Whirlpool Split AC Improper Installation of ODU

Dear Sir,
Have a good day!
I had purchased split ac Model 1.5T MGCL DLX COPR WHT (18) from Amazon on 20th Sep 2018.
Its installation was carried out by local ahmedabad service center on 24th sep 2018. ODU S.No:INX180850051; ADU S.No:INX181501111; Serv Req No : AHQ:918013914
I regret to inform you that this service center was not willing to provide the service request number for installation. However when I took strongly with technician and then with person Mr Inder at service center, the number was provided.
The installation has been done in a very shabby manner and is pathetic. You can see the photographs.
At first instance the piping were not even proper insulated and when I complained, again the technician came & was very rude. Now this outdoor unit installation is so bad that it is inclined on one side by more than 2 inches. It will not only give vibrations but will damage the compressor also. The technician says saheb chalta hai agar compressor khrab ho gaya to company free mein replace karegi. This is the attitude of the staff.
Please arrange to take up strongly with the service center as it effects the company’s reputation. Also arrange to rectify the installation.

Whirlpool/Split AC Worst service and very poor customer care

The split AC whirlpool was having a complaint . I complained the local dealer .he visited and after inspection told that motor and board has to be changed.i told him to change at the earliest since I am having patients in my family.after he has not turned up till date I.e more than 60 days passed in spite of several complaints.
The online complaint section of whirlpool.e 18002081800 simply receiving the complaints and it is surprised to see that how the calls are monitored and any supervisory checks are there and calls which are not closed are simply lying date not at all looked in to . For d4x I have registered the complaints more than 6 times within a month and there is no response.for enforcing the complaints and taking care of customer care.very poor service from a reputed company like this.the customers are not at all taken in to account .very sorry to say that ineffective complaint cell will lead to ….