This is regarding the incompetent and fraudulent behaviour of DAIKIN Servicing group KOOLING ZONE([email protected]).
Two months back my DAIKIN AC developed a problem of ice formation and no cooling due to which I registered a service request (Request ID: KOL################) .The customer care sent a group called KOOLING ZONE.They came to my residence and informed that there was a problem with the gas and took 3300 rupees as service charge.Soon after the AC had same problems,
I registered a second complaint(Request ID: KOL################) AND REPEATEDLY TOLD NOT TO SEND KOOLING ZONE group to my home.Still, THEYwere the ones who were provided to me.THE FRAUD members of the KOOLING ZONE discarded my service request and never attended to my problem and yet took all the money.
I am registering this complaint to ALARM all customers around KOLKATA.NEVER PURCHASE A DAIKIN AC AS THE SERVICE PROVIDED WILL BANKRUPT YOU AND PLEASE DONT TAKE SERVICES FROM KOOLING ZONE IN CASE OF A FAULTY AC.They are a bunch of irresponsible and fraud people who would only harm us customers. Attached are my customer slips.

Bengal Hyundai Return back my token money from Chinsurah Bengal Hyundai

Hello Bengal Hyundai,

Now it is time to escalate this thing to the higher management of Bengal Hyundai. In a nutshell, I have booked one Grand i10 by 5000/- token money on 16/3/2018. But all of a sudden very critical medical emergency situation came in front of me at my home, so I thought I would have canceled my new car booking. I have sent the cancellation email on 19/3/2018, also I have visited Hyundai showroom physically and informed them accordingly about my current family condition.
After two weeks, again I went to the showroom to know about the update of cancellation, during that time I spoke with Mr. Amit Bose ( Manager of Bengal Hyundai Chinsurah showroom) about this cancellation, he was suggested me to do not require any formal application. Also he was confirmed me that nothing pending from my end. You will get the amount by next week.
Next week ( 3rd Week) also I have not received any email or call from Bengal Hyundai Chinsurah showroom, so I went to the showroom and checked with Mr. Amit Bose. Mr. Amit Bose told me that you should have submitted application. Immediately I have submitted the application to the sales manager to return of the token money.
Now one moth is over, again I have sent follow-up email but unfortunately still I have not received any email or any call from Bengal Hyundai Chinsurah showroom.
I would request to the higher management of Bengal Hyundai, please take the necessary action on those person those who are not aware of the process instead of unnecessary harassment of the customer.
Please look into the issue and your prompt response to this matter is highly appreciated.
Chiranjit Ghosh.

Hitachi/ split AC Worst Product and After Sale Service

Hi , My self MK Rahman having
Contact no 9831279889.
Address- Genexx Valley, Joka, Op -ESI Hospital. PIN-700104
I have purchased a split AC 3 years back. Every year in summer I have to do a gas charging to use the AC. This year also the AC is not working now. I am damn sure gas charging needs to be done. It seems HITACHI has sold a defective machine to me. Please send some one to fix the problem permanently and I am categorical saying I will not pay for it as there is manufacturing defect in the machine.

Uber not acept my trip after booked

To the Company of Uber and complain to the manager that SANTI is such a bastard driver,What he did to me that when I am booked him and he came to the spot very late .and I am try to board on the Swift Dezire of vehicle registered last number of his taxi is 7451 with mobile number is 8777866519 along with my wife and children,He response me don’t board on my Uber taxi, I said why he(Santi) arrogantly abused me along with my family And ran away with his taxi. I am quite shocked and perplexed,then I call him continuously why he is ran away he does not bother to pick my cal and after 10 minutes he(SANTI)driver cancel my trip and msg me in my sms that from next trip If I booked Uber then 50% charges shall be deduct for every trip.Why should I Accept this plz release me from this issue which I am innocent .from my parts the cancellation has not been done from my part rather I am victim of this rude and arrogant behaviour from your said taxi driver. I have to visit m!
y uncle house some serious issues erupted, but I am suffer by the cruel hand of the said taxi driver.Now I am really eager what he did to me i have narrated already and what action shall be taken by his atrocity towards me and my family I am waiting for this.Ii appeal that plz lift the charges of 50% which is imposed to me which is very unfair to me.kindly note my above mention matter and do the justice to me So I board on to the Uber taxi smoothly and easily after booking with my register mobile number 9903713295 and my name is FARIGH I aforesaid is true and correct and hope for the best from your parts.


Deffered Delivery of Refregarator

Dear Sir / Madam,
I have purchased a Samsung Refrigerator ( RR20N282YU8 ) from Old Court House Street branch by last Saturday 14th April 2018 but which yet not delivered. I have contact ( Rajib Biswas-7980970898 ) several times to deliver this, but now he is not picking up my calls. Why this type of negligence has been getting the customers from a reputed organization? You are requested to take necessary action that I get the delivery as soon as possible. Hope will get a quick response regarding this.
Kalyani Dey – 9051077246.

CESC Power Cut

Please choose your customer support. You are doing monopoly business here in Kolkata so we are helpless.
You are not giving proper service now a days. Each and every day I have to complain for power cut.
Your customer support executive Sandipan Majumder is very rude and not ready to listen or help any one.
Disappointing service but nothing we can do. Right?