Tata Sky Unauthorised charges deducted from monthly pack and not giving original Bill for same

Ref.: Subscriber ID no. 1130825464

REG. (1) unauthorised deducted Rs.150 from monthly
tata sky monthly pack
(2) required original Bill of Rs.150 so deducted
Dear Sir,

My Tata sky monthly pack has been unauthorisedly deducted Rs.150 without my confirmation. And they are not ready to provide me original adaptor bill. Hence i required refund of Rs.150 because-
1. When service engineer came to my home, he did not disclose any charges for replacement of adaptor.
2. When he replaced the adaptor and resumeTata sky services, then he informed me that there is charge of rs. 150 for new adaptor. I refused to pay.
3. Enggineer has not given any memo of that fees.

4. Tata sky company has deducted the said fee from my monthly pack without my confirmation as a result my Tata sky balance got reduced and I have been restricted from the services. Why
5. The adaptor was faulty due to wear and tear or out of warranty then tata sky compay should replaced it and company should not charged to customer.
6. I further say that any damages caused to assets of Tata sky because of mishandling then it is customer fault and customer should pay for it.

Therefore, being a customer of Tata sky for more than 5 years, i must say thatk I will not pay any charges for ever to tata sky company without my fault which to note. And amount deducted from monthly balance to be recovered at any cist. I will claim for all harrassement soon.

I may request you to provide me original tax receipt or bill of an adaptor for my perusal and record. I have to confirm the adaptor price with Tata sky Head office.
I have been continuously reporting my complaint to nodal officer but their reply is not coming.


Upendra ram


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