true value Cheated by true value Kattupakkam-Chennai

We bought a Celerio AMT car at true value , kattupakkam, Chennai on 6 Dec2019 . We gave ready cash and purchased the car. At the time of purchase they didn’t provide insurance copy nor RC transfer .

We gave the car for first service on 26Dec2019 . The service was very worst. They did wheel balancing wheel alignment and all those stuffs without our approval and charged Rs.1600. The took the second service pamphlet and stated it as second service . When the delivered the car , the wheel wind shield was tampered . The driver said that he is not responsible left and went . Again I followed the escalation matrix and called the AGM Velmurugan sir. After which the driver took the car back and fixed that shield as well as they gave second service coupon.

Now again our car was not starting on 20may2020 , so called in for a second service. They said they will charge Rs.630 for jumpstart procedure. After which they took the car for second service. They said that battery was weak and you need to replace the battery. When enquirer about the same they said that battery doesn’t come under warranty. We said to just do water wash and deliver the car with jump start itself.
After which we got the car today 23May2020. After noticing that the stepne was worn out called the service engineer. He said that there is bulge even a puncture would not work so buy a new tyre.

Meanwhile the service representative who sold us the car left his job . When we call him he is saying he is not responsible. The AGM who was there at that time also left the job.

It really pathetic about our situation now. Very worst and fraudulent service provided by true value. I would not recommend true value my friends or colleagues hereafter.


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