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Trimming/ Pruning of Trees
The Director (Horticulture)
North Delhi Municipal Corporation

Urgent Requirement of Cutting of Tree

Dear Sir,

I am a resident of BE/12/D Munirka DDA flats Delhi-67. We have a peepal tree in front of our house and its branches has grown so long that these are falling on the electric wires and over the rooftop. Because of the continuous falling of the leafs and branches, our rooftop drainage system getting choked frequently and after some rain, water gets deposits on the roof and it is becoming a mosquito breeding place. The monkeys are using this to reside and disrupt water tanks for at least 12 to 13 houses.
Kindly get the trees branches trimmed at the earliest to prevent the electricity mishappening or any dangerous tragedy.
Manju bhalla
BE/12/D Munirka DDA flats
Ph# 9810999926

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