tikona Tikona sending bills and legal notice even after disconnection

After having very bad internet for 3 months I wrote Tikona to discontinue my service on 11 Jan 2019. Thereafter they are harassing me by making regular calls, and sending me various amounts of bills and legal notices. One bill came for Rs 1005.17, another Rs – 448.61, another Rs 474.56, another Rs. 375.72 another Rs. 356.56 another Rs 482.17 and so on.

After giving a complaint against them about 2 weeks ago Tikona people called me up and said all the pending bills were adjusted and there was nothing more to pay from my side. But unfortunately they are again sending me notice to pay pending bills. Their latest bill amount Rs 474.56 has no base because I have already paid all their bills for the period I have used their Internet. I also paid Rs 82/- on 24 January which their executive told me to pay as a final amount.

Yesterday I got a legal notice from Tikona that I have to pay Rs 1500/- in case I fail to return the modem to them. But the fact is that Tikona people have already collected their modem and all other accessories from my house about a week ago. After receiving their equipments they should ideally send me an acknowledgement of receipt but instead they are sending me legal notice to pay Rs 1500 towards the modem.

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  1. Dear Subscriber,

    Greetings from Tikona.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We request you to share your complain on forum.tikona.in. We assure a quick resolution.

    Tikona Care.

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