UCO Bank Bank officials and their allies cloned our cheque and looted 7.5+ Lacs

A wrong cheque has been used to extract money out of my mother’s account. The CCTV images provided by the bank are also useless to catch the culprit. This is a clear case of fraudulent transaction where in bank officials were involved in telling my savings bank balance and providing them details about the cheque which was cloned. We had already cancelled the cheque which was printed in 2013, and a new cheque book had already been ordered.
Bank made no call to us, that a person (completely unrelated to us) has come to withdraw complete balance of our account, and they didnt even check his ID Proof. My mother’s signature is also forged, as she is the account holder. No verification has been done by the bank. That’s how they safeguard a customer’s money.
The UCO Bank branch in question is Dwarka, New Delhi.

Please help us in getting our money back .

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