried to encash one at a wow momo store on 12 th January, 2019 at 7.20 pm at the wow momo outlet at the fbb shopping mall at hati began, bidhan sarani. But the person at the counter named Ajit Ray refused to accept it on the ground that such coupon s could not be accepted at shopping mall outlets although there is no such notification on the coupon itself. After lot of delays and altercations the person took the order. His superior also supported him by saying that that was the rule although he failed to produce any written document supporting the fact. Under such circumstances pls sort this problem out immediately. Otherwise all these coupons will be meaningless.