WTC Reply for WTC

Watch yourself please before sharing these messages. If a client shares his grievances with your customer care you just buy time and try to bring the customer to such situation wherein he is tired of getting harassed and coming to your office and finally the poor man in order to save his money would agree to your nonsense ideas. So please don’t drag us into this we know it was our mistake to invest with your company and trust us we are regretting the same.

WTC Please refrain from spreading rumors

Dear Ms Sunita Singh,

Before making a statement on a public forum I would highly recommend you crosscheck your data as me and my fellow investors does not want our property to be devalued just because of the rumors spread by people like you. Whenever you share any such information, do share the credible source as well. I do consult the respective authorities through all the possible means on a regular basis just to ascertain my investment is safe.
So, would humbly request you not to spread such rumors. I hope you get my point of view. I leave the rest on your wisdom.