Dear Sir/ Madam,

There was fake transaction happened on my TATA TITANIUM CREDIT CARD issued by SBI bank.
Please note have received a call from a lady (Name given: Ms. Pooja) who claimed that she is calling from Tata Credit card division asking feedback of the card. She congratulated me on purchase of new card and told me that I won some Future Group i.e. Big Bazaar vouchers of Rs. 5000 and Dominos coupons of Rs. 5000. Since She had my my complete card’s postal address and number details, I thought its genuine call from Bank. Later she told me that verbally she will not ask me my card details and I should type my CVV and Expiry date on my phone as a protection protocol on my phone which I did without knowing the circumstances then She asked to share all OPTS to activate the vouchers which was her trick and I have fallen for that stunt. After some time I have realized that it was some gimmick which was playing against me. At that same time I have received a call from SBI Bank call center from Gurgaon Haryana (+91 1247173900) asking if I am doing any transactions (as they !
suspected fraud activity) and it immediately clicked me that I have been bullied. I have asked your bank’s customer care executive to stop all transactions and block my card on immediate basis which they did.
My OTP was taken from me by the fraud company dishonestly.

Below transaction was taken place on 12th December around 2.50 pm
Rs.5,000.00 was spent on your TATA Card no. ending XX4183 at IDEA CELL-BILLDESK on 12 Dec 17. Remaining credit limit: Rs.47,075.15.
Rs.4,999.00 was spent on your TATA Card no. ending XX4183 at IDEA CELL-BILLDESK on 12 Dec 17. Remaining credit limit: Rs.42,076.15.
Please note my TATA Credit card number is ############ 4183 (Master Card), name of card holder: Neha Koli. Please note this transaction is fake and i have registered this fake activity complaint to SBI card division and planning to register the complaint with Police.
Kindly do not approve the above transactions as its unauthorized. I request you not to settle this transaction as its fraud one & please credit the same amount at the earliest please.
Neha Koli
+91 9833733921

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