Tata Sky Cheating Subscribers

I have Dhamaka Hindi Annual PAck subscribed on my Account 1026169274 which is due to renewal on 11 Jan 2019.
Tata Sky agent advised me to make a recharge of amount 2420 by 10 Jan 2019, to renew my current pack automatically.
Today 9 Jan 2019, i checked my account it showing balance Rs. 1.05 and due date 10 Jan. I made a rechange of amount 2420 while the new date is showing 9 Oct 2019. ideally should be 10 Jan 2020.
When i complaint customer care about this… they said we activated TATA Sky Gurus on your account …. u can drop this package if you want but you need to pay atelast for one day which is 1.50 … after deducting this amount your accoutn balance 46 paisa short than required balance to renew your current pack.
This is completely a cheating from Tata Sky… why should is pay even for one day for Tata Sky Guru Pack… while i never requested for it. Insted they should be penalised for these malpractice / cheating.
Tata Sky should refund the false charges and renew my current pack for one year without any dealy.
Subscriber : 1026169274

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  1. Hi, we hope that your concern has been resolved! Let us know if you require further assistance, we will be glad to help!

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