VDDOPBNK Wrong SMS Messages

I have received following messages from VDDOPBNK

Account No. XXXXXX0904 DEBIT with amount Rs. 1000.00 on 26-09-2019. Balance: Rs.673326.00. [IN1512654]

Account No. XXXXXX0904 DEBIT with amount Rs. 650000.00 on 26-09-2019. Balance: Rs.23326.00. [IN1536287]

Kindly inform details of sender

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  1. Nothing to worry, it’s message you are getting from Department of Post Office.
    You might opened RD/FD or Saving account with P.O recently or might have updated the Phone number with department.

  2. I’m writing this on behalf of my mother, Suman devi.
    she is getting various(fake ) messages about transaction from an account that does not belong to her. Message 1-
    Account No. XXXXXX8260 CREDIT with amount Rs. 4000.00 on 11-05-2020. Balance: Rs.20000.00 [IN712364] From: VD-DOPBNK
    Please remove my mothe(9058797015) phone no.any froud person and bank / a/c haker.

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