ECRAZE MARKETING fraudulent product delivery

Name of company.-ECRAZE MARKETING. Product-Handset . E-BILLER -ID-9186,SPEED POST NO-EZ151141433IN, Date of Delivery 08/10/2018. AMOUNT paid- 3500. 00 ! My compliant – my order Samsung j7 prime from ECRAZE MARKETING. company Rs-3500. 00. But i got a Belt and two purse instead 0f Samsung j7 prime mobile handset . Please sir my help COMPANY ADDRESS-ECRAZE MARKETING 307, AGGARWAL PLAZA NETAJI SUBHASH PALACE.DELHI
At the post office, when i wanted to check the product that i ordered, they said that i could only open the product after making payment. So when i opened the package infront of them, i found one belt and two purse instead of a phone. My phone no is 7001365940 – Abhinash rai.

Asansol Engineering College Misbehaving from boys hostel

Hy, I am a student of asansol engineering college, residing in sarojni girls hostel of asansol engineering college. Here, everyday boys of jc Bose boys hostel always badly comment on us when we are in our way to hostel. College adminstration is not taking any action on them. Please do something and take action on them. wrong produced delivered

Company delivered a wrong product. Reference id : 8808, order id: 4296403, tracking id: 1348619259456, but company’s website shows my account’s order section is empty . I can’t get the return option . The given product is really cheap , color and size did not match , even the designs on the product also did not match .I am trying to contact with company via mobile no :9081402327,email: [email protected] , through website but nothing is possible .

Zee Bangla Plagiarism

On Sunday, 7th October 2018(tonight) at around 10:35pm, zee bangla aired Saregamapa, a reality show where they blatantly used the theme song of Naruto Anime without giving any credits to the creators. Considering it is a singing contest and they already know how plagiarism hurts them as well, it really came as a shock to me when they themselves promote plagiarism like this! I hope this reaches the proper authorities. As an Anime consumer, I am deeply hurt by the conduct and ethics of the Channel.