Tata Sky/Tata Sky Theatre Fraudulent activities by Tata Sky

Reference: Subscriber ID- 1221286840

I would like to bring your attention that about 10-15 days before I had received a call of Tata Sky regards addon Pack (Name- Tata Sky Theatre). Following discussion & activities happened thereof.
1. In that call Tata Sky offered me the new pack (Name- Tata Sky Theatre) as they are lunching latest.
2. He spoke me to open the channel No 316 to check the channel program & enjoy the 10 days free package.
3. In addition, he told me that if I am interested to subscribe the package then after 10 days I’ve to pay additional package cost to Tata Sky. If not satisfied then any time within 10 days I can unsubscribe the pack by pressing Yellow Button in my Remote.
4. Accordingly after returning to my room I was checked the channel & feel it’s nothing but a boring channel. With immediate action I press the yellow button as guided by Tata Sky representative.
5. But on today morning I surprised when got the message that I’ve charged add on channel cost & to pay Rs. 75.00 before 6th Nov-18.
6. Within few minutes I’d a telecom with Tata Sky representative about the issues. I told him that I was unsubscribed the package in the 1st free trial day of pack by pressing Yellow Button (As guided by Tata Sky). So, I don’t like to pay the extra cost to Tata Sky any more as it’s there mistakes not my. In addition, I asked him to return my Money (Rs. 75.00) to me & unsubscribed the channel immediately otherwise I’ll take legal action against Tata Sky.
7. But again till now the channel is running in my TV & Charges of 75.00 Rupees displayed in my TV Screen. 8. I want to ask Tata Group that is their ethics & Code of Conduct. 9. Is it mentioned in Tata COC that how to fraud with people/customers? 10. I don’t like to pay a single money on behalf of fraudulent activities.
11. I would like to request Consumer court to judge the above issues & take necessary action.

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