Unisyn Enterprises(Tata Sky), HYD Unisyn

I too paid 1590 for Tata sky but feeling that I had been duped .today I should get confirmation call if I will not get I will definitely file police complain.Reading all above issues I think everyone should go to the police and thus can help other people not getting duped and wondering after so many cheating cases against unisyn it is still working .No action is been taken against them .Why? Tata sky should also look into the matter.because since so many years they are doing this in their name only

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  1. I too paid for new tatasky connection thro’ UNISYN ENTERPRISES agent K.Sravani but till today they have not fixed dish. So the only option to file
    a case with police station.

  2. I have booked the Tatasky connection on 08jun2019 through Unisyn enterprises agent Ram Mohan and till today I did not got any connection. I have already made the payment and called him so may times and now there is no response from them…..These idiots are simply looting the innocent people under the name of Tatasky…I blindly trusted them without enquiring online…. Request you not to allow them to enter your primises and simply kick those idiots out if they say they’re from Unisyn enterprises…beware …Tatasky should look into this issue seriously as they are fraud and cheating people under the name of Tatasky….

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