The Chairman, BWSSB Contaminated water and overflowing drainage

Respected sir,
W e live on 20th main, 1st sector, HSR layout road. We are having multiple issues on our street from past few weeks. Request your help and attention to resolve the issue asap.
1. Cauvery water is contaminated and sewerage water is mixing with cauvery water.
2. Driange water is overflowing onto the roads. The road is filled with mosquitoes and fealty water. BWSSB need to find a permanent solution to for this problem rather than doing a patch job. 3. Potholes are at multiple places and road is not safe for kids.
4. Contractors worked on constricting the rain water lines has done a fealty job
5., more than 1/2 of the road filled with mud and can’t drive on the road. The multiple govt. Agencies have to come together to resolve theses issues.
Looking for a speedy solution for the problems of our street.

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