Theka Desi Sharab Request For close Desi Sharab Theka

Dear Sir and Mam ,

A desi wine shop (Desi Sharab Theka)going to open in Ajmer , on Idgaah Road , Friends Colony near Shree Ram Mandir. We, as an resident, It is in residential area and a Shree Ram Mandir is on just 10 steps away from the shops and School. Due to this, the environment of the colony is terrible, every time group of drunk people will stand on the corner of the shop , residents specially ladies will cannot even pass on that area . It has now become a huge problem. There will be many unfortunate incidents happen like eve teasing, stone pelting in the night, vehicle damage etc and are now gradually increasing. So We are complaining to You for stop this Bad things.
So we humbly request you to please help us in the matter. Many thanks.
Friends Colony

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