Tata Sky Un-contactable and illegal Trespass

I cannot seem to find a way to request TATA Sky to relocate the recent dish’s they have installed on the premises of my apartment without consulting me. Everywhere I call I am asked to give various customer references or phone numbers and of course I don’t have anything to enter as I am not a Tata customer. The technicians who came into my Penthouse area did not make contact with me to consult as to where would be the best place to install the various dishes ( and for some reason lately there have been a large number of them installed lately – which is fine, except there is no reason for them to install it so carelessly. They have installed it all around my premises in full view of my vision. If they had asked me I could have shown them some other locations on the roof that would be a much tidier way to set up the dishes. Instead, they have installed a number of dishes in the most lazy and thoughtless manner. I don’t have to allow for any installations if I wa!
nt but I am willing to be reasonable and allow the dishes to be installed provided they are installed in a location that does not cause such ugliness on my premises. I can assure you that there is a lot of space where they can be installed to keep things a lot tidier – but no one asked me. So could I know who it is I am to talk to and be given a phone number that does not request a customer number or customer phone number?

Thank you

Yasmin Ahmed

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