Hello Sir/Madam,

This is so rubbish that different executives say different words, Policies say something and what actually happened is different.This is simply a case of Biasness and favouritism.
I am writing this mail to highlight a mishap with you that I am living in Zolo Kites since january and I had lost my job because of this covid pandemic situation on 15th April so I apply for this ” 2-month rent-free stay Scheme" where I attached my resignation and it’s approval on the same, but I got a mail from Zolo where my form was rejected and mentioned reason was – "you have failed to meet the eligibility criteria " and when I called to Zolo customer support then they said to me – "You are not living here more than 6 months."

This is totally an injustice to me as this property appeared in Zolo app on Late January or Feb but I resigned from my previous company which was at Gurgaon and I reserved my room at Zolo kites in December only because I have been in touch with Mr. Raja[Property Owner] a, zone heads and other caretakers since december but no room was available in Zolo bright and other Zolo property in sector 18 than Mr. Arush who is Zone head and Raja/Veerban/Satendra[Caretakers] suggested me this property so I paid my token amount to Satendra by then only. It wasn’t my fault the property went live in late Jan/Feb. so why am I paying for it.

On talking to executives, every other giving different reason and one executive named "Pratit or Prateek" who accepted first this case as an exception that my zolo went live late and I am eligible according to the policies and conditions I paid my rent on time, my rent is clear till June and I am a current resident of Zolo kites but later on giving me irrelevant reasons, starting talking absurdly and denied to help in this. He himself said that we are giving off to some people who have been living with zolo since 3 months even, I have all the recordings with me of both the executives and I am attaching below the same to highlight to everyone how Zolo is doing biasness and favouritism with their customers.Better you guys remove such illogical and illiterate employees from your department.

Last but not least, I want my rights and things to happen in the proper way else I won’t pay my rent this month. As my brother has been paying my rent on time for many months but now when the good things are on the way and you guys are behaving as if I am a non zoloite ,reacted stupidly, showing an act of biasness and favouritism on my problems then I am really sorry I will misbehave in the same way. As I am not going to pay this month’s rent if no concern is given and moreover to this I will highlight this issue to upper authorities and other social platforms so that people think before choosing Zolo as their living partner. In the end , I request you to kindly show a responsible attitude towards your residentials and give a concern on my problem.

Zolo pg Rental Deposit not refunded


I have vacated from my Zolo Spencer premises on 9 November 2019 but I have not yet received my Rental Deposit back from Zolo.

The deposit is supposed to be refunded within 7-10 days but however my money is not yet deposited in my bank account.

The service by Zolo during my stay was horrible and on top of it they trouble me with these kind of things after I vacate my stay.

My phone number is +91-9640814451. Please resolve this issue on priority.


Zolo pg Serivices and rent is not compatible

I stay is gurgaon sector 48 gali no. 4 plot no. 46 zolo building. Service is pathetic i stay along 3 month but wifi, water, food facilities is not available but rent is cherged full every month. Care taker is so disgusting. He is not talk godd behavior. Please i request every one not stay zolo buildings. He is during fraud. Security is also not refunded.

Zolo pg Horrible experience at zolo caster, Pune.

If you are even considering of living in zolo, THINK AGAIN

One of my friends lives as a tenant in Zolo caster, Hinjewadi, Pune. She was the first girl in the pg after zolo caster became unisex. She is having an extremely horrible time at the PG, borderline of mental torture. The sales guy (aditya) convinced her by the usual sweet talk and made numerous promises like one floor entirely reserved for ladies (which would be fully occupied by ladies within 2 weeks of my friend’s joining), delicious food, room cleaning at regular intervals, TV, geyser, washing machine, etc.

But the reality is lightyears away from those sweet promises. First, the approach road to the property is non existent. Your vehicle could easily get punctured on the way in. The PG has a depressive and gloomy air to it. The guy who handles the property (Prashant, neerav etc.) along with other staff, is all male and is one of the most arrogant, rude, foul mouthed, lying people you’d ever meet. Any complaint, no matter its nature, is met with harsh words and brash attitude, which is totally unprofessional. You’d expect such a language and the way of dealing with customers in some 3rd rate PG but it was definitely not expected from some company who claims to be one of the best in the business.

The rooms are tiny, damp, congested, severely lack ventilation and are suffocating to say the least. There are inadequate storage spaces which is bad for those who look for long term stays. some rooms also have leakage issues. And most amenities given in the room often don’t work.

Food in the PG is the most disgusting ever, the smell of the food itself might make you vomit and the taste is beyond disgusting. their food has usage of dalda and hydrogenated oils which are known to be harmful to the body. There were also multiple instances where insects were found in her food, and when pointed out, the staff responds to it with its usual rude, arrogant and uncivilized ways. Also, many a times, food wasn’t available even within the promised time frame, forcing my friend to order from outside on multiple occasions. And the staff responded with their usual arrogant ways if pointed out. The staff simply responds by saying that its not their problem and asked the complainants shamelessly to fend for themselves. A guy was even served a notice for pointing it out and demanding food (which was paid for in the fees itself).

The staff’s horrible and callous behavior further continues in the room cleaning facility zolo provides. Zolo has a policy that the responsibility of tenant’s belongings lies with the tenant alone and that’s fair. However, the staff is always adamant on cleaning the room at their own convenience. The staff insists that they are available for cleaning only in morning and afternoon, which is not possible, since that’s office time. When the tenant requests for cleaning in the weekends, they flatly and shamelessly refuse and ask for the room’s key so that they can clean at their own time, which no sane person would do, given the policy of zolo and the dubious reputation of the staff. My friend had a harrowing experience in this manner Her room was not cleaned for weeks and the dustbin outside her room was not cleared for days.

My friend had a major altercation with the staff when she confronted them for their callous, rude, arrogant behavior. Now they flatly refuse to clean her room, address all the issues and hold grudges against her for calling out their folly. Is this the treatment, professionalism and attitude should one expect from a so called growing and ambitious company called zolo?

The washing machine facility, which was promised, is another abomination in reality. There are 2 washing machine for 40–50+ people. And since almost all tenants are workers in nearby IT companies, you can simply imagine how cumbersome it gets to wash clothes, especially in weekends. This problem was further compounded when the machines started leaking current, which made their usage dangerous. And the staff’s attitude? Callous as usual. They took their own sweet time to address the issue while several tenants languished due to the staffs incompetency.

The TV promised in the room broke down the first day my friend moved in and zolo took more than a week to fix an issue that trivial.

The staff also has a bad habit of sitting in the main lobby and shouting and talking loudly at times as late as 11pm and 12am, which makes life in zolo, which is already a living hell, even worse.

Also, some staff members are known to occupy the rooms meant for tenants for their night’s sleep (they occupied a room right opposite my friend’s room, on a floor which they were supposed to make exclusive for ladies, according to their promises). Also, the supposed women’s floor is still occupied by men, despite their promise months ago.

Another joke in zolo caster is security. there is not even a single security personnel on the property. The male staff gazes at women tenants, making them feel uncomfortable, and if a female tenant lives here, she never feels secure even for one bit. My friend’s experience resonates with my statement.

The bathroom itself had multiple leaks form multiple places which were never repaired to this day despite several complaints.

Zolo caster has one of the poorest electrical systems any building could have. Hinjewadi is known to have frequent power cuts but zolo caster triples the rate of power cuts by their own electrical issues, which, again, is resolved by the staff at their own sweet time. Also, there’s no power backup, so, for work from home people, good luck.

The customer service of zolo is even worse. If approached, they ask you to raise a ticket and zolo takes its own sweet time to respond. Even if they do respond, the person on the other end says that they will escalate this issue and nothing happens and the complaint remains unaddressed. So much for the so called brand name and brand image of zolo.

My friend has gone through a lot of mental torture. She has gone into trauma after the last altercation and is considering moving out of zolo as soon as possible. But zolo is also known to harass people when it comes to deposits. The handler of the property (prashant) blatantly says this and he has the nerve to say “do whatever you want” whenever a complaint is raised and is hell bent on making her remaining stay as miserable as possible.

I’ve also observed that most comments which are positive about zolo are written by promoters and interns who try to artificially hype up zolo and try to improve their image by writing fake testimonies, posts, reviews and quora answers. These people themselves haven’t stayed even for a single day at zolo and zolo is indulged in this unethical practice. Do NOT fall for these. The reality is far more bleak.

In conclusion, all I can say is, that zolo PGs is nothing but a fraudulent, unethical, disgusting and horrible places to live in. If one of their PG in one of the busiest areas in a tier 2 city is like this, then one can only imagine how rest of their properties really. If you are looking for a PG, consider every other PG in the city before even thinking about zolo. Zolo should be dead last in your priority, unless you are hell bent on living in the hell on earth.

Zolo pg Deposit refund

I’m staying in Pune since 1 week. I’m basically from Bangalore. As my job location changed so I am staying here. Since 4 day’s I’m not well, Food and water is not suiting me. Now my health have went so worst that my BP is gone low. I’m forced to leave Pg due to my health condition. When I raised a ticket for the same, Zolo says that my deposit cannot be refunded. There should be some or the other option, atleast look at condition and then put policies. While booking the room. Nobody let me know on the policy terms. I’m seriously not happy with this terms, when exception has to be given.