HDFC Bank Harassing consumer

I have an account in HDFC Bank for the past 7-8 years. Although I had stopped using my bank account and left it dormant for quite a years now, yet the bank kept on adding unnecessary charges and pushed my account into extreme negative balance. When I tried to close my account, they are constantly misguiding me.

Recently, my sister had wrongly credited an amount of Rs. 7500 into that HDFC bank account. The case was very simple All we wanted to return back the amount to the original beneficiary. For doing this, the bank people harassed me for several days and kept my issue hanging. Guidance form the branch manager of HDFC account Gariahat Branch, Kolkata application to the branch manager for returning the amount to the original beneficiary account holder was duly done and submitted as well. It’s been over a week that still the amount has not yet transferred to the original beneficiary i.e, my sister. When I called up the branch manager to know why is it happening, he says he doesn’t know and will ask the dispute team to call me.

Is this is how Indian private banks work these days? Why then the assurance to consumers is being given in the first place. A simple matter that can be resolved within a maximum of few days is constantly being lingered unnecessarily causing harassment and troubles. This is really unexpected and I urge a sincere request to the concerned authorities to look into the matter and helped a genuine consumer to help her problems get resolved.

HDFC Unnecessary charging

I am not using the debit card since from a very long time as it linked with my adhar card henceworth ended up with trouble as of now we applied for a new gas connection so now when the gas company is sending the subsidy amount it is directly going to my HDFC account nd as I can see now the whole money got deducted and also the balance is now in negative So frustrating without using it how could they charge so much ..please take necessary action

illegal banquet hall Illegal banquet hall

Noise pollution from the marriage Hall which is built in front of my house. It is operating illegally and using the whole street for its purpose. Not only there is a noise disturbance but also the whole street becomes dirty. It was built for living purpose but now it is operating as a banquet Hall. The daily chaos has made the people’s lives very disturbing.

SUndaram Mutual FUnd Signature mismatch rejection even for ECS Redemption

Even though now most of the mutual funds do electronic transfer, they are not willing to redeem and rejected redemption telling Signature does not match.
What has signature got to do when the bank account is linked and everything is online nowadays. Why this hazzle?

Oriental Bank of Commence Wrong Credit

Wrong Credit change back rejected by ORBC branch 1451stating that customer was not available for debit confirmation on my claimed by my South Indian Bank branch0828 even though the said amount of Rs.250000/- is been marked Lien on my complaints.Again reclaimed by my bank branch for direct NEFT transfer but no action has been taken yet.Please help me in getting back my account by giving necessary direction to Oriental Bank of Commence and it’s branch 1451.

Ivangel Sales and Service pvt Ltd. PF AND RELIVING PROCESS

I am Venkatesh P worked Kotak Mahindra Prime LTD ( Ivangel sales and services private ltd), in past 3 years, My last working date was 19/06/2018. I have completed all the process. Also I have mailed you many times for your concern about my PF and Relieving process. But till now I didn’t receiving any response. Kindly make it as soon as possible.

Name : Venkatesh.P
DOB: 19/04/1992
Employee ID: IVN05037
Mail: [email protected] Contact num: 8807563533

Fee of Good Shepherd's school bagdogra Fee for the month of March 19

Sir, i Mr sudipta naha serving in indian Army and now posted at jamnagar Gujrat. My son Master Samaksh naha who is studying in kg, section – C, ( admission no 7779) at Good Shepherd’s school bagdogra, West Bengal. I already paid all fees and last pay fee on 14 FEB 2019 for the month of march 19. But it shown 1due. So in view the above my request to you kindly check and clear it as early AD possible please.

skybags Complaints against SKYBAGS

had purchased a bag from "THE KAMAL STORES 90/6 M.G ROAD KOLKATA-700007" on 24/10/2018 of worth rupees 2520. During choosing this brand then store manager told me that if any major defects would be raised then also replaced with a new bag.After using it very less often the bag got torn form 6 different places and as per as the rules of the company it had 1 year warranty so I returned the bag to the shop with the bill and warranty card with a request of replacement but the company had stitched the bag and asked me to receive it from the purchased shop. Why I will use the stitches bag????
So I am not satisfied with the service of such reputated company and I want either the replacement of the bag or my money to be refunded.

Attached some torn pictures of the bag with the bill and warranty card of the bag.
I would request the consumer forum to take effective measures against this complain asap.