Yatra.com Fradulent Activity

We have booked flight ticket on Yatra.com on 4th January 2019 for travelling from Bangalore to Indore on 10th January 2019 through AIR Asia (Yatra booking reference Number 0401937317470) Air Asia PNR No. HNJL9S. We have paid extra money (approx Rs.1000) for protection on cancellation/reschedule, where they claim that you will get full money refund.
Now,, yesterday on 9th January 2019 in morning our plan was changed and we have cancelled the trip. When I login in my Yatra.com account and want to click the cancel button, to my surprise a popup message says that Sorry, we are unable to cancel, please contact Air Asia airline to cancel" but they are not showing any link to the website where we have to cancel. Anyhow, I clicked help of yatra’s website and started a chat application to get help for cancellation. One lady executive replied and kept me holding about 10 minutes and replied that sorry for the inconvenience, she will contact to her superior to cancel the ticket. I have instructed clearly that please cancel the above booking and inform me. She wrote that within 15 minutes, she will call me on my registered mobile phone. After passing so much time. it happens about 5.30 PM.
When I not received any message or call, after one hour again I started chat. One new executive attended and He wrote that he is also unable to cancel the ticket as Airlines services are busy, any how he will cancel and will inform us shortly. I received an call from the person at about 7 or 7.30 that he will talk to his superior and will cancel soon. Than after some time I received an Email (Screenshot attached) that the booking has been cancelled. Their is no any mention of refund amount in the mail.
Today, on 10th January 2019 I have received message on my mobile from Airline about check-in and boarding timings. Immediately in morning about 5, 5.15 I login again in yatra’s my account and found the booking is as it is. I have taken a screenshot (attached) and again made a complaint through chat conversation with these screenshots. At about 9.30 a call came from yatra number (120 682 3700) and an executive asked me that how much refund amount the last executive told me. I annoyed on this question. He is not replying on the reason that when my booking was cancelled yesterday evening, how it is still showing alive on yatra’s website Today. I think some fradulent activities are going on on the platform to avoid making refund to customers.
Still I dont know, how much refund I will get, even I am covered under and paid extra money for their protection scheme.
I hope this complaint may work something to recover our hard earned money from this type of cheating.

Yatra.com refund not received

Hello Yatra,

The Air India flight AI634 got cancelled on 4th July 2018 from Bhopal to Mumbai. My PNR no is – J8SE0, I am yet to receive the refund
. Suffered a lot due to this cancellation and booked in another airline in emergency because my Travel was necessary due to very important pre schedule Meetings.
I have send to mails you many times but only response was"We will check from the airlines and get back to you".
I myself went to Air india counter at Bhopal and collected the details .Air India has refunded 100% amount to Yatra. Copy of the Refund Confirmation issued by Air India is enclosed for your reference. But still yatra is not ready to pay back.
Yatra is not all a reliable company and taking customers for a walk.

Yatra.com two times payment for 1 flight booking and no refund

on 29/10/2018 i booked my flight from kanpur to kolkata for 23/12/2018. through yatra.com app. on first booking my transaction was successful but transaction faild by yatra.com then i tried second time thn transaction was successful. but my account debited twice of amoint 2540/- i contact to my bank but i got reply that both transaction was successful by bank. thn i tried to contact yatra.com but there is no any option for complaint for faild transaction thn i contact to yatra.com through tollfree no. but they are unable to solve my problem and they said their higher authority contact my within 24 hours. but still after 18 days no one contact me against my complain… my experience for booking flight through yatra.com is too bad… please do needful at your end.

Yatra.com flight dates changed in booking confirmation!!

booking id 3103717298052

I booked my return ticket from jodhpur to delhi on yatra.com for the 4th of april and 7thof april return.But in my confirmation email the dates were changed to 27th april to 7th may!!
While booking the ticket it clearly said "refundable" on the website for the dates i booked. When i tried to reschedule my flight online there was an error that said "rescheduling is not available for international flights!" which is clearly a mistake as my booking is domestic.
I called customer care to reschedule but they told me to speak to jet airways as there was a problem with their website and they could not make the changes for me. When i spoke to jet airways they said they cannot do it either because the booking was done from yatra.com.
After calling yatra.com customer care a second time they told me the rescheduling charges would cost me more than what i paid for my ticket in the first place. So i would have to forfeit the Rs 6000 i already paid to yatra.com for their mistake in confirming the wrong dates and then have to get fresh tickets and pay for those as well WITHOUT ANY REFUND that was clearly mentioned on their site while booking the ticket.

Yatra.com Booked Hotel but confirmation mail or message not received

Dear Ashish,

Greetings from Yatra.com!

Regret the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform that refund has been initiated and it will take 2-5 working days to reflect in your account. Hope your query has been resolved.
Should you require any further assistance, please call us on 09555 800 800 / 1860 200 1800. For holidays please call on 18602002323. Alternatively, write on [email protected]
Best Regards,
Yatra Care

Yatra.com cheated for extra money aainst seat booking

Respected Madam,

As discussed with you at your customer care number 18605000900 at around 3.18 pm, I have few query which were answered unsatisfactorily :
1) On requesting many a times you didnt transfer the call to your superior even in a condition where you failed to provide a satisfactory reply, moreover you forced me to send you the proof related to issue I am discusing by mail & you mentioned your mail ID with me to send you the proof. This shows your intentions were more towards collecting proofs rather providing solution & serices from yoour customer.
2) I made a call to customer care because I felt cheated from "yatra.com" because I booked (Booking reference: 1503739234923) flight from pune to delhi (JetAirways 9W-786), while booking I was asked to choose the meal which I opted (2 Veg, 1 child meal) & seat as well which I selected 39D, 39E, 39F & after selecting these seats of my choice from the only balance seats to book (Highlighted in white colour, rest already booked seats were grey coloured) I proceed for the payment & completed this activity.
But later I come to know that I have been cheated by Yatra.com as those seats were not confirmed where as as a customer it was so obvious that I am paying for the selected flight/ timing/ dearture/ destination/ day / date / meal preference & seat number too as it was asked to choose just before making payment (also I would like to mention that there was no POP up or any other medium to define me as a user that seats I am selected will not be confirmed, as I was making booking for my parents (Senior citizen 66 yr & 64 yr old) & my son (6 yr old) it gets very important to have a seat as our preference from available at time of booking (as already mentioned 39D, 39E, 39F).
Now as I came to know that these seats are not confirmed, & these people asking for extra money to get further confirmed seats, I really felt cheated. This is really not a way to do business.
It was my first time experience of booking air ticket from yatra.com & I am hurt with this very first experience.
Shame to such organisation who uses unethical way to earn money as they are almost blackmailing their customer like us to pay them for their greedy business approach instead of attracting customer with efficient & good services I guess.
Again I request you to kindly provide me mail ID/ contact number of your seniors or I will try my best to get it from any or every source before making move to consumer court if not replied well.

Yatra.com Ecash not received as you commit

Dear Vikas,

Greetings from Yatra.com

Booking reference no. YH3105437

We thank you for your patience. We would like to inform you that promised eCash has been credited (T&C applicable) into your Yatra online account. We request you to log in into your online account to check and confirm us.For usage details request you to visit this link – http://www.yatra.com/online/ecash-faq .
Hope above information will suffice the purpose. For any other assistance required please contact at 09555 800 800. For holidays please call on 1860 200 1800 / 1860 200 0900. Alternatively, write on [email protected]
Yatra care

Yatra.com YA:3414901 Train ticket booking Ref.No.1704718264791 for Rs.13910/- on 17-04-2017 request reg.

Dear Kiran,

Greetings from Yatra.com

Booking reference number – 1704718264791

We regret for the inconvenience caused. Please be advised that refund of INR 13910.00 on 17 APR 2017. Your bank generally takes 2-5 working days to credit the amount into your account. As we checked you are in contact with our team regarding this query. Request you to allow time to our team to check and advise you at the earliest.
For any other assistance required please contact at 09555 800 800. For holidays please call on 1860 200 1800 / 1860 200 0900. Alternatively, write on [email protected]
Yatra Care

Yatra.com Checking denied due to wrong information

I was denied checkin due to negligence and misinformation communicated by Yatra.com on the travel itinerary. I booked my visit from New Delhi to San Francisco via Qingdao (New Delhi to Qingdao on Shandong Airlines SC – 8830 and Qingdao to San Francisco through China Eastern MU – 767). Neither Yatra nor Shandong Airlines communicated me that the flight from Delhi to Qingdao was via Kunming, China.
I had already researched the visa requirement for transit through China and was sure that it isn’t required due to China’s transit without visa (TWOV) programs, wherein Visa is exempted if you transit through a single stop and have an onward flight within 24 hours.
The Shandong Airlines officials denied my entry on the grounds that I needed to board a domestic airline from Kunming to Qingdao and had to switch terminals in the process. This huge mess-up on the OTA Yatra’s part resulted in a loss 55k INR (next flight booking), + 19k INR (cancellation charges) + 9 hours delay in departure time and many hours of stress. I demand immediate compensation and settlement of monetary losses incurred otherwise this will be taken to social media and consumer courts till justice is served.

Yatra.com untrustful and cheating the public – yatra.com

Booked hotel through yatra.com with advance money. The hotel refuse to provide the room because they don’t have any such agreement or contract with yatra.com. Requested refund for the past two months no response from yatra.com. hope they cheating the public online, please don’t book with yatra .com in future.