Zara 3 shirts of zara purchased from viviana mall thane

I have purchased 3 shirts of zaea from vivana mall thane after washing and ironing the shirts had torn vertically ,
On the label it is not mentioned that what material it is made, if it is cotton or polyester it will not tear , hence it seems to
Be polynosic fibre and degraded fibre . Which easily tears on other portion also. I being a textile technologist is sure that
The fibre is degraded , from the other complaint i find store people dont care
Now i dint know whom to approach and responsible company person who will care. With this i request the company to
Contact me for replacement at my [email protected]

Zara Shockingly poor quality of jeans

I’m really very disappointed with zara. I purchased a pair of zara authentic denims ( mom jeans) and it had just been a few weeks till it started tearing up at various places and threads are lossening up. Its getting cuts and i’m really shocked to see such a poor quality of jeans.
It being my first but from zara, makes me sad to see how i literally wasted my money on zara. I really would like an asmwer to such a poor quality of jeans

Zara Deny of return of defective new tagged product

This is a great dissappointment from such a big brand ZARA,India. I bought a jacket from the store as a gift for someone and after gifting it i came to know about the defect of the piece and so i took it back to zara store obviously as it was a gift i dint store the receipt but now when i went to return they wanted a receipt. The jacket is intact with tags attached and even though it has defect a brand like ZARA refusing to return or exchange is disappointing.

Zara, India Terrible T-shirt quality

Have been mailing u since 27th dec ‘2018 for tShirt purchased online on 28th Nov the colour of the garment ran and it faded inspite of following ur washing instructions.
Sent u images of the T-shirt n liquid used for washing 3times via email as requested by u but till date only received emails from u that u have escalated the issue to relevant team that’s it .
Any1 would realise that fabric used is of terrible quality but u refuse to accept it…never expected Zara would manufacture such sub standardised stuff n fool it’s customers. G.Mane

Zara Manufacturing defect

I had bought a tshirt from ZARA,form its outlet in thane viviana mall,the tshirt after wash started getting holes in it ,so i took it to the shop and met from the manager whose name was prasad he said ill send your complaint and after approval it will be exchanged, and after this around 15-20 days the manager after repeated calls he said the tshirt is not approved for exchange and we cant help,this is not expected from ZARA,as it is a manufacturing defect and many people have faced this problem,so please see to it that this issue gets solved.
Yours faithfully
Ashish singh

Zara, India poor quality garments tearing within 6months of purchase. Company not ready to take responsibility.

I bought a pair of denims from Zara, select city walk, delhi in December 2016. Within 4-5 months it tore off on its own from one place and from another place threads had come off on their own. When I took it to the store the sales manager told me that he cannot do anything about it since it’s a last season priduct. I had heard of complaints being ignored in sale pieces but this one was quite strange that they are denying return or exchange for a product bought in fresh, withing 6 months, despite the fact that he agreed that the product was faulty.
He asked me to email to Zara. When I emailed the picture n details of the product they simply wrote that it’s not a product issue as per them.
I had been constantly writing to them to revert to me with proper reasoning and giving me satisfactory explanation for this but they simple seems to have put the matter aside.
I’m upset with their one sided decision without proper explaination to me and not taking responsibity for such poor quality garments as denims are made of thick sturdy fabrics and it’s unheard of that they tear off within 6 months.
I hereby request that they are told to speak to me and tell me what made them come to the conclusion that it’s not a product issue and kindly get me a refund if possible. I am not ready to accept any poor quality product if I’m paying full price for it and big companies like Zara should revert to complaints in a more polite and reasonable manner.
Also, in case they are unable to evaluate the product properly in the image then I can take it to the store again and the quality control team can examine it personally.
I have been a happy customer at Zara but this experience has left me in bad taste. Hope it’s resolved properly and I continue to shop at Zara.